Reason 3: You Have Split Energy 

So what is split energy? Split energy is when you hold contradicting ideas or beliefs. If you feel stuck, you lack clarity, you feel lost: you likely have split energy. 

Split energy is very common, and you won’t ever reach a state where you’re pure bliss on this earth. We kind of will always have a bit of resistance because that’s how new desires manifest. We must be aware of things we don’t like in order to launch new rockets of desire to the universe. From there, we kind of then need to do the work to move towards our desired vibration and stop focusing on the lack of it. This is the process of expansion, the process of life itself. The conscious choosing of your energy is what a full life looks like. 

Let me give you some examples of split energy which comes from split beliefs: 

  • I want to lose weight, but I have failed so many times, it’s so hard, plus I’m big boned
  • I want to start a company, but no one will pay me for this, good clients aren’t easy to find, I’m going to have to work super long hours, and I have no capital 
  • I want a loving relationship, but all the good ones are gone 
  • I want to be happy, but I think something is just wrong with me 
  • I wish I had more time and freedom now, but the only way to get ahead is to struggle and work hard, put in a lot of hours and sacrifice. 
  • There’s not enough time to do all the things I want to do 
  • I’m too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too white, too ethnically ambiguous, too poor, too invested, too shy, too afraid, too late 

Split energy is having a desire and holding beliefs that specifically hold you back from achieving that desire.

You see why this is a lifelong effort? But I promised some opportunities to “work through” your issues. Again, it’s not necessary to fight all the disempowering beliefs head-on if you’re able to spend more time on the positive, grateful, wanted side of the subject pile. 

But for most of us, we like cleaning before the cleaning person arrives. That’s because most of us have the belief that self-improvement is supposed to be hard work (split energy). We want to wrestle with our demons and cast out the darkness when though the universe created electricity and the light switch is right there. 

That’s all fine because honestly we’re so caught up in the old stories and we have a whole history with each belief we hold. It’s good to understand some of that even though it’s not necessary to achieve or step into your higher place. 

One more analogy to help you understand why this is important, but also not that important. Imagine you’re a house with water pipes. Your natural state is to flow water. Your pipes are clogged. The plumber can work on clearing out all your pipes and who knows how many there are or (s)he can lay new pipes in the house. What’s cool is the house is an ever-expanding house, so there’s no space issues. 

Unclogging your pipes is like cleaning out the closet of your beliefs and energy. It’s valuable because you feel immediate relief and you also understand what tripped you up, so you won’t trip up again! While laying new pipes still gives you the same result without stirring the whole pot. Plus you get to design things exactly like you want them instead of editing what you have. 

Most of us are doing a combination of these two tactics and all is good. No right or wrong way, but it’s good to be self-aware. It’s nice knowing that you don’t have to fix everything. You can just begin to dream a new life and begin tuning into that fresh vibration altogether. 

The solution to split energy is simple, but not easy. 

  1. Identify your conflicting beliefs and understand them with compassion 
  2. Recognize the bullshit of it (question their validity) 
  3. Reframe the belief or dissolve yourself from it completely 

This can look like a simple journaling exercise where you begin with brutal honesty stating what you want and how you feel about you and your ability to have, be, or do that thing. Then pause and ask yourself if it’s true, if the opposite is true, and what is truer than this? 

This is where healers, therapists, hypnotherapists, and coaches can do wonders because sometimes it’s hard to see your own truth. And even if you do, it’s hard to turn it around on your own. But you can do this! You must do this because honestly there’s too many subjects and not enough time to resolve all of these if you’re not doing some of this work on your own. 

Hypnotherapy and specifically my Confidence Program helps with identifying the conflicting thoughts, removing the disempowering ones, and strengthening the desired ones. Here’s a link to learn more.  

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  1. I stumbled across your blog today, looking for something else! And thank you 🙏 this was exactly what I needed to read today.
    I’ve been following Abraham for years, I meditate daily and listen to her recordings most days but Ask myself why I’m still struggling with my manifesting? but your words brought clarity to me today, I know I’ve been contradicting myself. I am eager and excited to see how my life will unfold in the next week and for ever more
    Thank you darling from kelly in Australia

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kelly. It was fun for me to go back to this post too and remind myself of truths. Glad I could be a cooperative component to your vortex.

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