What people are saying

No exaggeration, my whole world changed after one session

—Deidre Wright

5 years of therapy in one session!

— Misty Denham

Hey you.

Here we are. We chose to be here. ♥️

For a long time, I thought if I could just understand and know the truth, that would change everything.

Now I know that knowing mentally is not the same as knowing in my body. It’s not the same as experiencing. It’s not the same as embodying.

My job, my journey, my goal is to help more people begin to embody, express, and realize new knowing in their life. Just like the trauma, pain, rejection are real physical knowings, healing can’t just be mental, it must be experienced, too.

The energy of a new life can’t just be wished for, written down, or hoped for, it must be embodied before real changes can occur.

My tools work at the level of both the mind, heart, and intuitive/energetic levels. Know that I will always guide you back to your power and knowing.

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Mayra Leen

Mayra Leen is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Embodiment Coach with a passion to guide people to their fullest self. She is the founder of Be Out of Your Mind, a company with the mission to inspire more people to tune into their inner guidance and out of the survival brain, so they can be their most unique, bold, happiest and successful version.

Previously, Mayra held management and executive roles from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Mayra is a Latina with a business and engineering degrees from Baylor University and Northwestern University, respectively. She’s an avid traveler, ecstatic dancer, and yogi.