Hey ya’ll. I’m Mayra Leen.

I’m not your typical business consultant. I know that everything we do is a means to end – to exist as the greatest, grandest version of ourselves. We have creative power that is only unleashed once we truly tune in to our guidance and are bold enough to do something different.

I’m on a mission to give people permission to break rules, social expectations, and unapologetically go after their dreams.

Work with Me

  • Business and Management Consulting
  • Public Speaking for Virtual and Live Events
  • Executive and Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Events, Writing, or Speaking Collaborations

On Demand Programs

Self-Paced Program for Confidence

The benefits of a Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy session at your convenience. Includes Confidence Masterclass. Uncover limiting beliefs and gain clarity to take action.

Productivity and Time Management

A self-paced program to change the way you think about time and gain practical tools. Includes a productivity and extraordinary success hypnotic meditation.

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Mayra  Leen
Mayra Leen

Mayra is a Business Consultant, Best-Selling Author, and Certified Hypnotherapist with experience in management and executive roles from startups to Fortune 100 companies. She is the founder of Be Out of Your Mind, a company with the mission to inspire more people to be their most unique, bold, happiest and successful version through consulting, coaching, speaking, writing, and hypnotherapy.

Mayra is a Latina with a business degree from Baylor University and a masters from Northwestern University. She’s an avid traveler, learner, and advocate for diversity, personal power and taking your own path.