Bonus Reason: The Contrast Is Just More Obvious 

Lastly, this isn’t actually a reason Law of Attraction might be backfiring on you, but it must be stated. Once you start feeling good more often, the feeling of disappointment, frustration, or even slight rudeness feels more harsh because the contrast is more evident from your new natural state. For a while, I wondered if I was regressing in my journey because I remember when I first learned about LOA, it was constant relief and joy and epiphanies. 

What happens after you spend time in a better feeling place, the epiphanies become kind of natural and expected. Recently, I closed my eyes and had a 15 minute conversation with my inner being with back and forth dialogue and that just felt very normal considering where I am. It happened only once, but I wasn’t in awe or tear jerkingly happy, it just felt natural considering my questioning and where I was. I honestly believe I can do it again today if I wanted to (and I probably will because it was pretty insightful), but it’s not a major leap. It’s not like a “wow!” moment whereas before I probably got a good insight once a week at most and it was amazing. Now, I’m almost in constant reflection, constant communication, constantly aware of my vibration. 

So the “aha” moment will become more natural (still super impactful!), and the slight unwanted will feel worse. This will make you potentially more aware of the unwanted which will feel worse, but you must recognize the manifestations around you. Continue to count your blessings, and once in a while notice how much progress you’ve made! 

Final Thoughts 

You are honestly doing just fine. You’re exactly where you need to be. You are vibrating higher and your manifestations are so close when they feel like they are the natural next step. That’s why it doesn’t feel like “woah!”, but it totally is woah because you did it! You matched the vibration of your desired thing. You brought the healing, the connection, the improvement in bodily conditions, your financial blessings, and the fun experience. You did that. You are a powerful creator. 

The nature of life is expansion. You are never regressing no matter what it looks like for you. Everytime you feel negative emotion, there is an even bigger vortex becoming and holding everything you are desiring vibrationally. 

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Mayra Leen

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3 Replies to “Why The Law Of Attraction Is Backfiring On You And How To Fix It”

  1. I stumbled across your blog today, looking for something else! And thank you 🙏 this was exactly what I needed to read today.
    I’ve been following Abraham for years, I meditate daily and listen to her recordings most days but Ask myself why I’m still struggling with my manifesting? but your words brought clarity to me today, I know I’ve been contradicting myself. I am eager and excited to see how my life will unfold in the next week and for ever more
    Thank you darling from kelly in Australia

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kelly. It was fun for me to go back to this post too and remind myself of truths. Glad I could be a cooperative component to your vortex.

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