This post has been a long time coming. 

Ever since I wrote my Honest Review of Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training with details like how much it costs and what’s included, I have received a ton of questions from this post every week. I answered some of the initial questions in a follow up post (which I recommend you check out both), and now I am simply sharing three very different perspectives from individuals who did choose to do the RTT training and how they’re currently running a business with the training. 

I’ve had calls with people and shared with them my experience, but I think it’s so helpful to hear from others. What’s super exciting about this interview is that you’ll hear from someone with an IT background, a Shaman/Medical Qigong, and an NLP trainer/traditional therapist – all who did RTT! Such diverse perspectives.

I know the underlying question is trying to understand if RTT training is something that you should do or for some people you might have already committed and now you’re trying to figure out the details of getting up and running. Either of those quests are very personal and I don’t think we’ll be giving you the silver bullet answer – except I can remind you now to tune in to yourself, trust your path, and do the mental work such as healing past wounds, removing blocks, and aligning your beliefs and desires (RTT can help with all of these!).

So, instead of trying to answer these very personal questions of what is right for you, what this panel interview aims to accomplish is to provide someone else’s perspective to help you find your own clarity and path. Obviously the panelists and I did the training, but that doesn’t mean you have to. I firmly believe there’s unlimited paths to one’s destiny (just like there are plenty of soulmates). Either way, I trust that this will be a helpful conversation in your journey.

If you have any specific questions for me or if there’s any way I can help, let me know. I love how discussions like these take us to new questions and new places and new understandings. Continue to send me your thoughts or questions to

By the way, I don’t get paid by RTT to do any of this. I’ve started to get that question recently. In my very first post, I just wanted to be helpful and provide information I wasn’t seeing out there. Then it became fun sharing my experience and then I started meeting really cool people in the process, so I’m just going with it. But if any of this was helpful, you can mention me or any of the individuals in the interview as your RTT training referral. Obviously totally optional and dependent on whether any of these posts or videos were part of your deciding factor. If it’s easier, I can also submit your name if you’re within 2 weeks of your training, just let me know at This would be super great, but again just a cherry on top. Happy to share all this info and answer any of your questions just for the joy of connecting with you.

Here’s the interview: 

Connect with the panelists below: 

Mayra Leen (me) | Blogger, RTT Therapist 
Instagram: @mayraleen

Monica Lewin | Coach, Master NLP, and RTT Therapist 
Whatsapp +54 11 3144-0324

Abigail Moss | Shaman, Medical Qigong and RTT Therapist
Instagram: @yourmindbodyfree

Osman Okumus | Life Coach, Consultant, and RTT Therapist 

Thank you and much love,

Mayra Leen

Woke up just after 5am Saturday morning. I think the universe just wanted to say hi.

6 Replies to “Running a Business with Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training”

  1. Thanks so much guys, really excited almost half way through the course. Am gong back over it again at the moment, because theres so much, I don’t want to miss anything! Love what you had to say, am already noticing that I am the biggest benificary by far, and if this can do this for me learning it, can’t imagine how powerful it will be for my future clients. Appreciate so much you flagging the way forward xx

    1. Thank you, Liz! Speaking from your own personal experience and change is so powerful when you begin working with clients!! Go you!

  2. Wow thank you so much guys for taking the time to share your experiences with RTT and give more insights. I am so grateful. I came across RTT not long ago. For the first time I could feel within my heart this is it! This is what I’ve been searching for. My body response was intense. Then my mind came into place. Doubts arising, so many questions trying manipulate my heart into thinking I shouldn’t take this risk. You have just erased those. I am going to listen to my heart, my intuition. I know that I can trust the universe that it’ll guide me along the way. I will put my heart and soul into this. I feel ready and I cannot wait to have this incredible tool to finally help people even more! Thank you again. All of you are beautiful souls🙏🦋

  3. Maura, forgot to ask, dod you really complete the course in 3 months? Thank you so much ,you have give so much valuable information,its incredible! I will be in touch again ..
    Thank you

  4. Maura hi it’s me again u can understand my nerves as I’m about to enrol on this RTT…I was doing some research and realised that although rtt is endorsed by all the Boards that it is, I dont see it recognised by the BACP in the uk. For eg. if u want to work for the NHS or some affiliated institution in the uk. Would you have some knowledge about this.

    thanks again

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