You’re meant to be happy. You’re meant to be in love with life. You’re meant to have the things you desire. If that’s not the case, something needs to change.

That something is your mind. 

Everything you see around you began with a thought. That thought comes from the infinite energy of the universe. That thought turns to a belief which dictates action which creates the results in your life.

Many people are trying to change their life by changing their behavior. That’s backwards. It’s also not sustainable. You’ll burnout, you’ll run out of willpower and discipline. 

The easy way to change your life (and possibly the only real way) is to tap into the infinite resources of raw energy and summon new thoughts. How does this work? 

Through Law of Attraction. 

The misunderstanding with Law of Attraction is that many people believe you are attracting material things into your experience with your thoughts. That’s not exactly right. 

What you’re doing is changing your own vibration to attract new thoughts into your experience. Those thoughts once settled in will become your new beliefs. Naturally, those higher beliefs will inspire new action which will produce the results you desire. 

So your only job is to manage your own vibration. 

What does this mean? Luckily, we have a built-in indicator called emotions which tells us where we are vibrationally. Here’s a picture of the emotional scale. 

The Emotional Scale

If you are experiencing an undesired emotion, that’s a sign. It’s like the gas gage in your car. It’s not a bad thing. Don’t call emotions good or bad, it’s simply desired and undesired. It’s a sign. 

What is it telling you? That the thoughts you are thinking are not in alignment with the natural flow of well-being that is your nature. In other words, your thoughts are opposing the goodness that is natural for you and blocking the blessings, inspiration, and love that your inner being, spirit, and body expect to have. 

The only part of you that doesn’t know that love and goodness is your nature is your mind. Your body knows it. Your spirit knows it. But your mind is clouded by all the people who have told you that life is hard, that you must work hard, that you must prove your worth, that you need certain things in life for people to love or respect you, that you need to change, that you shouldn’t be selfish, that you’re wrong. 

The work for you and for all of us is to clear the noise of society, of our parents, of our inner critic (which is actually someone else’s programming that we accepted), and tap into our body, our soul, our divine guidance who can remind us of our truth. 

This path is different for everyone, but it absolutely requires you to get out of your mind. Your mind simply cannot know. Your mind is only a tool for analysis. It was never meant to be the place where decisions come from or where your truth comes from. 

Once you are able to truly separate your identity from that of your mind, you can become like a programmer working on a system. You can see clearly what’s working for you, and what needs to change. You can begin to remove the beliefs that are holding you back. 

All of this, naturally raises your vibration and allows you to tap into infinite intelligence where new ideas, creativity, and inspiration stem. So relax. Hard work and effort is not required. 

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Blessings and love to you,


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