This is a bit of an advanced post on the Law of Attraction. For beginner’s, it might be helpful to review the basic terms of Abraham Hicks teachings here. Otherwise, let’s jump in. 

I heard about the Law of Attraction long before I actually knew what it was. I thought the Law of Attraction was a thing people did to believe in their dreams something like affirmations. Now I understand that the law of attraction is simply the explanation of how the universe works (kind of like gravity, it’s a thing whether you believe it or not). There’s no secret to it, it’s obvious all around you: You get what you think about. Like attracts like. That which is like unto itself is drawn (as Abraham and Esther Hicks put it). 

So there’s no secret per se. The secret (or more like less known thing) is how you can use the knowledge to your benefit by simply getting into the state of allowing (which is more about you not doing the things you do that keep you away from your natural, loving, allowing state). 

We’ll talk all about this, but first let me explain why you might feel like your focus on the Law of Attraction is actually making things worse. Here’s a quick summary: 

  1. The universe is responding to what you mean, not what you’re saying 
  2. You’re not taking full ownership of your experience 
  3. You have split energy 
  4. You’re trying too hard 
  5. You don’t actually believe the universe will conspire in your favor 
  6. The contrast is just more obvious (Bonus) 

As we go into the details, I’ll share what I’ve done when I find myself in these places in order to return to a more allowing place. In any state, we are looking for the path of least resistance because that will always be our path of most allowing. It’s also the path of most fun and pleasure, but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

So, why might the law of attraction be backfiring on you? 

Reason 1: The Universe Responds To What You Mean, Not What You’re Saying 

The key here is understanding that every single subject is two subjects – what’s wanted and the absence of it. For example, if you’re sick, you want health. The subject here is health and the absence of it. So there really is only one subject – health. To explain this, Abraham tells us to think of each subject as a stick with two ends – one end is the existence of it in your life and the other is the absence of it. If you’re sick, you’re likely on the absence end of the health stick. The good news is that you are on the health topic. The bad news is that when you think you’re focused on getting healthier, you might very well still be on the absence end of the stick. It’s very nuanced, but you’ll definitely know when you’re focused on health rather than still sick and trying to be healthy. 

Think about all subjects – money, love, happiness, it’s all either there or not there. We label the absence of these things as poverty, hate, or depression. So when you ask for something like more money. Think of the essence that you’re vibrating. Are you vibrating lack? Are you more aware of the need or feeling relief at the anticipation of the solution? 

You know by how you feel. Do you feel desperate or hopeful? Do you feel worse or better when you think about the subject?

So what’s the solution when you’re on a subject that brings an empty pit feeling or more stress? You change the subject. You find something that you can focus on that feels even just slightly better. This can be your pet, your child, or the one thing going right in your life. 

This works because once you’re on the wanted side of the stick pile, energetically, you are at closer proximity to the wanted side of all the sticks in your pile – health, wealth, love, purpose, and more. (This is why gratitude is so powerful!)

This is hard, though. This is opposite of what most self-help gurus tell us to do, which is to struggle our way, and don’t let it go, and don’t give up, and stick with it. 

If you want to “work through” your issue, we’ll be talking about what that looks like in the next few sections, but please know there’s an easier way and that’s to just to let it go. 

You’re not letting go of the desire. That’s not possible. You are letting go of the struggle. 

It sounds lazy to our minds who are taught the only way is through hard work, but this is how to leverage the powerful energy that created worlds. It’s becoming and reaching for the highest and best feeling you can despite circumstances to the point where the universe is compelled to draw to you more things that feel like that. It must. That’s the law of attraction. 

Again, this can be taken out of context if you still don’t understand the polarity of each subject. I’m not saying fake it til you make it. You cannot fool the universe. The Law of Attraction is consistently matching your vibration on whatever subject. What I’m saying is find a subject that feels better genuinely and amplify it and/or just don’t think for 15-20 minutes. Meditation releases all vibration which is just as good because your natural state is allowance! 

Reason 2: You’re Not Taking Full Ownership Of Your Experience (Page 2) 

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  1. I stumbled across your blog today, looking for something else! And thank you 🙏 this was exactly what I needed to read today.
    I’ve been following Abraham for years, I meditate daily and listen to her recordings most days but Ask myself why I’m still struggling with my manifesting? but your words brought clarity to me today, I know I’ve been contradicting myself. I am eager and excited to see how my life will unfold in the next week and for ever more
    Thank you darling from kelly in Australia

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kelly. It was fun for me to go back to this post too and remind myself of truths. Glad I could be a cooperative component to your vortex.

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