Hypnotherapy Session $555

Root-Cause Hypnotherapy addresses core disempowering beliefs and stagnant energy to propel healing and success in your life. Includes a recorded meditation for long-lasting results.

2-hour session (~90 minutes under hypnosis).
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Embodiment Coaching $222

For intuitives who have done ground work and are looking to LEVEL-UP, release old energy, and begin embodying and tapping into their highest self and unlimited potential.

60 minute session.
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Committed to Transformation

Therapy + Coaching + Energy Work = Breakthrough

Keep the momentum going! Make a commitment to yourself by enrolling in a monthly program. Fully custom, one-on-one sessions that keep you leveling up. 3-month commitment recommended.

Mindset Reset



Bi-Weekly Hypnotherapy

✓ Custom Sessions

✓ 90 minute sessions

✓ Cancel Anytime

Laser Coaching

Not sure where to start? Looking for some tools, direction, advice? Looking to speak with a subconscious expert on some limiting beliefs? Book a laser coaching call with Mayra. $99 (Only available for new clients)

On Demand Programs

Self-Paced RTT Program for Anxiety $111

The benefits of a Rapid Transformational Therapy for anxiety at your convenience. Includes a mini-class for managing anxiety and downloadable audio recording.

Self-Paced RTT Program for Confidence $111

The benefits of a Rapid Transformational Therapy session at your convenience. Includes Confidence Masterclass. Uncover limiting beliefs and gain clarity to take action.

Productivity and Time Management $47

A self-paced program to change the way you think about time and gain practical tools. Includes a productivity and extraordinary success hypnotic meditation.

No Money Exchange Option

Do you feel like you can’t afford these services? Would like an alternative way to “pay”?

The idea here is that money is simply a “middle man” – a convenient, but premium way to commerce. There’s benefit to convenience, but there’s a premium as there’s usually fees associated with transactions and taxes paid on each exchange.

Mayra would like to offer a “direct exchange” option for those who can’t pay with money or otherwise have something to offer that would be of value and fun for her. For example, a service, a product (could be a gently used valuable), time at a vacation home to host Mayra temporarily or any other creative and fun ways to exchange love, joy, fun or other valuables with Mayra.

How does it work?

Send a message below referencing the “direct exchange” option and to facilitate an agreement, provide at least two options to trade or exchange with Mayra. Please note the value of the service being requested in order to provide a fair exchange.

Why do this?

To make her services accessible to more people. To help acknowledge that there’s no inherent value in money itself, it’s always a means to an end. To raise consciousness around money and begin removing the middle man. To empower more people to find alternative ways to healing, joy, fun, and ultimately, build the life of their dreams depite money.

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