Mayra Leen

Mayra Leen is a Best-Selling Author, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Embodiment Coach with a passion to guide people to their fullest self. She is the founder of Be Out of Your Mind, a company with the mission to inspire more people to tune into their inner guidance and out of the survival brain, so they can be their most unique, bold, happiest and successful version.

Previously, Mayra held management and executive roles from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Mayra is a Latina with a business and engineering degrees from Baylor University and Northwestern University, respectively. She’s an avid traveler, ecstatic dancer, and yogi.

My Human Design: I am a Projector with splenic authority.

I am a Projector with splenic authority.

Projectors are meant to guide people. They are a “newer” profile designed to help guide the anticipated ascension of consciousness for humanity. Projectors are able to clearly see what others need to fulfill their dreams. The projector’s aura is penetrating and focused into the ‘other’. We have a gift to really and truly see people which can be uncomfortable for some.

Each projector is meant to guide certain people for a certain period of time.

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