Mayra  Leen
Mayra Leen

Mayra is a Best-Selling Author, a Certified Hypnotherapist with experience in management and executive roles for a global Insurtech startup and Fortune 100 companies. She is the founder of Be Out of Your Mind, a company with the mission to inspire more people to be their most unique, bold, happiest and successful version through consulting, coaching, speaking, writing, and hypnotherapy.

Mayra is a Latina with a business degree from Baylor University and a masters from Northwestern University. She’s an avid traveler, learner, and advocate for diversity, personal power and taking your own path.

Quick Facts:

  • Born: Austin, TX
  • Resides: Chicago, IL
  • Undergrad: Baylor University – Business Administration Marketing Major
  • Graduate: Northwestern University – Product Design & Development Management
  • Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Yoga, Brunch
  • Interests: Writing, Fashion and Properties

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Just for FUN, connect with me on Instagram. I don’t post business-related content, but love sharing my personal journey, travels, and adventures. Here’s a small taste:

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