Mayra  Leen
Mayra Leen

Mayra is a Best-Selling Author, a Certified Hypnotherapist and the Chief Product Officer for LISA, a global Insurtech company.

She is the founder of Be Out of Your Mind, a company with the mission to inspire more people to boldly follow their bliss through coaching, speaking, writing, and hypnotherapy.

Mayra is a Latina with experience in Insurance & Banking industry at Fortune 500 companies. She has degrees from Baylor University and Northwestern University. She’s an avid traveler, learner, and advocate for diversity, personal power and meditation.

Hi, I’m Mayra Leen.

What a journey! I’m still learning to flow more, surrender more, trust more, and truly truly follow my bliss. It requires so much consciousness to see all the ways I’m still living some of my conditional behavior – whether it’s to behave, look, or do certain things.

In addition, we have the expectation that progress is linear when it never is – not ever. So what, then? We must recommit often to care about how we feel, and know that negative emotion is guidance telling us “this isn’t it”. For the most part, it’s not that our guidance is saying “no” to the person or situation, but to our thoughts around the situation. Always our thoughts and emotions are tied. Here’s the thing though, our emotions are never activated because of a specific situation (i.e. diagnosis, words, behavior), it’s our conclusions, our assumptions, and our assignment of motives that usually take us to a place that doesn’t feel good.

So it’s not the rejection or the “reality” of a situation that make us feel bad, but it’s when we conclude that this means “I’m not good enough”, “things will never change”, “something is wrong with me”, “I’ll never be happy” or “I’m doing something wrong” that raises a red flag emotionally.

I’m currently applying the motto “nothing has gone wrong here” even when it seemingly has because I know that my perception is limited and well-being abounds. A wise man once said “if it’s not good, it’s not the end of the story”. So keep the faith, stay the course, and if there’s anyway I can help, check out my services page.

Quick Facts:

  • Born: Austin, TX
  • Resides: Chicago, IL
  • Undergrad: Baylor University – Business Administration Marketing Major
  • Graduate: Northwestern University – Product Design & Development Management
  • Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Yoga, Brunch
  • Interests: Writing, Fashion and Properties

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  • Subconscious transformations of beliefs and thought patterns combined with energy shifts and emotional healing
  • Empowering high-achievers to become their full, shining, true selves by removing self-sabotage, doubt, and confusion
  • Transforming overworked and overwhelmed employees into self-empowered, trust-based, productive teams
  • Lifestyle Consulting including Time Management, Relationships, and Confidence
  • Self-Improvement including Achieving Extraordinary Success and Goal Planning
  • Other Issues: Anxiety, Addictions, Insomnia, Trauma, and Sports Performance
  • Advocate for Yoga and Meditation



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