3 quick things to know about Down Syndrome for October Awareness Month

For most people, I don’t think Down syndrome is something you think about until it’s up close and personal to you. That was the case for me until Skyla came into my life through someone I call my sister, Zugey Jones, a close cousin that I grew up with.

She gave birth to Skyla about 4 years ago and last year we did an interview that I’m finally posting to share a bit about what it’s like to have a child with Down syndrome, what everyone needs to know about interacting with someone with Down syndrome, and how you can get involved this October during Down syndrome awareness month.

Here are 3 things I learned during the interview:

  1. Yes, there’s a spectrum with Down syndrome, but it’s not perfect and it really doesn’t matter or tell you anything about a specific person. Each person (regardless of a diagnosis) is unique and their abilities, the way of learn, and their speed of learning will be different. Just get to know people.
  2. Someone with Down syndrome has different sensory facilities, so that means sometimes they can get hurt without knowing or might hurt you without intending to.
  3. Someone with Down syndrome is like everyone else except possibly more fun, so say hi, include them, and be ready for a good time.

We also talk about how she manages the constant doctor visits and maintain a strong mental game. For the full interview, go here:

Special: Down syndrome Awareness Month with Zugey Jones

To participate in a buddy walk near you visit https://ndss.org/all-buddy-walks

P.S. I know this isn’t the typical content for my blog, but it’s important to me and I think everyone can benefit from learning more about this.

Much love,


(Chicago, IL) The last 12 months have consisted of not only raising one puppy, but two! I’ve learned so much about myself and them through this process, and I’m grateful for moments like these when we all feel free.

How to Have Peace with a High-Stress Job 

Listen: It’s possible to live stress-free with a “high-stress” job. 

That line is a bit of an oxymoron, but it’s true only because I learned how to take a high-pressure job that did cause me a lot of stress and learn to manage it to a level where I could almost say, I’m stress-free and in some ways, the job has only increased in stakes, magnitude, and responsibilities. 

A wise yogi from India (Sadhguru) when he first came to the USA was confused why people would always ask him about stress management. He soon realized that in the western world, everyone lived under the premise that stress was inevitable and thus required management. 

The truth is that stress is optional. 

How? Let’s talk about that. But first, you must consider this as a truth. The belief that stress is inevitable and that you can be stress-free cannot exist simultaneously. These are opposite beliefs. So what is it? As with all beliefs, your mind will never reject what you tell it to be true. Your mind accepts anything you tell it and especially if you reinforce it. In fact, the universe will always reinforce back to you what you say to be true. 

What is stress anyway? 

Stress is a practiced mental, emotional and physical response to events. The practice makes it an auto-pilot reaction which makes it feel inevitable. 

But as with all of our inner programs, we can mold them, change them, replace them, and rewire them in our mind and body. 

I made a list of things that are true that you can begin to contemplate and wire into your mind to begin to replace this old program. 

Repetition and familiarity are really good, but practice is even better. With practice you will associate emotion and memories and that will really allow you to adopt new tools to find peace, joy, or whatever you want in your life and work. 

Read each line carefully and really contemplate it. Sit with an idea that speaks to you for a few days. Not literally sit for days, but just think about it as you live your life, interact with others, and especially as your mind replays stressful conversations and events (which I don’t encourage, but recognize that this is something the mind will do on autopilot if not managed). 

Read the following statements with contemplation: 

  1. My emotions can be a reaction or a response to conditions 
  2. My emotions are directly tied to my thoughts 
  3. Although I can’t choose how I feel about something, I can choose my next thought 
  4. How someone else feels or reacts has nothing to do with how I need to feel or react 
  5. My emotions are independent of others 
  6. No one else can choose my thoughts for me 
  7. Awareness is noticing my thoughts and emotions as if I was a third-party 
  8. Intention is knowing how I want to feel and who I want to be 
  9. Feeling good is moving towards my intention 
  10. Feeling bad is moving away from my intention 

These statements are simple, but they’re true. Masters truly understand this, live this and practice this. It’s not something that we can fully live without some serious contemplation, self-awareness, soul digging, clarity, insight, and guidance from the higher consciousness (future self if that’s more tangible for you). 

Let’s dig into the themes: 

Emotions can be a reaction or a response

For most of us, emotions are a reaction, and a knee-jerk reaction at that. We have no control over how we feel when situations arise, comments are made, requests are sent, pressure is put. As a hypnotherapist, I like to explain this as our default programming. Although sub-consciously we might not know it’s there, we can clearly see it play out (not very “sub”). Think about your stress triggers. It’s really a trigger-reaction on autopilot.

Now, the response is being deliberate about how you want to feel when life happens. It’s best to work with exact mini situations at a time. This is where intention kicks in. 

Ask yourself, “Who do I want to be and how do I want to feel when… [insert mini stress situation]”

Do it now. Think of a recurring situation that always puts you in a bad mood. Who would you love to be instead? 

If you’ve really hard wired some specific negative reactions like impatience, annoyed, fearful, this exercise could be really difficult. In those cases, I love to ask “opposite questions” which always give me quick clarity. For example:

  • Do I want to be a lover or a hater? 
  • Do I want to be powerful or powerless?
  • Do I want to be kind or hurtful? 
  • Do I want to be confused or clear? 
  • Do I want to be solution oriented or problem oriented? 

Opposite questions force you to focus and choose because you can’t be both in one moment. You are either one or the other. If you’re having trouble, think of what you typically feel and what is the opposite emotion. 

The connection between thoughts and emotions 

My favorite teacher, Abraham Hicks, taught me the meaning and purpose of emotions. They are our guidance system (learn more here). 

First, you need to admit and know that you want to feel good. You do! That’s what we all want and that’s a good thing. 

From there, you must not require yourself to always feel good as much as you would never require your gas gauge to always read full. Meaning, you want to know that having gas is a good thing for the movement and health of your car, but you also want to know when you need to fill up without condemning the gas gauge. It’s a very useful indicator. Likewise, your emotions guide you giving you valuable information about the direction of your thoughts. 

Your emotions tell you whether in this moment, you are in alignment with your highest intention or not. When you feel good, you are and when you don’t, you are not. 

(There’s also a momentum factor that allows you to feel even better or even worse, but that’s another topic.)

When you’re not in alignment, listen to the guidance. Bless the guidance for letting you know. It’s here to bring you back to your path. 

So now, what do you do with this guidance when you’re feeling all the indications of high stress – the panic, the heart racing, the sweat, etc.?

You remember that you can choose your thoughts and it’s not about thinking positive. Nope, that’s not even possible during this time. It’s about awareness and choosing the better-feeling thought. It could be slight. But it’s that small shift that lets you know you’re turning your boat around. 

For example, let’s say your boss just put pressure on you about a project. Let’s say you’ve programmed your mind to automatically go to “I wish I didn’t have to work. I hate this job”. That feels terrible. 

What would be a better-feeling thought? I’ll share options for sake of example but this is a personal question. Only you know what’s a better feeling because your intention might not be the same as mine and your guidance system is taking you towards your highest intention. Only you know what thought would be better to reach for. For example: 

  • I remember I used to love this job 
  • I remember being so happy to get offered this position 
  • Maybe I just don’t like my boss, but my job is ok 
  • I’ve had worse jobs 
  • Honestly, I just hate that he doesn’t ask questions before putting pressure 
  • I wonder if I can fix this? 
  • At least I get paid for this 

You see, this isn’t exactly your most positive list of statements about your job. But it’s the bridge. From here, I usually like to keep going because once I turn my ship around, I can usually start sailing in the opposite better-feeling direction. Before I know it, I remember all the things I love and I connect it to my purpose and I can get to a higher vibrational state, but it does require practice and baby steps. 

Only one better-feeling thought is enough to reduce stress and get you relief. 

You have control over the thoughts you choose. Remember that. It’s an under utilized tool for many. 

My emotions are independent from others 

The next three statements I shared are all about separating your emotions from other people’s emotions: 

  • How someone else feels or reacts has nothing to do with how I need to feel or react 
  • My emotions are independent of others 
  • No one else can choose my thoughts for me 

Separating your emotions from other people’s emotions is hard because we are natural calibrators. What the hell does that mean? 

Okay, have you heard “good vibes” and “bad vibes”? It’s real. Our entire world is made out of vibration and we kind of have a built-in sixth sense about it which we mostly ignore, but that’s another topic. But it’s true, everything is vibration: sound, physical matter, light, colors are all vibrations. Our thoughts and emotions also vibrate at a certain frequency. The latter is more difficult to measure and read with existing human tools, but it’s real nonetheless. 

All physical, manifested things actually stem from thought and emotion. It must. Someone has to think and contemplate the existence of every single thing around us for it to then be co-created with others who make it into a car, house, lamp, shoe, etc. The idea of transportation, shopping centers, the internet were all ideas first before they became an impulse for action and eventually a real thing we can see, use, etc. 

I digress. So the world in its essence is vibration. How we feel is the indicator of the vibration we are emitting. Another small digression, but worth mentioning: This vibration is also a signal that radiates out and is the basis of the law of attraction which states “that which is like unto itself is drawn” (like attracts like). So you will attract things, people, events that vibrate at that signal. 

In summary, everything in essence is vibration – this seen and unseen, all of our senses are a translation of vibration into sound, color, etc.  

Now, if there are these invisible vibrations and I’m vibrating and you are vibrating…there’s sort of this harmony that wants to be maintained. So when someone around you becomes enraged or is so sad, somehow you feel inclined to harmonize with that vibration and you match their vibration which results in lowering your emotion. This is also true when someone is laughing or being playful. It’s contagious. 

So when your boss is under stress because of his boss or the upset clients, we’re really talking about a chain of energy that you are now linking up with. It’s very possible that there’s an element of momentum that has occurred by the time the wave of energy reaches you. 

As I mentioned before, we are natural calibrators. It’s sort of more comfortable for everyone when we match or get closer to their energy. A simple example, your colleague says “I’m so stressed. I have so much work to do”. What do we almost always automatically say? “Omg, me too!”. 


What I want you to contemplate so much so that I put three statements that all say the same thing is: You do not need to match energy. 

Your spouse comes home from work upset having a bad day. I DARE you to say, “I feel so good. I feel great”. And then spend the evening playing with your dog, eating ice cream, and making a gratitude list. 

Can you do it? 

Most people associate love and compassion to matching energy. You give up your power when you match lower energy. You can’t help others when you join their pity party. 

Learn and practice separating your energy from others. Sometimes when I feel the residue of energy from a situation or conversation I recite the following: “I return what doesn’t belong to me. I take back what is mine. And I cancel anything that does not serve any of us.” 

I believe in the power of words, but whether it’s truly possible to “return” and “take back”, I don’t know. What I do know is that I feel immediate relief from remembering that I choose my vibration and I intend to vibrate hIgh. I do not have to accept other people’s vibration into my aura. 

As I mentioned, this is not basic stuff. These are principles to master and practice and remember again and again. When I say master, I mean this is what Jesus meant when he said “love your enemies”. It’s a level of stability and self-worth and self-honor that you don’t match other people’s energy. You choose yours whether it’s peace or love regardless of the anxiety, stress and hate in the world. 

Trust me, most of us won’t be able to do this perfectly, but what helps us is to have something else to calibrate to instead of the very tempting circumstances and humans around us. To me, that would be your intention. 

Set intentions and move towards them 

An intention is the highest, purest, grandest version of how you want to feel and be. Whether you’ve done the inner work to be able to verbalize your intention, it’s actually a natural result of life. It’s the preferences you have made vibrationally of how you want to feel and who you want to be. 

It’s your highest version of you. When you were rude to someone and it felt awful, you make a vibrational decision to want to be more kind. When someone talked down to you, you made a vibrational vote to be more confident and powerful.There is this force that you created that calls you to become the fullest version of you. In this space, there’s creativity, ideas, and all the good feelings you desire. 

Life is dynamic and expanding and ever-changing, so you can’t expect yourself to stand steady and still in this high vibe. Not at all. You gotta surf it, but if you don’t know what it looks like or feels like to ride a wave, you’ll never do it. You have to use your guidance system to know what’s going on right now. Allow yourself to be thrown off a lot, but get back on and know that your highest self is calling you unceasingly like a lighthouse, so that no matter what, you can always find you way. 

Stress is optional because it’s a practiced reaction. Once you have practiced neutrality, calmness, or peace, it’s possible for you to be able to reach for it shortly after and perhaps even during a “stressful” situation. As a leader or a good employee, you must. There’s no clarity or creativity under stress. 

But living this way does require you to dance to your own rhythm. You can’t care what other people think. People will think you don’t care about the situation because you’re not panicking. We are saturated in a world that expects you to be stressed and rewards it. 

You must choose your path. Make a decision about how you want to feel and be easy about it. Trust your emotional guidance system and remember you’re not a static being. You are vibration, you are in constant motion, ebbing and flowing. Ride the waves, enjoy it, embrace it, and keep sight of your inner GPS. 

I leave you with the final five truth statements that best summarize everything we discussed:

  • No one else can choose my thoughts for me 
  • Awareness is noticing my thoughts and emotions as if I was a third-party 
  • Intention is knowing how I want to feel and who I want to be 
  • Feeling good is moving towards my intention 
  • Feeling bad is moving away from my intention 

Set an intention, picture it in your mind, feel it in your body. This is how you install new programs in your system. 

You got this. 

Much love, 


Today’s Calibration: Surrender, Acceptance, and Allowing

Today I am sharing my free-flow writing. Calibration is the process of fine-tuning your energy with words or action, in this case I’m using words. I like when I take the time to milk a good-feeling. I never used to do this, I didn’t really know how.

This type of internal dialogue was helpful for me to hear and read as I learned to take ownership of my vibration (how I feel). Before listening to Abraham Hicks, I didn’t know one could simply talk themselves into a better-feeling place or in this case, strengthen a high vibrational stance. Now I know it’s so important to be able to establish and maintain vibrations you enjoy, deliberately.

Otherwise, you’ll simply live like most of the world, simply reacting to situations and people instead of deliberately creating the aura and energy that you desire most.

This is what it looks like to practice a good-feeling vibration and an example of how you can clean up any resistance that comes up. You’ll see in the middle of this, a bit of resistance came up for me when the topic of worthiness.

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it, but I do have a clear intention towards authentic, real, and better-feeling thoughts and emotions.

I'm Betting On Me 

I am at the point where no one’s advice or words resonate with me. I am seeking my own voice and my own truth and my own experience in knowing what’s right for me. 

I’m not looking for a savior anymore. 

I’m not looking for the next thing to buy that’ll make it all better. 

I finally know for sure that the only path worth pursuing is the path that brings me to myself. 

I don’t want the quick tips and top reasons and someone else’s analysis of what’s right for me. 


I am more certain than ever that what I am looking for is looking for me and is available to me directly. What I think I need is what I already know. What I think I want, I already have. What I want to be, I already am. 

I’m finding pleasure in my own company. I’m finding satisfaction in the stillness. I am interested in my own thoughts. I am looking for my own self-healing. I am fascinated by my own process, journey, and evolution. 

I recognize now that there was never a right or wrong way to do this. There isn’t a timeline. There’s not even an end goal. Because we’re eternal. 

I am finding peace with where I am, what I’m doing, who I am becoming. I’m enjoying the pace.

I feel like I’m floating on water, surrendering my weight to the flow. Letting go of the struggle. Relaxing, taking a break, allowing myself to catch my breath. Noticing how the stream takes me anyway. Noticing how I never had to swim. Noticing how nicely I can simply flow. 

I feel loved. I feel like the universe is watching me, looking after me, taking care of me. I feel like  there was never a question of my worthiness. I feel the weight of my own burdens from my own doubts about my worthiness. I can feel how unnatural they sit on me. I can feel their heaviness. 

I acknowledge that I haven’t always been kind to myself. I can feel the blocks from my own self-judgement. And even still, the stream can carry me. It does. 

I can feel that the universe isn’t asking me to be different, only I do that to myself. 

The universe isn’t asking me to clean it all up and come back once I’m pure and unburdened. It’s just asking me to stop noticing it: 

Stop talking about the ways you hold yourself back. 

Just relax. 

Feel the surrender, the weightlessness, the ease, the flow, the way you are held. 





Please let me know by liking or commenting if this type of writing is something you would like me to continue to share.

Much love,


Soul Wisdom Exchange: What is the language of the soul?

Today I went live on Facebook with the wonderful Regyna Curtis. It was such a beautiful exchange of ideas. Regyna is an intuitive artist and art channeler. I highly recommend you check out her work on Etsy.

Enjoy this dialogue where we discuss emotions, healing, mindset, and so much more!

Much love,


The Ugly Truth About High-Ticket Coaching

… and Why I Regret Enrolling in Chris Kenney’s Sales Mastery Program 

Let me start by saying, Chris and his wife seem like really nice people. This is not a personal attack, but something I wish I knew in general before jumping into this coaching world. I feel like a super intuitive person, but obviously there was a major lesson for me here. I’ll share what I’ve learned, background on some of the programs I’ve been a part of, and some tips to help you navigate the coaching world. 

I know I manifested both of the coaching programs I’m currently enrolled into. For better or worse, I accept full responsibility. Side note: I do this intentionally to ensure I do not fall into victimhood where I don’t have power. To me, this experience has been powerfully enlightening and has given me tremendous clarity on what I want to do or better said, what I don’t want to do.  

Background: For years, when I would imagine my dream life, I saw myself with a life coach or some sort of mentor. The day I quit my corporate job, I joined my first group coaching program with Nicole Laino. She’s a down-to-earth, ambitious, super go-getter type girl. I wanted that energy around me. Her group program at the time was only about $5000 for the year if paid in full. I did it, and met a small group of women who were super raw, open, and working on jump-starting their own various businesses. We met twice a week with Nicole and always had tons of access to her. She’s always responding to posts on the Facebook group and providing ideas. She’s engaged with me on social media and I truly feel she cares about her clients as people. 

I joined her program because I wanted to get my app product launched. She has a CRM system and I felt like she would be perfect to help me with my tech app. We have similar product management background, but on our first call, she suggested I focus on my hypnotherapy because I can start bringing in money with that sooner. I listened. 

This is my very first lesson about coaches. They are well-meaning, but at the end of the day, their success stories come from you getting sales and results asap. So soul alignment and life purpose and going after massive dreams are less of a priority at least for “business coaches”. 

The reality is that your coach cannot ever replace your inner guidance and that connection to your source. Life is literally guiding each of us towards our highest path and only you know where life is guiding you. What I know for sure is that if life is guiding you a specific way, it will give you the resources and people and means to bring it into full fruition. No one else can have that faith for you on your behalf, it must come from within. 

Now, that’s not a major boo-boo, she’s been super supportive in having me take a step back and figure out what my soul is calling me to do. In addition, with the price-point of her program, stepping back feels manageable to do and I don’t feel any pressure to produce anything. 

On the other hand, let’s talk about the Chris Kenny Coaching. 

I joined under the false premise of needing to make money asap. First of all, I don’t. I’ve saved and invested, and I’m okay, really. But I was under this energy of needing to get results, I was feeling impatient, and when I Iearned that Chris was a master sales person, I wanted to learn as much as possible and get to selling myself. 

This annoys me so much because I quit a very comfortable, very easy, very pleasant high-paying job, so that I can stay in alignment with my soul. And guess what I did two months into that process? I go back to this money hunting mentality that is absolutely not mine. 

As a projector (for those familiar with human design), we take on other people’s energy. Since I was immersed in self-help groups, courses, and all, I was feeding off this needy, money-hungry energy, and now reflecting back, this is absolutely not who I am at all or who I needed to be.  

My first mistake was signing up under this false energy of lack. 

My second mistake is thinking I would actually get a lot more value. Considering I already had a coach, the only additional value I found in Chris’s program is Julie Cabezas. She’s a phenomenal copywriter that can really help with how you represent yourself and talk to your clients. However, you get maybe 20 minutes of her time per month. Besides that, if you want to learn to sell (which is a great skill), you simply have to attend his launches or accelerators and see how he does it. Literally watch the playbook in action icy following his Facebook group, podcasts, and enrollment periods. 

Honestly, I should’ve paid attention to my gut and the signs. I remember listening to his story about how he met his wife going on a $14K coaching cruise. He cries every time he says it and he tells you he’s going to cry, but I don’t actually know if he does when I pay close attention. After hearing the story for the third time, I sort of rolled my eyes. There’s no way you can actually be emotional about meeting your wife years afterwards. Chris admits most of his clients are women, so telling a sobby love story and watching a man cry (or try to) right before you make your program offer is quite witty. 

Obviously, he doesn’t teach those types of tactics in his Sales Mastery Academy, but he does teach to use people’s emotions by the use of questions. It felt icky when I actually noticed his students doing this to me. He also does free laser coaching on his Facebook group every week. Honestly between watching him sell during enrollment period and the laser coaching on Facebook, that’s literally what he sells to you in the $30,000 program. 

Oh yes, I haven’t mentioned the price, right? 

It’s super expensive and there’s no refunds. (I very kindly asked for a refund three weeks into the program. Unfortunately, he ignored my voice message and 5 days later his super nice employee checked in on me, she tried to schedule a call with us and after being 10 minutes late, he messaged me that he has a strict no refund policy. I have now released it all to the universe knowing it will come back to me multiplied. No worries here.) 

But back to the value, since all coaches work on mindset, what are you really paying for? Plus you don’t actually get much of Chris’s time unless you also do the laser coaching which is free anyway to all his Facebook group. 

I’m not against coaching, but I think it’s important to find someone like Nicole who has reasonable prices and truly cares about you. Option 2 is to just remember that you can be, do, or have anything you want, and you can be your own coach, mentor, guide, lover, and best friend. There’s also super ultra successful people giving their advice and input for free. They’re successful with real enterprises. 

I have found myself in countless programs constantly buying into the idea that if I only read this, take that, do this, I’ll finally get to where I need to be. It’s okay to need support, but ultimately we are each fully capable because who we are right now is enough. That’s the false premise we’re operating under – the idea that we’re not complete and acceptable right now just the way we are. For me, I realized I sort of had this longing to be saved by someone or something. 

If you are guided to someone or something, it has to feel right and not like a solution to a problem because even though that’s what master sales people will tell you they’re doing, they are not solving a problem. And they won’t guarantee results anyway. They are providing some guidance and frameworks that you can use in being your own answer. 

This is what I believe wholeheartedly and although I felt misaligned with the program, I really started to feel uneasy when I expressed my desire to leave and Chris’s right-hand man, Issac Ho, started asking me questions and making assumptions about me that were simply incorrect. He also implied that you always need coaching and you always need help, that people can’t maintain their higher levels without coaches. He made the analogy of a fitness instructor since he started as a health coach. He asked, “what do you think will happen if someone stops going to their fitness instructor?”. I responded, “well, it depends if the instructor taught the person to fish. If so, they should be okay to maintain themselves on their own”. He disagreed. 

That’s when I knew 1000% that I wasn’t with the right company.  My spiritual teachers like Abraham Hicks empower me, tell me I’m the answer and that I can be, do, and have anything I want, and that there are unlimited ways for those things to come into full realization. 

So don’t let anyone (even well-meaning people) ever tell you that you need them.

Do yourself a favor, and just run. Fast. 

You only need yourself and as always, the universe will bring those perfect people that bring you messages, nudge you, guide you, and really support your journey. Trust those people. 

This isn’t about being jaded and never trusting coaches again. My tips are really two-fold as you make any decision: 

  1. This is about knowing when your decisions are from a place of hope or from a place of desperation – are you joining because of what you can gain or what they made you feel like you have to lose? 
  2. This is about seeing the signs clearly – are these people empowering you, cheering for you, and supporting your decisions or are they trying to influence you, make you feel like you need them, and installing values that are not yours? 

I know the coaching industry is skyrocketing and I’m concerned it’s feeding off of people’s insecurities. Even as evolved and sure as I am, I fell into the trap. I want to be mad at myself, but perhaps sharing my story and helping others will be enough reason for the occurrence. 

Remember, there are amazing coaches like Nicole and then there are salespeople like Chris Kenney. Trust your instincts and if you mess up like me, just trust its all part of the journey and  take the lessons. 

Quick Update: I was almost not going to post this because it felt good just to put this out on paper, but I’m on a ClubHouse chat right now with major real estate investors and fortune 500 CEOs talking about these issues with the coaching industry, over-promising, and money-hungry people who “believe their own bullshit” and are just taking the money without really vetting whether they can actually help people – understanding where they are in their business and what’s the real potential. 

The ultra-successful individuals on this call are explaining how they’ve told people “no” to taking their money because they didn’t feel like that individual was actually in the place to make the money back. In my experience, if the program is high-ticket and taking EVERYBODY that has a credit card, you should just run. Seems like this is a much bigger issue than I thought. I’ve talked to someone who is part of Kelly Roach program, too, and they’ve had an even worse experience than what I shared. At the end of the day, $30,000 could’ve paid off my student loans, car loan, or been the down payment for my next investment property. I don’t want to dwell on it, but seems important for me to share this and take it as a sign to just hit “post”.  


When I was born I knew 
I was intuitive, connected, 
Playful, and free
But they told me I was wrong, 
I was bad
I was naive 

I believed them 

They told me to listen to 
My parents, my teachers, 
The church, the Bible 

When I finally broke free
I felt lost 

Then I found gurus, teachers, 
And messengers who guided me 

I felt better 

But still the old feelings would 
come up - I don’t know 
I need help. I need saving. 

I bought into the programs
And the coaches and the mentors
They couldn’t save me if they tried 
Because when I was born, I already knew. 

Much love,


Ask Yourself THIS Before You Train in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) [VIDEO]

This post is for people who are doing research into getting Certified in Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) by Marisa Peer. To me, this is the most important message that I share in regards to this training and the broader certification, courses, and qualification culture. 

What I’ve realized is that a lot of trainings feed off people’s insecurities and the truth is there isn’t a qualification that will actually fill the gap of making you feel good enough. Good enough for what? Good enough to actually have what you want, be successful, impact lives, be happy, have a fulfilled life or whatever it is that you truly desire. That gap can only be found in your own inner healing work.

Here are the questions I recommend you ask before you commit to another training: 

  1. What gap in myself am I filling with this training?
  2. Do I already have a product or service to sell? If so, what do I think is keeping me from working at the level that I desire with my current business?
  3. If I have self-doubt, where will I be six months from now if this persists? 

Now, ask yourself, what is my next best step, so that I can be free from this? Sometimes I find this question to be even more helpful: What am I resisting doing that will substantially improve my business and life? If the answer is to do the training you are considering, then your intentions are aligned and you should absolutely proceed. But if you are noticing some hidden self-doubt or worthiness creeping up, I suggest you pause and go back to the question of what’s the next right step? Maybe a simple pause for a day or two is the next step. That’s okay!

In my experience, that inner work can be greatly expedited by working with someone – a coach, a therapist, a healer, a teacher, someone who truly has the time and expertise and interest in your success. 

I’ll even add that I’ve been part of huge big-name coaching programs and I find the more intimate, personal, and one-on-one work to be more effective. But you find what you are drawn to. I know we are each guided, but we’re not all tuned in to listen. My goal with this post and video is to bring you to a pause to to truly tune in to your real needs and intentions. 

It’s the time to truly break free from old beliefs, old wounds, and find that inner goddess and inner powerhouse that’s beneath the surface. 

Email me hello@mayraleen.com to book a consultation with me or go directly to my my services page to learn more.

Comment below your questions or a-ha moments. What do you want me to share more about? 

Much love, 

Mayra Leen 

An Honest Review: What is Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training and What It Is Not

Aug 2021 Update: Cost of program is now over $7,000 USD. Someone mentioned a price tag of $12,000, but that might be the in-person option which recently started being re-offered. The program requirements have changed, too, including minimum 6 months of online training. Although the program continues to evolve, my experience in training and the core of the program which I explain below remains. Lastly, please take time to watch this video which includes the latest on my experience with this training. Thanks for reading! – Mayra

I am currently in training for Marisa Peer’s RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) training online. When I decided to take this training, I didn’t find many (or any) useful blogs about the training. I’m hoping to provide as much information for anyone considering the training.

First, let’s start with cost. It’s expensive. Currently, in 2020, if you pay in full it’s about $5,000 USD. If you make payments, the total is a bit higher.

However, I do think you get your money’s worth. I’ll provide you as much information in hopes that you can determine for yourself if this is right for you.

I want to add a bit more on spending money on training or anything else that improves your life like getting an assistant or help around your house, paying for a premium service for additional digital features, or therapy! We live in a world where we will pay for stuff, food, and sometimes experiences that bring us momentary joy. We’re okay with paying $100 to eat out for date night, but sometimes we won’t spend $100 on a course or workshop that can change our lives. Sometimes the things we spend money on doesn’t even bring us joy, sometimes it’s just habit or it comes from an addiction to deals, food or status.

This is the first time in my life where I’m spending money on my goals and well-being. I feel like I’m actually investing in myself, and in three short months I’ve had a complete transformation. I’ve always taken free courses or taken the free download and done things like that, but once I got serious about not letting a cost determine if I continued, I’m on another level. I’ll have to do a separate post on this, but in short, what I’ve learned is where money goes, energy flows. It’s an announcement to the universe of what I take serious, and I’m announcing that I take myself, my goals, my well-being serious. To be clear, I am not trying to convince you about doing this training, but I am telling you to consider investing in yourself whatever that means for you.

Now, back to my review on RTT training.

What is RTT training and what’s included?

  1. You”ll learn about hypnosis specifically Marisa Peer’s method for hypnosis. For licencing purposes (which is not required to perform hypnotherapy in most countries/states), her training does provide a script for other “induction” methods, but she will not cover them in-depth. I personally don’t think this is an issue as long as it works, the purpose is to get your client in a relaxed state (hypnosis), so having different “tools” here isn’t necessary.
  2. You will learn to perform a specific hypnotherapy session structure. At a high-level it’s about 1.5-2 hours long and the structure is:
    1. Get your clients to identify what they want clearly
    2. Induct them and use some deepening techniques
    3. Regress them back to at least 3 scenes to identify root cause of their issue
    4. Transform them (I’ll explain more below)
    5. Cure them with a recording filled with new suggestions that they can listen to for 21 days after the session
  3. You will learn how to “diagnose” clients quickly. She has free videos on this on Youtube or her Instagram account, but essentially, all issues come down to either feeling like (1) you’re not enough, (2) you’re different, or (3) what you want is not available to you.
  4. You will be equipped with 7 techniques to help “transform” your clients. I won’t go into depth here as I would consider this her secret sauce, but I will say, it’s not hard to understand them or learn them. However, being skilled and mastering the use of them is where I would separate amazing therapists from regular therapists. More on this later.
  5. You will be provided so many scripts that can be used for the “cure”. This is where you are giving pure positive suggestions to override old beliefs. The scripts are really good, but again here is another piece that could be a big differentiation for a therapist.
  6. You get access to all of her past masterclasses and all current/ongoing masterclasses. The cost varies on these, but you’ll get them all free as part of RTT training. They’re usually once a month on various topics that will help your personal life or knowledge as a therapist. Completing at least 50% of the masterclasses is required for certification. This will take up a lot of the training time.
  7. You can have basically unlimited RTT sessions by paring up with fellow students or graduates who are eager to practice. Of course, you will also be practicing on others, but this is free therapy which is invaluable. There is also a number of sessions you must complete that are assigned to you for certification, but from the get-go you can reach out to people on the Facebook group for sessions.
  8. There are monthly live Q&A calls with her staff as well as someone who just calls to check-in and make sure you’re all set up logistically about once a month
  9. You’ll be paired with a mentor for one-on-one questions
  10. There’s also content on hosting workshops, doing sessions virtually, setting up your business, documents for emails or intake forms for clients, and more logistical resources available.
  11. There’s tons of videos of Marissa doing full sessions on various topics as well as a plethora of scripts on almost any topic or issue.

Her training has 8 core modules. I’d even say really it’s 5 core modules within those that each cover the different parts of the session as I broke it down above. She makes it so simple, anyone can really do it. However, this is where your natural skills, commitment, and practice will really make the difference. The rest of the training is more about helping you understand how to handle different situations, seeing Marisa practice sessions, and developing you as a person.

Before I list out things to consider before doing the program, I want to call out a few things that it is not because therapists should be very self-aware and know what natural skills they have to share with the world. I’m sure most people considering this training have these skills, but just in case, I want to be clear on what the training will not do.

What RTT training is not:

  1. It cannot teach you intuition. This is the main thing that I think is crucial to being an amazing therapist. You have to be super tuned in to yourself first in order to be able to tune in to someone else. Marisa Peer’s RTT training keeps things secular to appeal to a wide audience, but I have noticed her mention things like “I like to sit close to my client so I can feel what’s going on”. She does not go into this nor do I know how she could. But to me, it’s given that there’s a vibrational element to all of this. You have to trust yourself and go where you think you should or say what you think you need to say or ask the client what comes up to you even if it doesn’t make sense logically. You can still have a good session without this, but it’s the difference between a good and a great session.
  2. Clients can feel your authenticity and the power of your words especially with the “cure” or suggestions. The training cannot change your energy, only you can do that. It’s so important to be healed, well, and in tune with the words you say. Using scripts is not the issue if your vibration matches the script. I personally always just use my intuition and own words in the suggestions. I like to have the script to glance and I allow sentences or words to pop out at me and I use them with clients that way. Words in our everyday life are simply an expression of energy, but the words are not as important as the energy you are transmitting, so it’s so important to be in alignment with the positivity of the words you use. For example, telling your client that they are absolutely loveable must come from a place of truth within you.
  3. The training shares a lot of good information about how the mind works, but it won’t and can’t change your core beliefs about humanity and our nature as human beings. The training does imply that we’re born perfect and acquire these negative beliefs. I believe this is true 100%, but it’s important for every therapist to be grounded in their beliefs about the nature of humans. More broadly, every therapist should be grounded in all their beliefs about death, suffering, and even where “solutions” can be found. All of these things are important because again the authenticity of your words will resonate when you give suggestions to your clients. To quickly touch on the location of solutions for those that are curious, I believe the answer is always within, and as therapists we’re not the answer, we are a guide to help our clients find the answer that has always been within.

To summarize, you’ll get a lot from this training. As a person with no therapeutic background, but tons of intuition, this training was perfect for me. It gave me a complete tool box to allow me to perform hypnotherapy with the natural skills I possess. It is also a journey of personal development with the amount of therapy sessions and masterclasses, you’ll finish the training more healed and better prepared to help others.

If you are considering the training, please consider the following:

  1. How much time do you have to invest? It’s a 350 hour course. I plan to complete the training within 3 months, so I’ve devoted about 3 hours a day to complete the training. You have a year to complete it, but you want to be mindful of how you learn and if you will be able to retain everything if you’re only investing a few hours a week.
  2. Do you have structure in your day to commit to the training for at least 3 months? Three months is minimum and I have not spoken to anyone else who is devoting as much time as I am to complete the training, so for many, it might be more like a 6 month or more commitment. If you currently can’t commit to a morning routine or a new habit like the gym, think about how this will be different before jumping in. I have a Time Management Workshop available on demand if you’re interested.
  3. Do you feel called to this? If the answer is yes, then do it and don’t over think it. I had no interest in anything like this prior to the day that I registered. I have a business and engineering degree and am currently working for a financial company. I had plans to build an app not do therapy, but here I am and I don’t regret a second of it. If you’re unsure, then dig in and find your “why”. And it doesn’t have to be logical. My decision was not logical at all, I didn’t even know what I would do with this certification, but I did feel called and I was tuned enough to respond. However, if you’re already in the field of therapy, maybe you should think about how this adds to your skills or business or if it does. If you’re certain about your purpose in life, make sure this aligns with that vision because it’s very specific. It’s a specific structure and session, and not really something that can be blended with anything else at least not in the same session.

For commonly asked questions about this post, check out my updated review. And for my latest on this training, please watch this video.

To book a laser coaching call with me for quick guidance, click here or check out my services page for more information.

If you have any questions, please comment below, email me at hello@mayraleen.com.

Much love,


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Found this beauty on Sunday at the beach.

Hard Work and Effort is Not Required

You’re meant to be happy. You’re meant to be in love with life. You’re meant to have the things you desire. If that’s not the case, something needs to change.

That something is your mind. 

Everything you see around you began with a thought. That thought comes from the infinite energy of the universe. That thought turns to a belief which dictates action which creates the results in your life.

Many people are trying to change their life by changing their behavior. That’s backwards. It’s also not sustainable. You’ll burnout, you’ll run out of willpower and discipline. 

The easy way to change your life (and possibly the only real way) is to tap into the infinite resources of raw energy and summon new thoughts. How does this work? 

Through Law of Attraction. 

The misunderstanding with Law of Attraction is that many people believe you are attracting material things into your experience with your thoughts. That’s not exactly right. 

What you’re doing is changing your own vibration to attract new thoughts into your experience. Those thoughts once settled in will become your new beliefs. Naturally, those higher beliefs will inspire new action which will produce the results you desire. 

So your only job is to manage your own vibration. 

What does this mean? Luckily, we have a built-in indicator called emotions which tells us where we are vibrationally. Here’s a picture of the emotional scale. 

The Emotional Scale

If you are experiencing an undesired emotion, that’s a sign. It’s like the gas gage in your car. It’s not a bad thing. Don’t call emotions good or bad, it’s simply desired and undesired. It’s a sign. 

What is it telling you? That the thoughts you are thinking are not in alignment with the natural flow of well-being that is your nature. In other words, your thoughts are opposing the goodness that is natural for you and blocking the blessings, inspiration, and love that your inner being, spirit, and body expect to have. 

The only part of you that doesn’t know that love and goodness is your nature is your mind. Your body knows it. Your spirit knows it. But your mind is clouded by all the people who have told you that life is hard, that you must work hard, that you must prove your worth, that you need certain things in life for people to love or respect you, that you need to change, that you shouldn’t be selfish, that you’re wrong. 

The work for you and for all of us is to clear the noise of society, of our parents, of our inner critic (which is actually someone else’s programming that we accepted), and tap into our body, our soul, our divine guidance who can remind us of our truth. 

This path is different for everyone, but it absolutely requires you to get out of your mind. Your mind simply cannot know. Your mind is only a tool for analysis. It was never meant to be the place where decisions come from or where your truth comes from. 

Once you are able to truly separate your identity from that of your mind, you can become like a programmer working on a system. You can see clearly what’s working for you, and what needs to change. You can begin to remove the beliefs that are holding you back. 

All of this, naturally raises your vibration and allows you to tap into infinite intelligence where new ideas, creativity, and inspiration stem. So relax. Hard work and effort is not required. 

For more on the emotional scale, check out my post 5 Life Changing Insight About the Emotional Scale or my posts on Law of Attraction like Why the LOA is BackFiring on You or My Manifesting Checklist.

Blessings and love to you,


Enjoying Chicago Summer

From Broke to Ballin: 6 Unconventional Mindset Tips from an Unlikely Source

My husband, Elliot, was completely broke when I met him. I didn’t know this, but I also wasn’t taking our relationship too serious at the time. He was cute and we connected immediately. Things moved super quickly though, he was moving in a few months later, and we got married later that year. 

It might not have been until months after we got married that he knew how much I made exactly and we started talking finances. I knew that I made more than him. I was a corporate professional and he was an hourly carpenter. 

As a planner, dreamer, and ambitious gal, I would ask him about his goals and what he planned to do next. I know he wanted to prove himself and he began looking for a higher paying job. He was part of a tough crew and his boss was hard on him, but he learned a lot and was able to get paid a few dollars more per hour. He dabbled into changing professions, maybe he could become a cop or a real estate agent. Those things didn’t really take on. 

He began to apply for superintendent positions. He didn’t have any experience, but he had a college degree and I assured him that was enough. He got offered a superintendent position on salary making the same (and sometimes less) than what he was currently making as a carpenter. I encouraged him to take the job and see it as an internship. “Do it for the experience,” I told him. 

That was a tough job. He was expected to work all the time including taking overnight calls and Saturdays, little to no benefits and all for little pay. It was ridiculous. I was making almost twice as much and working half as much. But I knew this was temporary and also knew that he was going to head somewhere. After a year or so, he began looking for other superintendent positions. 

I knew his current title and a year of experience was enough for him to get a better job – and he did! He got everything he could’ve asked for. A mentor-like boss, higher pay, a truck, and more manageable work. He was also able to get his tool belt back on a couple days a week and work physically which he really enjoyed. 

Throughout, he knew his goal was to run a carpentry crew. After a year or so in his new gig, he was ready to jump ship and work for himself. He was already taking side jobs while working full time, and in May 2021 he quit to go into business for himself. 

He’s doing really good. Making so much more money than he ever could working for someone else, and of course, is ready to continue expansion and become a general contractor. He really turned around his life, and more specifically did so in such a short time. He’s booked for months with commercial and residential clients, and I kinda work for him now.  

So, here’s 6 tips for how a rugged English Literature major created a successful Construction company in a few months and how you can, too:

  1. Know Your Why 
  2. Ride the Waves
  3. Celebrate Big Time
  4. Don’t Think, Just Act
  5. Be Selfish 
  6. Three-Level Support System 

One: Know Your Why 

notes on board
Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

My husband is an immigrant from England, his family is originally from Ireland. He came to the U.S. with a desire for change and to leave behind his family to build a name for himself. He’s so clear and hell-bent on making this happen. He came from a working family that worked all the time, and that made him want to make sure that when he had kids, he would have enough money or a certain set up that would allow him to be present for his kids. 

These are his WHY’s and there’s nothing anyone can say or do to change them for him. This is what is so valuable to him at his core. He will tell you he’s going to be somebody. As a hypnotherapist, I can guess that this likely comes from a place in his childhood when he felt less-than or someone made him feel unimportant. 

It doesn’t matter how your values and drivers come to be as long as you are clear about them and lean into them. Sometimes anger in helpful here. Maybe someone told you that you can’t do something. When you are getting started, this is super helpful, but do know that as you reach new heights, you must find a way to reach for higher purpose. Anger can only take you so far. Pretty far, nonetheless, but there is a plateau. 

Bottom Line: Find the why that puts fire under your belt to get going. 

Two: Ride the Waves 

man surfing on waves
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Elliot doesn’t expect things to go smoothly. He gets out there and rides the waves. Trust me, he’s not a cool and collective type of guy. He gets angry, stressed, and worried all the time. But he never beats himself up for feeling whatever he is feeling. I think that’s what’s amazing. 

He’ll be angry fully and completely and once he is done, he’ll feel happy or excited or neutral. He just rides the emotional waves without dwelling on them. He focuses on the issue and yeah, he usually over-worries and all, but he is never beating himself up about it. He’s so kind to himself in that regard. 

What’s funny but not funny (it’s just an observation) is that if a crew member makes a mistake, he‘ll get pretty upset, but if he makes a mistake, he’s sort of bummed, but mostly shrugs it off. I’m not saying his behavior is right or wrong, but think about it: most of us are so hard on ourselves and so easy on everyone else. What if we gave ourselves that sort of kindness. 

In my practice, I like to tell people to imagine themselves as a toddler. How would you respond to mistakes or emotions that a toddler expresses? You wouldn’t scold the child for making an honest mistake and you also wouldn’t say things like “get it together, why are you freaking out?” You might ask “what’s wrong?” or say “it’s okay, I’m here”. 

Think about riding the next wave that comes to you – either an emotional wave or a circumstance – instead of fighting it. Almost expect the ebb and flow and see how much more smoothly your ride (life) becomes. 

Three: Celebrate Big Time 

photo of a woman holding an ipad
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

My husband will dance and sing every time things are going well. This is such a powerful way to build momentum and acknowledge the good things in your life. 

I am bad at this. I will acknowledge my failures, happy to post them on social media, but will downplay all the good things in my life. And let me be clear in case you are the same: This is not serving you. 

This tells your mind that you like the lows and the failures and that success or money or good experiences are not important to you. I’ve learned to celebrate more and cherish the moment in my regular day more because I’ve seen how my husband does this. He’s shown me what it looks like to focus on the moments you love. 

For him, this can be a pleasing call with a potential new client or when a check arrives in the mail. He does not for one second think, it’s just a call or now I have to do the work. He’s just happy for the moment like a child on Christmas morning at least a couple times a week. It’s a really great habit to adopt!

Every single time you take an act of courage, you make a call, or you get some money (no matter how small), you must learn to celebrate it fully and completely!  

Four: Don’t Think, Just Act 

yellow loader at construction site
Photo by Roger Brown on Pexels.com

Another hard one for me as an over-thinker and active planner in just getting to action. What’s interesting is that he and I probably trade off the areas where we overthink. He will overthink a potential problem and make it bigger in his head. I am really good with problems because I’m solution-oriented and trust so much in resolution. Bumps on the road don’t bother me. 

Where I overthink is in new ventures. I will do so much research and planning to the point of paralysis. I think it comes from my business background with business plans, forecasts, profit-and-loss analysis, marketing, etc. I literally have to have a glimpse to the end of the road (and all potential variations of it) before I’ll take a step and that’s absolutely ridiculous because no one knows anything until they jump in. 

He will do minimal pre-planning and just starts cold calling or setting up what he needs. He avoids all details and just plows straight ahead focusing on the key activities required. He’ll ignore email, texts, laundry, chores, minor details, etc. to ensure the key activities are handled. This is absolutely annoying as his wife and roommate, but clearly an aspect of his success. 

He doesn’t come from corporate or business background, so in his mind the path to business is quite simple: Get the money and get the work done. I envy this mentality so much. 

Five: Be Selfish 

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Learning to be selfish is the characteristic that I believe made the universe connect us. I know for sure that this is my current life lesson and that he is the primary character responsible to be my teacher for it. It’s quite annoying to be honest because it requires him to show me every single day what it looks like to be selfish, to care about yourself, your desires, your wants and that’s it. 

Meanwhile, I’m over here as a middle-child, Latino-raised, inclusive community oriented trying to still rid myself of the guilt and shame of just being myself – expressing my individuality. I do realize now for sure that it was only my selfishness that has allowed me to go to university instead of working to “help pay the bills”, travel the world, and truly find my joy and now ability to help others do the same. 

I know now that the more I give myself away, the less I actually have to offer. Like Oprah once explained, you want to be full of yourself because that’s the only way you can overflow to others. Or like Abraham Hicks explains, you can’t be poor enough to help the poor or sick enough to help the sick. 

This means you must must must focus on yourself, create the best and highest version of yourself, tap into that every single day, fill yourself up with the things you love and enjoy, and then maybe if you are filled and high-flying enough can you be of service and even have the capacity to bless others. 

Think about it – do you want to work with anyone that is stressed out, miserable, and constantly sacrificing themselves for the sake of others? Would you hire someone like this? Would you marry someone like this? Then, why do you insist on being this person? 

The most successful people have learned that they have to work on their fitness, health, mindset, spirituality, and self-love in order to show up in a way that they can benefit others.

I’m so much better at this now, but I live with the teacher that the universe gave me to emphasize this lesson. So, I constantly find myself doing things that have nothing to do with my joy, betterment, or success. I find myself doing things for him that he’s not even asking me to do. And I’m trying to be “thoughtful” when really if I’m not focused on my joy, any action I take will quickly turn into resentment and nobody benefits then. 

So super powerful and important message: Be selfish all day everyday. 

Six: Three-Level Support System 

hands people friends communication
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Now, time to give myself some credit. My husband lives with a mindset guru and spiritual junkie. I’m his advisor, counselor, therapist, consultant, and friend. 

You must surround yourself with at least one person who will always lift you up, bless you, and get your mental game up. If you don’t have friends or a spouse like this, you can pay for it. Get a coach, that’s literally what they do. (Psst, I’m a coach. I can be this for you!)

He also has a mentor who was in his shoes maybe a decade ago. There is the difference between a coach and a mentor. A coach doesn’t have to have your skillset or industry background, but it’s someone who can look from the outside in and catch your bullshit thoughts and help you remove the self-saboting beliefs (that’s me). 

A mentor, however, is someone who has done it before. This is someone who acts as a sounding board. This is someone who gives your perspective from their experience. This is harder to find, but you can absolutely join network groups or formal mentorship programs and get someone to help you with tough situations or decisions. 

Lastly, he has role models. The guys he looks up to, and in almost every decision he makes he asks himself what would they do? What are they currently doing? He measures himself against their progress which always keeps him grounded and hungry for more. 

For me, my role models tend to be major celebrities and CEOs. What I like about his approach is that it’s actually people he knows. It’s people he talks to and knows very well. This makes his goals and visions very tangible. 

In summary, you need three-levels of support: a coach (advisor/consultant/guru), a mentor, and a role model.  

Final Thoughts 

The most interesting thing I hope you learned from these tips are that people become successful in their own way. He and I are so different and approach our lives very differently. But I know that these tips could benefit everyone – including me.

The second thing to know about Elliot is that he doesn’t read the books, he’s not consumed in personal development, and he’s rough around the edges. Yet within our conversations, he absolutely believes in energy. He knows that energy is everything. He knows that he must focus on what he’s radiating out, but beyond that, he is himself. He is not trying to change for anyone, including me. 

We accept our differences, and even more, I accept him as my teacher. And guys, if you’re married you know this, the lessons that you learn from your partner are the hardest. They are the hardest lessons to even accept as lesson. This is a super side note, but if you are blaming your partner for something like being inconsiderate or messy, ask yourself, “what if the universe is trying to teach me something here, what would that be?”. 

Let me know what you learned today from my beloved husband. What lessons are you currently learning from your partner? What are they super good at? 

To learn more about me, go to http://www.mayraleen.com, and to learn more about Elliot go to http://www.elliotnessbuilders.com. 

Much love, 


Hubby and I

Have you ever said “Law of Attraction doesn’t work”? Then, this Manifesting Checklist is For You.

I’m not here to convince you manifesting works because I don’t really have a dog in that fight.

I’m here to give you a really simple tool, it’s a checklist that I want you to honestly review before you ever say law of attraction doesn’t work again. This is a tool to help you ensure you’ve actually given it your full attempt before throwing in the towel and choosing to live a life of mediocrity. 

I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks a year and a half now, feeling so much better, but not 100% sure if it worked, honestly until very recently. I just figured, I’m no longer miserable, so I kept listening every day at least to a YouTube video or two, but I also attended the live streams occasionally. 

It’s true that you have to sort of understand things conceptually for a while before you can know them experientially without a doubt. 

For a while, I listened and could hear what Abraham was saying, but not fully know if for sure in my life. Like the idea of being inspired: I thought I knew what inspiration was until I literally had the most massive impulse to write this. An impulse like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I couldn’t do anything else, but sit and write. 

That’s something you can read and comprehend intellectually, but you won’t know what I’m talking about until you experience it yourself. It’s like trying to describe butterflies in your stomach or love at first sight or intuition. You just know it. 

All I’m saying is that it is hard to really grasp some of the Abraham concepts when she’s explaining something that almost can’t be put into words. It’s also hard because she’s talking about a level of vibration that most of us have never consciously experienced in our lives as adults. 

So I know it can be frustrating and confusing and overwhelming and all of that! I do. 

But that’s also why I’m so focused on finding a way to make it easier to understand or apply for people. 

It’s such a desperate feeling wanting things to change in your life and not know how. Again, trust me, I know! 

Right now, I feel I’m on the burst of a huge manifestation that will be very evident to even non-believers. So before that happens, I have to give credit to all my teachings and learnings because I think it’s harder to believe someone when they just seem lucky. Like wouldn’t it be so much more helpful to get in people’s head before they become successful? I’ve always wanted that. That’s why I don’t read biographies. I feel like it’s not the same when you look back at your life, but you can really feel where people are when you read the lyrics in their music or the poem they wrote when they were going through the situation. 

So I’m writing this on June 11, 2021 when I have no job, no steady income flow, no car actually because I left mine in Texas where my family lives, and yet right now, I am thrilled, satisfied, blessed, over joyed, and I feel abundant and so happy I’m crying. I’m literally teary-eyed writing my emotions. 

I don’t really want to talk about the details of my situation right now because I feel like it’s irrelevant to the manifested version I have already created vibrationally. I also feel like for whatever reason, I have the inclination to make it seem worse than it is. I think because we love the rags to riches story, don’t we? But I’ve already done that. I’ve shared with ya’ll my story. I had to add a ya’ll because if you read my story, you know I’m from Texas (here’s the link if you’re curious).

So, I am blessed, I have properties, I have investments, I have a savings account, I can get cash if I need to. I simply don’t have a steady income stream right now, and that’s something that I’ve always leaned on. I’ve never not had a job. I started working at age 14, so the awareness of that is there, yet I have this calm sense of knowing that everything I want is coming to me and I don’t know how. 

The checklist you’re about to read, for the first time ever in this right now moment, I can honestly check it all off. Just right now, and that’s all that matters. 

When my manifestation is in physical form, I will absolutely tell you. What is so crazy about being in this state is that again for the very first time ever, I don’t have this nagging feeling of wanting to know when and how because it just feels like a done deal. 

The reason I said “luxury” of explaining my current situation fully is because part of manifesting is maintaining the energy of what is wanted, and spending as little time possible looking at what-is. What-is is old news, it’s what I created previously (which honestly I feel wonderful about right now). I’ve learned to enjoy every aspect of my life, focus on the details, on my relationship with my husband which literally feels brand new, we’re so in love. That was actually my first miracle. I’ll write all about that another time.

This all probably sounds funny because I’m trying to explain how a big manifestation is happening for me and it’ll change everything, and at the same time I’m describing how wonderful everything already is. I honestly can’t help it, but what you are witnessing is the idea of “you can’t get there from there”, you have to already be blessed if you want blessings, you have to already be in-love if you want to fall in love, you have to already be healed if you want healing, you have to already be abundant for more abundance to come. 

So I’m not lying when I say my husband and I are literally in the best place our relationship has ever been. I’m clearly focused on the good parts in my life, and that’s all I really care to talk about. 

Again, like I mentioned, maybe one day I’ll take the “luxury” to explain my current situation in full especially with finances (I mean I quit my high-paying corporate job a month ago so that’s that), but right now I’m high-vibing and nothing is worth unfocusing my energy from that even though I literally just did for 2 seconds. But notice how I’m aware of that, and I’m not going to go there further. 

I know you’re here for the checklist, but I hope that dialogue was helpful in seeing what it takes, and seeing where I’m at right now when I get “the impulse”. 

For me, the MOST grabbing moment in my Abraham watching experience was the first time I saw Esther coming out of her Abraham translation, and seeing the way she just exhaled and I could FEEL with her the exhilaration running through her body as laughter and happiness radiated out of her in a way I’ve never seen before. 

It was a livestream so it was like a 2 second clip before it faded out to the closing screen. I mean, it’s a freakin sight to see when you can find someone in that high-flying state. It’s literally the most impactful thing that has happened to me with Abraham. That’s saying a lot considering I listen so much, you’d think it would be something they said, but it truly is all about energy and feeling. It was an extraordinary embodiment of joy that just called me. I couldn’t deny its existence. 

With all that, you do have to feel your way through this process. Thinking your way is how you can get frustrated, and I know that letting go of thought feels counterintuitive for some of us who have valued our mind and thoughts our whole life. 

So, here’s what I want you to do as you read this list, notice where you hesitate and focus there, clean up your beliefs or thoughts that are preventing you from fully checking off the item. 

Here we go! 

This ALL must be TRUE if you are really manifesting your desires: 

  1. You fully understand the raw essence of what you want. (For example, you want the money because you want freedom or security or ease.)
  2. You know exactly what that essence feels like in your body. 
  3. You can see yourself having what you want right now. 
  4. You feel elated at the thought of this happening 
  5. You feel satisfaction solely with holding the thought of what you want even if it doesn’t happen
  6. You are detached from actual results or outcome because the feeling you have right now is worth just holding the idea of it 
  7. What you want is a win-win situation for everyone involved 
  8. What you want is true to you and a complete and full version of what you want (not diluted by opinions of others, proving worthiness, or a lesser version of what you actually want) 
  9. You believe it is actually possible for you to have what you are asking for 
  10. You don’t actually need this manifestation 
  11. You feel surrender to the highest and most appropriate manifestation of the essence of what you want
  12. You are ready to receive it today if it comes 
  13. BONUS: Finally, this isn’t a MUST for manifesting, but more of a knowing that you are literally in the vicinity where it is so about pop into your experience: You feel gratitude in your heart for it’s near arrival. 

Even if all of these things aren’t true for you, you are actually manifesting. Your current life is your manifestation. This list is to manifest your dreams, your ideal life, your desires! That’s what we want. 

You get what you think about. So if you’re complaining, guess what? You’ll get more of what you don’t like. So, don’t worry that you’re not a manifestor, we all are naturally. It’s just how it works – you manifested your current body, bank account balance, and quality of your relationships. You did that. Not saying it in a blaming way, but if you feel defensive, it’s probably crucial that you really understand how you can begin manifesting more of what you do want! 

Where do you begin? 

Look at the list again and circle those that aren’t true for you yet. If none of them are true, simply start from the top, and begin to do the work to get there. 

The first item is so much fun. Actually it can all be really fun. Just sit for a moment or journal and begin to let your mind flow. It’s called daydreaming and using your imagination, you used to know exactly how to do this as a child. For the first item, think about your desires and begin to dig deeper into why you want this and the feelings around it. 

If you can simply go down this list and begin to refine your thoughts and use your imagination, you’ll be living the life of your dreams in no time. 

I can’t wait to hear your thought on this, and I can’t wait to share with you what I’m currently SO grateful for right now. I want you to believe and that’s the only reason I’m sharing, for you to live a life of joy and happiness. I want that for the whole world. 

Need some resources? Obviously all things Abraham-Hicks (see my YouTube playlist, check out Abraham livestreams, or read her books!). Secondly, I highly recommend the book “Creating Money”. I’m still reading it, but there are some true gems in there for deliberate creators. Please note, I am not in any way associated or benefitting from promoting these resources. 

Best and much love, 


Manifesting Checklist by http://www.mayraleen.com