Have you heard of the emotional scale? Did you know that there are frequencies associated with emotions? Did you know that your emotions are indicators of your vibration and your vibration attracts like vibrations, so that what your life experience is actually just a reflection of who you are? 

Well, instead of telling you it’s true, I encourage you to look at your life and ask yourself if it’s true….

Don’t you notice when you’re angry, more things happen that perpetuate your anger? Same thing happens when you’re down. Have you noticed that people treat you the way you feel whether it’s good or bad? Doesn’t it always seem like the worse it gets the worse it gets, and the better it gets the better it gets? Like waking up on the right or the wrong side of the bed. Don’t you notice how some people just seem “lucky” and happy no matter what and then more good things come to them?  

On either end, it’s simply practiced vibration that gains momentum. The emotion actually precedes the enjoyable life or the miserable life. If you begin to pay attention, you’ll notice that how you felt and what manifests always matches. 

Look around, and test it. Try feeling better and see if things don’t go better for you. Notice when you’re annoyed or frustrated, and see what unfolds. 

Either way, this understanding has been massively powerful in my life. I’ve been having amazing aha moments on how this works. It’s so accurate and precise, and if you’re ready to go deeper in your understanding of emotions, vibrations, and manifestations keep reading! 

These insights have really helped me understand what’s happening in my life experience vibrationally, and have assisted me in putting me in an “allowing” state instead of a “something-is-wrong-and-I-need-to-fix-it” state which is always counterintuitive.

So, let’s jump in. Share your thoughts in the comments below. Here’s a quick summary of the insights:

  1. It’s okay to be bored
  2. Anger or blame is better than despair
  3. Hope isn’t good enough
  4. There’s always somewhere higher
  5. Acceptance is the starting point

5 Life-Changing Insights About The Emotional Scale 

Insight #1: It’s okay to be bored

This one was hard. I used to despise being bored. I thought it was death. I thought it was the worst emotion in the world. I used to think that I prefered to be depressed than bored because at least I could feel something even if it was emptiness. 

It sounds ridiculous, but I know you can relate. We are human, and we want to feel. Boredom is the absence of energy flowing, but let me explain why it’s necessary. 

As my favorite teacher, Abraham Hicks, explains there’s two sides to every subject. In your life, you’re essentially “battling” between unwanted and wanted things (or emotions or experiences). Your thoughts create your reality. Imagine a train with engines on  both ends and it has the ability to travel in opposite directions, and your beliefs about the subject either add to your wanted or unwanted direction of the train. 

In this metaphor, you can conclude if you have more engines or power on one end, that’s where you’ll go. For example, money is usually a multi-layered topic, and you might have some beliefs that support the “wanted” end of the train (i.e. abundance), and beliefs that support the “unwanted” end of the train (i.e. poverty). 

If you have experiences in your life that are unwanted on the subject of money, you can be sure that you have more beliefs that support what you don’t desire than what you do. They can include things like “money is hard to make” or “I’m bad with money”. Even thoughts like “I want more money” emphasize the fact that you don’t have enough right now and perpetuate the “wanting” of money. 

So, if your experience with money is really bad, rest assured that the train is not only going in the opposite direction of where you want, there’s momentum (it’s going fast). So it’s kinda hard to stop a train at a fast pace, but it can slow down in time. 


You can stop adding fuel to the engine (stop thinking those thoughts you think that hpld you back from abundance) and/or you can begin to build the beliefs that support your desired direction. For example, here are some beliefs that would help your desired direction: 

  • There are many people making a lot of money doing what they love
  • If I think about it, money has always been available to me
  • I like the idea of having financial freedom and abundance 

What do you think needs to happen before the train stops going in the wrong direction and starts going in the right direction? 

It must stop even for just a millisecond. 

Well, that’s sort of like boredom. 

If you look at the emotional scale, you have despair then worry then overwhelment then frustration and then boredom. 

Boredom is the switching point from negative emotion to positive emotion, and if you would just allow yourself to be there, you could move up! Moving up means moving in the direction of what you want. This means beginning to build the tracks for the abundance that is available to you. 

Of course, there’s an unlearning process, there’s a letting go of old beliefs, there’s adopting new and empowering beliefs, but my point here is when you’re in boredom, if you could recognize that this is a PIVOTAL point, you’ll quickly move to hope and eagerness and reach the point of momentum for the things you do desire. 

The reason we hate boredom is because we love momentum. Momentum is energy moving, and that feeling tells us we’re alive even if it’s energy moving in the wrong direction. 

How powerful it is to know this? Doesn’t this explain so much? 

Insight #2: Anger or blame is better than despair 

Now that we’ve laid some foundation on how the emotional scale works, this one will be easy to understand. 

What I personally didn’t understand as a novice with the emotional scale is that leaps around the scale is unlikely (these are quantum leaps and mostly are unpleasant if possible). Naturally, everyone sort of develops an emotional “home” or set point based on the frequency practiced most often, and you can travel up or down from there relatively easily. To put it plainly, you’re likely either living in the top section, bottom section, or middle section. If you’re pretty self-aware, you could probably even pick out the exact emotion you feel most often. 

For those people living with depression or despair, the guidance system can be very powerful because the unrealistic idea of going from despair to happiness is now evidently clear. 

That sounds cynical, but it’s the truth of momentum and the path to happiness. It’s how energy and vibration works, and to understand this is extremely powerful. 

Many people getting out of depression have expressed “suppressed anger” as the cause. That makes sense in and of itself, but for those who aren’t feeling like they have suppressed emotion, reaching for and proactively finding the emotion of anger, revenge and even jealousy are helpful in moving up the emotional scale and raising their vibration. 

This is such a powerful understanding because we usually bucket all unwanted emotions on the same plainfield, and that’s not the case. So if someone is in despair, then finds themselves angry, and then feels guilty about the outburst, they’ve now brought themselves up and back down the scale. 

Even staying in blame would be fantastic for someone in despair! I know this sounds crazy, but think about it. When someone is in despair, it’s usually an inner hatred or dissatisfaction with oneself. But if they can reach the emotion of blame, well, they’ve externalized that hatred. And don’t worry, the individual can continue to move up the scale, and begin to reduce the negative momentum and eventually build some positive momentum! 

So whether it’s your clients, partner, child, or yourself, allow anger or blame and celebrate in a way that this person is now moving in the right direction where even better emotions will be available. 

Insight #3: Hope isn’t good enough 

On the other end of the scale, I always thought hope was the best emotion ever. It was the possibility of what can be, the light at the end of the tunnel, the aspiration for something greater…

That’s all true. But the realization that it’s only the beginning of the goodness that’s available is now very exciting to me. 

I’ve been practicing this whole vibration thing and I’ve gotten glimpses of true joy and it’s almost out-of-body tear jerking experiences. I love the feeling of enthusiasm, too. When energy is flowing, when I can’t go to sleep, and I can’t wait to wake up. It’s quite amazing. Am I there all day everyday? Absolutely not, but I now know that higher emotional states (and thus life experiences) are available to me. 

I appreciate hope because I recognize that hope is a tool when I need to switch a negative to a positive. It’s one of those transitional emotions, but it’s not the end all that I once believed. 

By the way, every single step up the emotional scale is a massive shift in who you are as a person, in the life you live, and the things you begin to attract into your life. So I’m not discounting the improvement you can experience if hope is a step up from your current state. 

I promise every step along the way feels better and better. 

So, if you’re often frustrated, and you start to find hope, celebrate! Feel the release and the relief in your body. It’s amazing. 

All I’m saying is if you’re a generally positive person looking for the bright side of things, but life is not really too exciting, you need to reach higher which brings me to my next topic. 

Insight #4: There’s always somewhere higher

Once I started finding myself more often in anticipation, I wondered what’s next? 

Well, don’t worry about that. Life will constantly reveal to you new subjects which need some work on the emotional scale or new levels of achievement which will cause you to sort of stretch yourself. 

Do you love Oprah? I love Oprah. I think she’s unstoppable and just a really amazing example of what you can achieve when you work on yourself from within. 

She talks about her experience starting the OWN Network. At the point of starting own, she’s had a successful career, she has multiple companies, and she’s doing what she loves. Now, why in the world would she need to start her own network? I believe life will always inspire and guide you to your highest potential and I believe this was her next step. 

What you can do, you must do

Robin McKinley

She describes waking up in the middle of the night, sweating, gasping for air because she was so afraid to fail. And things didn’t look good for years! Imagine that. 

My point is that this emotional scale thing isn’t something you do once until you reach an end-goal destination. The emotional guidance system is something that can be of benefit to you your whole life. 

Once you begin consistently living your best life in joy, appreciation, and passion, know that expansion is your nature, and you will find a subject or a goal big enough to bring you back down, just for the expanding and beautiful experience of moving back up to your highest and true self with new knowledge that you can do it over and over again. 

Insight #5: Acceptance is the starting point 

So where do you begin? 

This is the most important insight. I wanted to skip this so bad when I learned about the emotional scale, and many times still, I find myself wanting to wish away negative emotions. 

It’s not easy when you have a destination in mind to accept where you are. I recently heard a really powerful message that explained:

  • A desire for a positive experience is in itself a negative experience
  • Acceptance of negative experience is a positive experience

Woah, it’s simple, but it kind of blew my mind. 

You can be in the same place, and finding peace with where you are will be a pleasant experience while desiring something better will be a negative experience. 

So we must start with acceptance. 

Besides, you can’t get to a destination if you don’t know where you are. 

Your emotions are your guidance system, and if you push away what you feel and where you are, you are adding resistance which is the same as adding to your unwanted train and going in the opposite direction of your desire. 

The first step is always to relax, breathe, be easy, and be kind to yourself.

You might even want to explore lower emotions just to be sure you are truly being honest with yourself. Only for a second or two, and then you can gently reach for a higher place.

Even the idea of “reaching for a higher place” can be a struggle if you’re trying too hard. It should be a simple intention, a gentle noticing, a relaxing and allowing yourself to float to a better place or receive a good idea or accept an uplifting message. 

The only way to do this is to recognize and accept that your natural state is good, is bliss, is health, is abundance. That means the negative emotion is unnatural, and if you allow and accept what is, the old can melt away and what will be revealed is your beautiful and pure self. Imagine your soul as this pure light connected to your truth, always in the highest state, and it’s there always within you. You just kind of have to Be Out of Your Mind and begin to tap into your inner guidance. 

It’s counterintuitive in our society to take this approach because the messages we receive tells us you must struggle, feel the pain, and work really hard and on that really unpleasant path, you’ll find pleasure at the end. It doesn’t make sense if you think about it. If your intention is joy, freedom, and passion, you’ll know you’re close when you begin to feel more and more like this, not the opposite of it.

I hope this was helpful. Would love to hear your experience with the emotional scale and journey of self-awareness.

Much love,


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