Aug 2021 Update: Cost of program is now over $7,000 USD. Someone mentioned a price tag of $12,000, but that might be the in-person option which recently started being re-offered. The program requirements have changed, too, including minimum 6 months of online training. Although the program continues to evolve, my experience in training and the core of the program which I explain below remains. Lastly, please take time to watch this video which includes the latest on my experience with this training. Thanks for reading! – Mayra

I am currently in training for Marisa Peer’s RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) training online. When I decided to take this training, I didn’t find many (or any) useful blogs about the training. I’m hoping to provide as much information for anyone considering the training.

First, let’s start with cost. It’s expensive. Currently, in 2020, if you pay in full it’s about $5,000 USD. If you make payments, the total is a bit higher.

However, I do think you get your money’s worth. I’ll provide you as much information in hopes that you can determine for yourself if this is right for you.

I want to add a bit more on spending money on training or anything else that improves your life like getting an assistant or help around your house, paying for a premium service for additional digital features, or therapy! We live in a world where we will pay for stuff, food, and sometimes experiences that bring us momentary joy. We’re okay with paying $100 to eat out for date night, but sometimes we won’t spend $100 on a course or workshop that can change our lives. Sometimes the things we spend money on doesn’t even bring us joy, sometimes it’s just habit or it comes from an addiction to deals, food or status.

This is the first time in my life where I’m spending money on my goals and well-being. I feel like I’m actually investing in myself, and in three short months I’ve had a complete transformation. I’ve always taken free courses or taken the free download and done things like that, but once I got serious about not letting a cost determine if I continued, I’m on another level. I’ll have to do a separate post on this, but in short, what I’ve learned is where money goes, energy flows. It’s an announcement to the universe of what I take serious, and I’m announcing that I take myself, my goals, my well-being serious. To be clear, I am not trying to convince you about doing this training, but I am telling you to consider investing in yourself whatever that means for you.

Now, back to my review on RTT training.

What is RTT training and what’s included?

  1. You”ll learn about hypnosis specifically Marisa Peer’s method for hypnosis. For licencing purposes (which is not required to perform hypnotherapy in most countries/states), her training does provide a script for other “induction” methods, but she will not cover them in-depth. I personally don’t think this is an issue as long as it works, the purpose is to get your client in a relaxed state (hypnosis), so having different “tools” here isn’t necessary.
  2. You will learn to perform a specific hypnotherapy session structure. At a high-level it’s about 1.5-2 hours long and the structure is:
    1. Get your clients to identify what they want clearly
    2. Induct them and use some deepening techniques
    3. Regress them back to at least 3 scenes to identify root cause of their issue
    4. Transform them (I’ll explain more below)
    5. Cure them with a recording filled with new suggestions that they can listen to for 21 days after the session
  3. You will learn how to “diagnose” clients quickly. She has free videos on this on Youtube or her Instagram account, but essentially, all issues come down to either feeling like (1) you’re not enough, (2) you’re different, or (3) what you want is not available to you.
  4. You will be equipped with 7 techniques to help “transform” your clients. I won’t go into depth here as I would consider this her secret sauce, but I will say, it’s not hard to understand them or learn them. However, being skilled and mastering the use of them is where I would separate amazing therapists from regular therapists. More on this later.
  5. You will be provided so many scripts that can be used for the “cure”. This is where you are giving pure positive suggestions to override old beliefs. The scripts are really good, but again here is another piece that could be a big differentiation for a therapist.
  6. You get access to all of her past masterclasses and all current/ongoing masterclasses. The cost varies on these, but you’ll get them all free as part of RTT training. They’re usually once a month on various topics that will help your personal life or knowledge as a therapist. Completing at least 50% of the masterclasses is required for certification. This will take up a lot of the training time.
  7. You can have basically unlimited RTT sessions by paring up with fellow students or graduates who are eager to practice. Of course, you will also be practicing on others, but this is free therapy which is invaluable. There is also a number of sessions you must complete that are assigned to you for certification, but from the get-go you can reach out to people on the Facebook group for sessions.
  8. There are monthly live Q&A calls with her staff as well as someone who just calls to check-in and make sure you’re all set up logistically about once a month
  9. You’ll be paired with a mentor for one-on-one questions
  10. There’s also content on hosting workshops, doing sessions virtually, setting up your business, documents for emails or intake forms for clients, and more logistical resources available.
  11. There’s tons of videos of Marissa doing full sessions on various topics as well as a plethora of scripts on almost any topic or issue.

Her training has 8 core modules. I’d even say really it’s 5 core modules within those that each cover the different parts of the session as I broke it down above. She makes it so simple, anyone can really do it. However, this is where your natural skills, commitment, and practice will really make the difference. The rest of the training is more about helping you understand how to handle different situations, seeing Marisa practice sessions, and developing you as a person.

Before I list out things to consider before doing the program, I want to call out a few things that it is not because therapists should be very self-aware and know what natural skills they have to share with the world. I’m sure most people considering this training have these skills, but just in case, I want to be clear on what the training will not do.

What RTT training is not:

  1. It cannot teach you intuition. This is the main thing that I think is crucial to being an amazing therapist. You have to be super tuned in to yourself first in order to be able to tune in to someone else. Marisa Peer’s RTT training keeps things secular to appeal to a wide audience, but I have noticed her mention things like “I like to sit close to my client so I can feel what’s going on”. She does not go into this nor do I know how she could. But to me, it’s given that there’s a vibrational element to all of this. You have to trust yourself and go where you think you should or say what you think you need to say or ask the client what comes up to you even if it doesn’t make sense logically. You can still have a good session without this, but it’s the difference between a good and a great session.
  2. Clients can feel your authenticity and the power of your words especially with the “cure” or suggestions. The training cannot change your energy, only you can do that. It’s so important to be healed, well, and in tune with the words you say. Using scripts is not the issue if your vibration matches the script. I personally always just use my intuition and own words in the suggestions. I like to have the script to glance and I allow sentences or words to pop out at me and I use them with clients that way. Words in our everyday life are simply an expression of energy, but the words are not as important as the energy you are transmitting, so it’s so important to be in alignment with the positivity of the words you use. For example, telling your client that they are absolutely loveable must come from a place of truth within you.
  3. The training shares a lot of good information about how the mind works, but it won’t and can’t change your core beliefs about humanity and our nature as human beings. The training does imply that we’re born perfect and acquire these negative beliefs. I believe this is true 100%, but it’s important for every therapist to be grounded in their beliefs about the nature of humans. More broadly, every therapist should be grounded in all their beliefs about death, suffering, and even where “solutions” can be found. All of these things are important because again the authenticity of your words will resonate when you give suggestions to your clients. To quickly touch on the location of solutions for those that are curious, I believe the answer is always within, and as therapists we’re not the answer, we are a guide to help our clients find the answer that has always been within.

To summarize, you’ll get a lot from this training. As a person with no therapeutic background, but tons of intuition, this training was perfect for me. It gave me a complete tool box to allow me to perform hypnotherapy with the natural skills I possess. It is also a journey of personal development with the amount of therapy sessions and masterclasses, you’ll finish the training more healed and better prepared to help others.

If you are considering the training, please consider the following:

  1. How much time do you have to invest? It’s a 350 hour course. I plan to complete the training within 3 months, so I’ve devoted about 3 hours a day to complete the training. You have a year to complete it, but you want to be mindful of how you learn and if you will be able to retain everything if you’re only investing a few hours a week.
  2. Do you have structure in your day to commit to the training for at least 3 months? Three months is minimum and I have not spoken to anyone else who is devoting as much time as I am to complete the training, so for many, it might be more like a 6 month or more commitment. If you currently can’t commit to a morning routine or a new habit like the gym, think about how this will be different before jumping in. I have a Time Management Workshop available on demand if you’re interested.
  3. Do you feel called to this? If the answer is yes, then do it and don’t over think it. I had no interest in anything like this prior to the day that I registered. I have a business and engineering degree and am currently working for a financial company. I had plans to build an app not do therapy, but here I am and I don’t regret a second of it. If you’re unsure, then dig in and find your “why”. And it doesn’t have to be logical. My decision was not logical at all, I didn’t even know what I would do with this certification, but I did feel called and I was tuned enough to respond. However, if you’re already in the field of therapy, maybe you should think about how this adds to your skills or business or if it does. If you’re certain about your purpose in life, make sure this aligns with that vision because it’s very specific. It’s a specific structure and session, and not really something that can be blended with anything else at least not in the same session.

For commonly asked questions about this post, check out my updated review. And for my latest on this training, please watch this video.

To book a laser coaching call with me for quick guidance, click here or check out my services page for more information.

If you have any questions, please comment below, email me at

Much love,


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24 Replies to “An Honest Review: What is Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training and What It Is Not”

  1. Hi Mayra, thank you for this very insightful article. I am about to enroll and take the RTT course and finding your page has been more than helpful. Really appreciate the time you spent in sharing your experience and overall thoughts. I wish you all the best in your journey as a therapist and in life. Maybe we can do peer therapy in the near future. I look forward to that! – Joy

  2. Hi Myra, great to hear your honest thoughts. I am a consultant psychiatrist enrolled with RTT in October last year with a hope o finish by mid 2022. However somehow I feel not motivated to take seriously due to work pressure. Maybe I should have a chat with you if it’s okay with you.

    1. Are all clients in person? Can I have clients online like Zoom or Skype? Does Better help hire RTT therapist?

    2. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I have just enrolled into this and then had a panic attack as am about to start a new job and thinking…. Can I afford this right now….can I do this right now…. But like you I am investing in myself for the first time and although a little apprehensive am extremely excited x

  3. I believe the best way for someone to decide if they want to take this course is to get an RTT session first. This review has oversimplified many aspects of the RTT approach and its process which can be very unique to each client. The word CURE is NOT true, nor should it be used, as that is not what anyone can do to another person. The RTT school does not use that word any more because they know that people heal themselves, and healers/therapists/practitioners help others. Also, it is very challenging to complete the course in 3 months. I know many people, myself included, who studied for a year, or more, and during their post graduate time spent 100s of hours building their experience, collecting CEU’s, and practicing. The article is somewhat accurate in areas, oversimplified in others, vague in various places, and contains several falsities.

    1. As someone who just randomly saw and ad for the class and wanted a very high overview without jumping through all the hoops on Marisa’s website to get info I actually really like how simple it is. I’m not ready for a deeper dive. This skims over the cost, how long it takes, what else is required to complete it, who it would be a good fit for, and who I could help if I did it. It’s a great overview that answers a lot of questions without overwhelming me with too much detail. It’s a review, and a long one at that. They aren’t supposed to answer every conceivable question

    1. Hi Myra,
      Thanks for your review!
      I have difficulties with lack of transparency in costs. You need to have a phone call first . During the phone call if you get information of the content of the courses. I’ve just been on the phone with one of Marisa Peers’ people and I have an update for you.
      The costs depend on which route you want to take. The routes and current costs are:
      1. RTT training +live seminar: usd14,950
      2. RTT online usd9,750
      3. International hypnotherapist certificate (for therapists) usd2950,-
      Payment plans available over a period of 24 months:
      Ad 1: start usd2950, then usd595 per month
      Ad 2: start usd925,- and usd495,- per month
      I hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for this post! After searching the internet to find out the exact current cost (without having to call and listen to the sales pitch) and what the training includes, your reply is the first the first honest answer!

    1. It’s actually 10k pay in full or 12k if you make payments for the online training the 12k might be in person but I was told by there staff 10k

  4. Hi thank you for writing this it was beautifully said ! I have been debating doing this course for about a year now and the fact I haven’t gotten it out of my head tells me something is calling me to do it, very much like you I feel drawn to it and ponder if it could be my calling in life. This was the little push I needed to get me over the line – thank you !! Would also love to know how you are getting on and if you are now a practicing hypnotherapist ?

    1. Charlotte, glad it was helpful! I am still practicing although I never did it full time, I very much still enjoy doing hypnotherapy 😊 Glad I did this training!

    1. It means “Help them recall at lease 3 episodes from their past that played a significant roles in creating the problem they are hoping to “cure” in this session with the therapist”

  5. Thank you so much for this! I just saw and ad and didn’t want to give my info just yet. This touched on everything I want to know at this stage and will help me decide whether I want to submit my info to the site

  6. I had a call last week. It is now €15,000 if you want to include 5 days of live training with Marisa. If you only want the course, which has some interactive parts, but mostly is a self-paced course it’s €10,000.

    If you train with Marisa you become a certified RTT THERAPIST.

    If you do the course you become a certified RTT PRACTIONIOR.

    Hope that helps!

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