I’m not here to convince you manifesting works because I don’t really have a dog in that fight.

I’m here to give you a really simple tool, it’s a checklist that I want you to honestly review before you ever say law of attraction doesn’t work again. This is a tool to help you ensure you’ve actually given it your full attempt before throwing in the towel and choosing to live a life of mediocrity. 

I’ve been listening to Abraham Hicks a year and a half now, feeling so much better, but not 100% sure if it worked, honestly until very recently. I just figured, I’m no longer miserable, so I kept listening every day at least to a YouTube video or two, but I also attended the live streams occasionally. 

It’s true that you have to sort of understand things conceptually for a while before you can know them experientially without a doubt. 

For a while, I listened and could hear what Abraham was saying, but not fully know if for sure in my life. Like the idea of being inspired: I thought I knew what inspiration was until I literally had the most massive impulse to write this. An impulse like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I couldn’t do anything else, but sit and write. 

That’s something you can read and comprehend intellectually, but you won’t know what I’m talking about until you experience it yourself. It’s like trying to describe butterflies in your stomach or love at first sight or intuition. You just know it. 

All I’m saying is that it is hard to really grasp some of the Abraham concepts when she’s explaining something that almost can’t be put into words. It’s also hard because she’s talking about a level of vibration that most of us have never consciously experienced in our lives as adults. 

So I know it can be frustrating and confusing and overwhelming and all of that! I do. 

But that’s also why I’m so focused on finding a way to make it easier to understand or apply for people. 

It’s such a desperate feeling wanting things to change in your life and not know how. Again, trust me, I know! 

Right now, I feel I’m on the burst of a huge manifestation that will be very evident to even non-believers. So before that happens, I have to give credit to all my teachings and learnings because I think it’s harder to believe someone when they just seem lucky. Like wouldn’t it be so much more helpful to get in people’s head before they become successful? I’ve always wanted that. That’s why I don’t read biographies. I feel like it’s not the same when you look back at your life, but you can really feel where people are when you read the lyrics in their music or the poem they wrote when they were going through the situation. 

So I’m writing this on June 11, 2021 when I have no job, no steady income flow, no car actually because I left mine in Texas where my family lives, and yet right now, I am thrilled, satisfied, blessed, over joyed, and I feel abundant and so happy I’m crying. I’m literally teary-eyed writing my emotions. 

I don’t really want to talk about the details of my situation right now because I feel like it’s irrelevant to the manifested version I have already created vibrationally. I also feel like for whatever reason, I have the inclination to make it seem worse than it is. I think because we love the rags to riches story, don’t we? But I’ve already done that. I’ve shared with ya’ll my story. I had to add a ya’ll because if you read my story, you know I’m from Texas (here’s the link if you’re curious).

So, I am blessed, I have properties, I have investments, I have a savings account, I can get cash if I need to. I simply don’t have a steady income stream right now, and that’s something that I’ve always leaned on. I’ve never not had a job. I started working at age 14, so the awareness of that is there, yet I have this calm sense of knowing that everything I want is coming to me and I don’t know how. 

The checklist you’re about to read, for the first time ever in this right now moment, I can honestly check it all off. Just right now, and that’s all that matters. 

When my manifestation is in physical form, I will absolutely tell you. What is so crazy about being in this state is that again for the very first time ever, I don’t have this nagging feeling of wanting to know when and how because it just feels like a done deal. 

The reason I said “luxury” of explaining my current situation fully is because part of manifesting is maintaining the energy of what is wanted, and spending as little time possible looking at what-is. What-is is old news, it’s what I created previously (which honestly I feel wonderful about right now). I’ve learned to enjoy every aspect of my life, focus on the details, on my relationship with my husband which literally feels brand new, we’re so in love. That was actually my first miracle. I’ll write all about that another time.

This all probably sounds funny because I’m trying to explain how a big manifestation is happening for me and it’ll change everything, and at the same time I’m describing how wonderful everything already is. I honestly can’t help it, but what you are witnessing is the idea of “you can’t get there from there”, you have to already be blessed if you want blessings, you have to already be in-love if you want to fall in love, you have to already be healed if you want healing, you have to already be abundant for more abundance to come. 

So I’m not lying when I say my husband and I are literally in the best place our relationship has ever been. I’m clearly focused on the good parts in my life, and that’s all I really care to talk about. 

Again, like I mentioned, maybe one day I’ll take the “luxury” to explain my current situation in full especially with finances (I mean I quit my high-paying corporate job a month ago so that’s that), but right now I’m high-vibing and nothing is worth unfocusing my energy from that even though I literally just did for 2 seconds. But notice how I’m aware of that, and I’m not going to go there further. 

I know you’re here for the checklist, but I hope that dialogue was helpful in seeing what it takes, and seeing where I’m at right now when I get “the impulse”. 

For me, the MOST grabbing moment in my Abraham watching experience was the first time I saw Esther coming out of her Abraham translation, and seeing the way she just exhaled and I could FEEL with her the exhilaration running through her body as laughter and happiness radiated out of her in a way I’ve never seen before. 

It was a livestream so it was like a 2 second clip before it faded out to the closing screen. I mean, it’s a freakin sight to see when you can find someone in that high-flying state. It’s literally the most impactful thing that has happened to me with Abraham. That’s saying a lot considering I listen so much, you’d think it would be something they said, but it truly is all about energy and feeling. It was an extraordinary embodiment of joy that just called me. I couldn’t deny its existence. 

With all that, you do have to feel your way through this process. Thinking your way is how you can get frustrated, and I know that letting go of thought feels counterintuitive for some of us who have valued our mind and thoughts our whole life. 

So, here’s what I want you to do as you read this list, notice where you hesitate and focus there, clean up your beliefs or thoughts that are preventing you from fully checking off the item. 

Here we go! 

This ALL must be TRUE if you are really manifesting your desires: 

  1. You fully understand the raw essence of what you want. (For example, you want the money because you want freedom or security or ease.)
  2. You know exactly what that essence feels like in your body. 
  3. You can see yourself having what you want right now. 
  4. You feel elated at the thought of this happening 
  5. You feel satisfaction solely with holding the thought of what you want even if it doesn’t happen
  6. You are detached from actual results or outcome because the feeling you have right now is worth just holding the idea of it 
  7. What you want is a win-win situation for everyone involved 
  8. What you want is true to you and a complete and full version of what you want (not diluted by opinions of others, proving worthiness, or a lesser version of what you actually want) 
  9. You believe it is actually possible for you to have what you are asking for 
  10. You don’t actually need this manifestation 
  11. You feel surrender to the highest and most appropriate manifestation of the essence of what you want
  12. You are ready to receive it today if it comes 
  13. BONUS: Finally, this isn’t a MUST for manifesting, but more of a knowing that you are literally in the vicinity where it is so about pop into your experience: You feel gratitude in your heart for it’s near arrival. 

Even if all of these things aren’t true for you, you are actually manifesting. Your current life is your manifestation. This list is to manifest your dreams, your ideal life, your desires! That’s what we want. 

You get what you think about. So if you’re complaining, guess what? You’ll get more of what you don’t like. So, don’t worry that you’re not a manifestor, we all are naturally. It’s just how it works – you manifested your current body, bank account balance, and quality of your relationships. You did that. Not saying it in a blaming way, but if you feel defensive, it’s probably crucial that you really understand how you can begin manifesting more of what you do want! 

Where do you begin? 

Look at the list again and circle those that aren’t true for you yet. If none of them are true, simply start from the top, and begin to do the work to get there. 

The first item is so much fun. Actually it can all be really fun. Just sit for a moment or journal and begin to let your mind flow. It’s called daydreaming and using your imagination, you used to know exactly how to do this as a child. For the first item, think about your desires and begin to dig deeper into why you want this and the feelings around it. 

If you can simply go down this list and begin to refine your thoughts and use your imagination, you’ll be living the life of your dreams in no time. 

I can’t wait to hear your thought on this, and I can’t wait to share with you what I’m currently SO grateful for right now. I want you to believe and that’s the only reason I’m sharing, for you to live a life of joy and happiness. I want that for the whole world. 

Need some resources? Obviously all things Abraham-Hicks (see my YouTube playlist, check out Abraham livestreams, or read her books!). Secondly, I highly recommend the book “Creating Money”. I’m still reading it, but there are some true gems in there for deliberate creators. Please note, I am not in any way associated or benefitting from promoting these resources. 

Best and much love, 


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