Aug 2021 Update: Cost of program is now over $7,000 USD. Someone mentioned to be a price tag of $12,000, but that might be the in-person option which recently started being re-offered. The program requirements have changed, too, including minimum 6 months of online training. Although the program continues to evolve, my experience in training and the core of the program which I explain below remains. I am due to give you all an update as an alumni. Subscribe to get notified when that’s ready. Thanks for reading! – Mayra

I am currently in training for Marisa Peer’s RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) training online. When I decided to take this training, I didn’t find many (or any) useful blogs about the training. I’m hoping to provide as much information for anyone considering the training.

First, let’s start with cost. It’s expensive. Currently, in 2020, if you pay in full it’s about $5,000 USD. If you make payments, the total is a bit higher.

However, I do think you get your money’s worth. I’ll provide you as much information in hopes that you can determine for yourself if this is right for you.

I want to add a bit more on spending money on training or anything else that improves your life like getting an assistant or help around your house, paying for a premium service for additional digital features, or therapy! We live in a world where we will pay for stuff, food, and sometimes experiences that bring us momentary joy. We’re okay with paying $100 to eat out for date night, but sometimes we won’t spend $100 on a course or workshop that can change our lives. Sometimes the things we spend money on doesn’t even bring us joy, sometimes it’s just habit or it comes from an addiction to deals, food or status.

This is the first time in my life where I’m spending money on my goals and well-being. I feel like I’m actually investing in myself, and in three short months I’ve had a complete transformation. I’ve always taken free courses or taken the free download and done things like that, but once I got serious about not letting a cost determine if I continued, I’m on another level. I’ll have to do a separate post on this, but in short, what I’ve learned is where money goes, energy flows. It’s an announcement to the universe of what I take serious, and I’m announcing that I take myself, my goals, my well-being serious. To be clear, I am not trying to convince you about doing this training, but I am telling you to consider investing in yourself whatever that means for you.

Now, back to my review on RTT training.

What is RTT training and what’s included?

  1. You”ll learn about hypnosis specifically Marisa Peer’s method for hypnosis. For licencing purposes (which is not required to perform hypnotherapy in most countries/states), her training does provide a script for other “induction” methods, but she will not cover them in-depth. I personally don’t think this is an issue as long as it works, the purpose is to get your client in a relaxed state (hypnosis), so having different “tools” here isn’t necessary.
  2. You will learn to perform a specific hypnotherapy session structure. At a high-level it’s about 1.5-2 hours long and the structure is:
    1. Get your clients to identify what they want clearly
    2. Induct them and use some deepening techniques
    3. Regress them back to at least 3 scenes to identify root cause of their issue
    4. Transform them (I’ll explain more below)
    5. Cure them with a recording filled with new suggestions that they can listen to for 21 days after the session
  3. You will learn how to “diagnose” clients quickly. She has free videos on this on Youtube or her Instagram account, but essentially, all issues come down to either feeling like (1) you’re not enough, (2) you’re different, or (3) what you want is not available to you.
  4. You will be equipped with 7 techniques to help “transform” your clients. I won’t go into depth here as I would consider this her secret sauce, but I will say, it’s not hard to understand them or learn them. However, being skilled and mastering the use of them is where I would separate amazing therapists from regular therapists. More on this later.
  5. You will be provided so many scripts that can be used for the “cure”. This is where you are giving pure positive suggestions to override old beliefs. The scripts are really good, but again here is another piece that could be a big differentiation for a therapist.
  6. You get access to all of her past masterclasses and all current/ongoing masterclasses. The cost varies on these, but you’ll get them all free as part of RTT training. They’re usually once a month on various topics that will help your personal life or knowledge as a therapist. Completing at least 50% of the masterclasses is required for certification. This will take up a lot of the training time.
  7. You can have basically unlimited RTT sessions by paring up with fellow students or graduates who are eager to practice. Of course, you will also be practicing on others, but this is free therapy which is invaluable. There is also a number of sessions you must complete that are assigned to you for certification, but from the get-go you can reach out to people on the Facebook group for sessions.
  8. There are monthly live Q&A calls with her staff as well as someone who just calls to check-in and make sure you’re all set up logistically about once a month
  9. You’ll be paired with a mentor for one-on-one questions
  10. There’s also content on hosting workshops, doing sessions virtually, setting up your business, documents for emails or intake forms for clients, and more logistical resources available.
  11. There’s tons of videos of Marissa doing full sessions on various topics as well as a plethora of scripts on almost any topic or issue.

Her training has 8 core modules. I’d even say really it’s 5 core modules within those that each cover the different parts of the session as I broke it down above. She makes it so simple, anyone can really do it. However, this is where your natural skills, commitment, and practice will really make the difference. The rest of the training is more about helping you understand how to handle different situations, seeing Marisa practice sessions, and developing you as a person.

Before I list out things to consider before doing the program, I want to call out a few things that it is not because therapists should be very self-aware and know what natural skills they have to share with the world. I’m sure most people considering this training have these skills, but just in case, I want to be clear on what the training will not do.

What RTT training is not:

  1. It cannot teach you intuition. This is the main thing that I think is crucial to being an amazing therapist. You have to be super tuned in to yourself first in order to be able to tune in to someone else. Marisa Peer’s RTT training keeps things secular to appeal to a wide audience, but I have noticed her mention things like “I like to sit close to my client so I can feel what’s going on”. She does not go into this nor do I know how she could. But to me, it’s given that there’s a vibrational element to all of this. You have to trust yourself and go where you think you should or say what you think you need to say or ask the client what comes up to you even if it doesn’t make sense logically. You can still have a good session without this, but it’s the difference between a good and a great session.
  2. Clients can feel your authenticity and the power of your words especially with the “cure” or suggestions. The training cannot change your energy, only you can do that. It’s so important to be healed, well, and in tune with the words you say. Using scripts is not the issue if your vibration matches the script. I personally always just use my intuition and own words in the suggestions. I like to have the script to glance and I allow sentences or words to pop out at me and I use them with clients that way. Words in our everyday life are simply an expression of energy, but the words are not as important as the energy you are transmitting, so it’s so important to be in alignment with the positivity of the words you use. For example, telling your client that they are absolutely loveable must come from a place of truth within you.
  3. The training shares a lot of good information about how the mind works, but it won’t and can’t change your core beliefs about humanity and our nature as human beings. The training does imply that we’re born perfect and acquire these negative beliefs. I believe this is true 100%, but it’s important for every therapist to be grounded in their beliefs about the nature of humans. More broadly, every therapist should be grounded in all their beliefs about death, suffering, and even where “solutions” can be found. All of these things are important because again the authenticity of your words will resonate when you give suggestions to your clients. To quickly touch on the location of solutions for those that are curious, I believe the answer is always within, and as therapists we’re not the answer, we are a guide to help our clients find the answer that has always been within.

To summarize, you’ll get a lot from this training. As a person with no therapeutic background, but tons of intuition, this training was perfect for me. It gave me a complete tool box to allow me to perform hypnotherapy with the natural skills I possess. It is also a journey of personal development with the amount of therapy sessions and masterclasses, you’ll finish the training more healed and better prepared to help others.

If you are considering the training, please consider the following:

  1. How much time do you have to invest? It’s a 350 hour course. I plan to complete the training within 3 months, so I’ve devoted about 3 hours a day to complete the training. You have a year to complete it, but you want to be mindful of how you learn and if you will be able to retain everything if you’re only investing a few hours a week.
  2. Do you have structure in your day to commit to the training for at least 3 months? Three months is minimum and I have not spoken to anyone else who is devoting as much time as I am to complete the training, so for many, it might be more like a 6 month or more commitment. If you currently can’t commit to a morning routine or a new habit like the gym, think about how this will be different before jumping in. I have a Time Management Workshop available on demand if you’re interested.
  3. Do you feel called to this? If the answer is yes, then do it and don’t over think it. I had no interest in anything like this prior to the day that I registered. I have a business and engineering degree and am currently working for a financial company. I had plans to build an app not do therapy, but here I am and I don’t regret a second of it. If you’re unsure, then dig in and find your “why”. And it doesn’t have to be logical. My decision was not logical at all, I didn’t even know what I would do with this certification, but I did feel called and I was tuned enough to respond. However, if you’re already in the field of therapy, maybe you should think about how this adds to your skills or business or if it does. If you’re certain about your purpose in life, make sure this aligns with that vision because it’s very specific. It’s a specific structure and session, and not really something that can be blended with anything else at least not in the same session.

For commonly asked questions about this post, check out my updated review.

To book a mini-coaching call with me, click here or check out my services page for more information.

If you have any questions, please comment below, email me at

Much love,


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97 Replies to “An Honest Review: What is Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training and What It Is Not”

  1. Thanks for the info Mayra….I have recently trained in hypnotherapy but am lacking confidence that I can deliver the results and have been considering doing RTT. I’m just not sure I can justify the cost if lots of info is the same as what I’ve just learned?!

    1. This is the only hypnotherapy training I’ve done, so I can’t speak to how it compares to other programs, but RTT does seem to be unique in getting to the root of issues and resolving them. I do group sessions which I recommend you attend to see first-hand the difference from what you’ve learned and RTT. It’s a tiny investment compared to the cost of the RTT program. My September sessions are on Confidence, so that’s actually perfect for getting you going in your hypnotherapy business! Email me if you want to chat more or ask specifics on the training

    2. Hey Catherine, the best way to know if this is something that you should become certified in, is by doing a session. I’d definitely suggest linking up with Mayra to find out her RTT options! Once you’ve experienced it, you really get an understanding of how RTT differs from traditional hypnotherapy. It’s quite different to be honest. But the RTT certification program does ask for a legal and financial commitment. So if you decide to bail out after you’ve agreed to pay for the full course, you could be dealing with legal issues afterward. So it would probably make sense to try it out on yourself first. Once you’ve done it, you’ll know whether or not this is the modality for you! Best of luck!!!

    3. Very poor student services that lull you into a false sense if customer service as it were. Cheat people out if money they don’t owe because of their poor service. She only wants your money. She also hoes in at length when the topic has been bludgeoned already! Very disappointed and suggest you look at avoiding her verbosity

  2. Hi there Mayra,

    I just ran across your website and this post because I was searching for more information and testimonials on Marisa’s RTT Certification class. I was specifically looking for investment amount and for first-hand information on whether the course was worth the investment. But, as you mentioned in your blog, I couldn’t find very much online.

    So I would like to personally thank you for posting this information online for people like me who are very interested in taking the leap, but worried that this could just be an over-glorified program with false promises. I am so excited to enroll in the certification program now! And I will definitely be reaching out to you to schedule a session!

    Thank you so much again!

  3. Hi Mayra,
    Thank you for the details and filling in the gaps that other resources leave out. Much appreciated!

  4. Hello Mayra, thank you so much for this article. What is curious for me is that after talking to the sales person who asked me many question I got a price for the full payment for USD 6950 which is much more than what you say in your article USD 5000. So I will ask them about it as I would really like to invest the money but not sure why I got different price. Thank you so much for this article. I would like to make sure the course is worth it. Eva

    1. Interesting! So they could’ve raised prices. The course seems to have risen in popularity with increased marketing. The $5K was the Pay in full price, too.

    2. Hi Eva, they definitely recently raised prices. I had inquired earlier in the year and was quoted the $5k price and again recently and the same price as you $6950. I think becuase they had to cancel their in person trainings (which were higher cost) they had to increase the online prices. Just my guess though.

      Thanks for the thorough review Mayra! Would you say you got to practice with trainers often or more just with other students? That would be my biggest concern, is getting professional feedback on my sessions and skills. Thanks again!

      1. Hi Elisa! Thanks for the confirmation on the price. There’s the regular RTT training which is mainly practice with other students plus 1:1 coaching. But the coach does not moderate your sessions, so it’s self-guided.

        There is an RTT practitioner plus hypnotherapy certification (I can’t find exact details online so wondering if it’s still offered) which does include more session coaching and “in-class” time (virtual). I don’t have too much information on the latter as I didn’t do that one.

      2. Hi Mayra, Thank you for the honest review. My thoughts are the same as Eva’s above – would I get seen enough by expert therapists and get feedback from them?
        I have just spoken to them today and the full cost with payment plan is £6732.

    3. Is this lady making way more on you people at $7K a pop than she ever did with clients, and way more than you ever will using this model? Will 98% of you even make back your $7K, ever? Good luck with that!

      1. she used to charge more than 30k a session and probably more if a celeb was flying her in, I can understand why you’d be suspicious, but this really is an amazing course, with an amazing therapy, that has amazing results – and I can testify at least for myself, that the changes and improvements I am experiencing as a student, make me excited about the changes I will be able to facilitate going forward.

      2. You can’t put a price on investing in yourself. Any therapy training is a huge personal investment and a vocation to help others.

  5. Excellent and helpful advice – which made me realise its not for me (I know there is better training out there – and definitely better value).

      1. I recently took a hypnotherapy training course and the steps you outline sound very similar to what I learned. She claims to have created RTT and that it is revolutionary and so different but I don’t see much difference based on what you described

    1. Hello Richard, have you found yet a better training in sometjing similar to RRT?, I’m interested in getting trained. Thank you

    2. Hi Richard, an interesting and nuanced response, thanks. You’ve posed an interesting question there! I’m concerned that I can barely find a critical/unbiased review of this training online, and certainly nothing in terms of academic/scientific literature. Could you suggest what better/alternative training might be? I am a lecturer with a PhD who coaches and mentors postgraduate students, and am always looking for new angles. Thanks

    3. Would you let me know who you find who offers better training than Marisa?
      That would be helpful!

  6. Thank you Mayra for your excellent review. I took the course this year and graduated in 5.5 month, studying about 3-4 hours a day, not sure how anyone can do this program in 3 month. There is so much material to work through, the MasterClasses and the Live Trainings as well as doing sessions with peers. I am redoing a lot of sections and discover so much that I ‘missed’ the first time around.
    I am a classical trained hypnotherapist, and find the Marisa Peer Method extremely efficient, much better than the ‘talk’ hypnotherapy and most often takes many sessions to get the root cause of a problem.
    I challenge anybody to find a ‘better’ training, honestly. I doubt that the price has been raised; the entire course has been updated, the Live Intensive is no longer available due to covid, I know, cause I signed up for it, so the training is different now, and I believe you can still choose from different programs. Still, you get what you pay for and this training is excellent.

  7. This was perfect! Thanks so much for taking the time to write a thorough review over RTT. I’m so ready to do it!

  8. Hi Mayra, Just want to join the others in thanking you for your review. I was just in touch with the chat line on the RTT website and was told you have to do six months minimum before you can be certified. I’m stuck in Vietnam and I’m not working so could devote more hours daily. Is it true that you can get certified after three months or sooner if you have completed the course work? Are you able to charge clients prior to gaining certification? Thanks again, Lisa

    1. Hi! Yes, that is a new requirement. Previously, the requirement was 3 months. Regarding practicing before certification, most places hypnotherapy is not a regulated industry. This means you can practice without certain credentials. But to be sure, I’d ask either the Marisa Peer team or look in your government/city/state website.

    2. Hey there Lisa, I actually am about 3 months into the program. And for the most part, there are about 350-ish hours of training that you must complete to receive your certification. So I figured that if I dedicated enough hours each day, I could complete the course within fewer months too. Theoretically, that would probably work. But they now require you (I know they’ve changed some requirements, so I’m not sure if this is how it’s always been) to complete 6 live Zoom practices with other students in the program. But they only allow you to begin this after you’ve gone through a certain amount of hours…AND you can only do 2 per month. So that alone takes 3 months. Additionally, they require you to attend 6 monthly live masterclasses that Marisa holds each month. So ultimately, you wouldn’t be able to complete this course prior to 6 months because of these monthly requirements.

      But I have enjoyed the course so far. It’s a bit less structured than other courses may be, because it allows you to complete the required pieces in a very flexible order. And a few students who prefer a more structured curriculum have expressed their disappointment in this area. However, because I have 3 children and a husband, I actually love the flexibility to work on specific areas at times that convenience me and my family’s schedule. Altogether, though it is a bit of a commitment financially, to me it is completely worth it. I have learned so much, and I am only halfway through the course! I have also had a chance to undergo the actual therapy as a client myself, and I know just how effective the methods that RTT is comprised of ARE. And I am extremely excited about being able to bring such transformational results to the world.

      1. Thanks for all the open dialogue regarding RTT. I am seriously considering investing in this class. I am a licensed, ordained Chaplain and about to be laid off as a Care/ Case Manager with a non- Profit in the Bay Area. (3 year grant to pay for my position is expiring in 30 days.) I would love to continue working Telehealth with clients if possible, and would like to know how you obtain your clients? How would I get started with this business given I am not a licensed Therapist working in a Clinic, also found out Insurance does not cover this type of therapy. – Thank you!

  9. Thanks so much for all this great information. There’s nothing better than hearing how previous graduates have found a training course and method; I really appreciate all the effort that you’ve gone to, to share your experience. 🙏

  10. I’m so excited. I literally just signed up about 30 minutes ago. I also work in business for a large Wall St firm and yet, in the last 2 years, I have changed! That world no longer suits me and for months, I’ve been looking for something more meaningful to me. And I started listening to my intuition and following the promptings. That took a bit – maybe a year or more – but I just started listening, following and then having some of the most wonderful experiences!! I had heard about Marisa for several years but have only paid for one Bashar web event this year. I tried to see Abraham Hicks one year but it didn’t work out. But I digress. I was watching You Tube and another ad for Marisa but on this day, it felt so right to click and watch. And I resonated with it like nothing before. I’m so excited! I’m 58 years old – who would think at this point I’d change literally everything but I have and it has been wonderful. I look forward to meeting all new people and starting on this new journey.

    1. I love this! You’re on the right track. This is exactly how you should feel. This is how you know you’re on track, aligned, tuned in, tapped in, turned on! Best wishes to you.

  11. Hi Mayra, thank you so much for this honest review and information. It’s exactly what I’m looking for! I am considering a career change and of course wary of investing a lot of time and money into something that may be unfeasible in the end. But it seems like this could be a workable career. Do you mind if I ask you how long it took you to build up a solid client base, enough to make an income? This is the element I am most concerned about I guess – supporting myself if I choose to leave my other career. Thanks a lot!

  12. Extremely helpful post, thank you so much for sharing, I really felt this so truthful an honest, love the way you explain it, thank you!

  13. Thank you so much for your blog. I am just in the process of signing up for this course and really appreciate your honest viewpoint. It has settled my mind that this is definitely the course for me. Kind regards michaela

  14. Hello,

    Thanks for the review of Marissa’s course. It sounds intriguing but right now I would be interested in doing self transformation with the course. Do you think this is possible…to take the information and just apply it to myself..?

    Many thanks for the help.


    1. Hey Pat! Yes, absolutely especially since you’ll have access to other trainees who can give you sessions.

      However it’s probably cheaper to pay for sessions than take the course ($7k) just to practice on yourself. But there’s absolutely a different level of growth when you are not only receiving, but giving the sessions.

      The training will be part of your personal growth for sure.

  15. How do I find someone, either her or someone whose gone through this training so I can first go through the experience myself?I have a lot of blocks, and have been through therapy and am very self aware yet I still struggle with standing up for myself, food addiction, and true confidence. I love myself to the degree possible when these toxic roots are there, and I would love to be involved in this type of path in helping others. I have taken some counselling courses that really helped me get to a better place but ive now hit a wall. Before I take training I my head space to be rewired on a stronger path.

    1. Thank you for your post on RTT. I was considering it along with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (same principles) and was curious to find out why it was so expensive (extra certification perhaps) but when I realised it was down to a recent increase of 40% (from $5000 to $6950) it did not sit well with me at all, especially in this current situation, a small increase would be acceptable but not 40%, so I decided against it. Great postings though!

  16. Hi Colleen, happy to help. I currently have a confidence program that you can join (see services page) or we can chat about a one on one session. Marisa also has a “Find a Therapist” program where they can connect you with someone to do a session. Either way, great idea to try it yourself to see if you see changes and it’s something you feel called to do.

    Best of luck,


    Ps. My email is if you want to connect ❤️

  17. If you want to give yourself a favor DO NOT ENROLL in this program .
    It is not well structured . I live in the USA.
    The program itself is questionable . It does not work . It might work for marissa, but not for most people .
    They do not have a phone number or people to reach out to , if you have a question .
    I enrolled . They enrolled me in a wrong course ( more expensive ) . They said I signed a contract( I never did ) . I never had a welcome call . Sent multiple emails my first months with lack of prompt response . There is always different people answering and only through your email and delayed response . They said they have mentors. I never spoke with one and the live classes times are never available for somebody working full time in the US . Due to time difference.
    I am not longer part of the program , because is terrible organize and unprofessional. I filed a complaint with BBB. I asked for my refund and to for them to stop asking for more money , since I am not longer in the program .
    They refused it . It is an scam trying to get your money . I spoke to some of other people who were in the program and happened the same thing . They don’t want to refund them the money and the program does not work .
    Look for a better and more professional course to help people . Not this one . They will say you signed a contract when you didn’t . Be careful . That happened to me .
    I asked them to sent me the contract and of course,I didn’t get it yet.
    DO NOT ENROLL in this program. Help your friends and let them know about this scam .
    I enrolled the program with optimism and positivity about being able to learn new skills to help people – I was WRONG . I am so disappointed about the program and I can’t believe Marissa Peers is part of this situation . I enrolled because she seems very professional and kind person on her advertisement.
    The reality is that I don’t know, if it is her team or her who are so unkind and professional .
    I had accept for them to not refund me my money . But they should not try to make me paid for the rest of a course that I am not part of any longer . I didn’t even signed a contract, have a welcome call , live classes or mentor .
    The harassment is so disturbing and mentally draining .

    1. Wow, I was considering this training, but after reading this comment I am a bit skeptical, I actually was skeptial from the beginning because most of the people who I have spoken with are from India, I am not sure why? Plus I keep getting bombarded with so many emails to the point that the whole idea loses its magic and purpose to becomes more of a fast money marketing strategy, it is weird, I guess I will have to rethink this idea and also search for better options.

      1. I feel the same about their aggressive emails & seemingly “magical marketing” strategy. I never had a call with them but they emailed me saying that I was qualified to start. I think its the business team, not Marisa..

    2. Thank you for sharing your experience. I was considering taking up the RTT course after I heard about it in a leadership course I am pursuing. First, I was disappointed by the limited information provided on their website. I should not have to speak to an advisor to get basic information such as cost cost and the modules however I overlooked this and made an appointment with an advisor to understand more about the course. On the call, I was not given any information about the course but rather probed on how much earn which I found intrusive and unprofessional. The representative went on to mention that people from ‘my part of the world’ (third world country), normally do not have well paying jobs and basically live from pay check to pay check plus the currency conversion basically often cannot afford. I was so shocked by the ignorance, offensiveness and blatant racism. First of all, inability to afford is not country specific, second there are LOTS of people from Africa that can afford, third, how about you tell me the course content and I decide whether it is worth my money. For a course of this nature, I expect the correspondents to have some emotional intelligence and educate yourselves on economies and people skills before you communicate with prospective clients.

      Maybe this course is good, I will never know because I would not consider taking the discussion forward with such offensive, ignorant and racist people.

      1. I am almost 100% exactly the same experience, with the ” wonderful Michael”, this guy doesn’t have a basics of how to connect with another human being. Unbelievably unintelligent, rude and extremely private questions ( I felt this was an interrogation) I had to justify why I moved countries and why I didn’t enroll in their program years before, because stupid me mentioned I once asked them a question online!! If these people represent the company and mentality behind, all I can say is SCAM!! RUN!!!

      2. It’s not racist is just lack of knowledge and personal culture. I’m from a “poor European” country and get the same answer as you.

    3. Thank you for sharing and being honest. I have never enrolled, thank god, I had the ” booked call”, the sells person – Michael sth was unbelievably pushy, he firstly read a long script of how great Marisa is and how many rewards she’s gotten, that went on for like 30 min, then interrogation started – very personal questions, how much money I make – according to Michael they need to know that. I felt physically sick after having this awful “interview”. Can anyone answer this question: what are Marisa Peer’s qualifications? In one of her videos she said she had a 10- day hypnotherapy course back in the 80’s. Absolutely ridiculous, she only ” became someone after continuous Mindvalley advertisement propaganda. Ridiculous.

    4. I enrolled and had a very similar experience. They changed their terms and conditions while i was still in my first 6 months. They said either you accept or you are out, no money back. They sell it to you like you can be a therapist, but even if you pay the whooping 8000 dollars they wont certify you even as a RTT therapist, for that you need to pay another 12000 dollars for a live experience. THIS IS A SCAM run with your money, buy yourself a car idk. They never give you a contract, you have no copies of anything. No one knows RTT you cant get clients and even if you could you can’t attend to them because you are not “CERTIFIED” even after completing the course fully. And honestly it’s just some regular online course, videos some pdf, the “secret method” and a few massive online exercises. I FEEL SO BETRAYED I was a full on fan when I enrolled. to me Marisa Peer couldn’t do no wrong. I still hold on hope she doest know about the shitty business practices her company is involving itself into.

  18. I was also considering going on this course – I’m in my mid forties, a single parent with an 11yr old son with ASD. I’m currently unemployed so don’t really have a lot of money, but have been working in the social sector (various roles, YOT, Modern Slavery, SEN teaching, Mentor, Health & Wellbeing, etc.) for the past 10yrs. Initially I’m attracted to this as it feels like a calling – however – truly worried about signing up now as worried as to how to pay for course (I have a little in savings) after reading the above – really not in a position to spend the little that I have willy nilly – any advice/ideas?

    1. Gemma, there’s no reason to rush into a training like this. Sounds like it’s not the right time and that’s OK! If in doubt, I would say wait and maybe let it go. If you continue to be called to this, you’ll know it.

  19. Wow!! I literally just discovered RTT today after a long rabbit hole of researching alternative therapies for PMDD. I am also an engineer working for a financial company. And I am a highly intuitive and empathic person drawn to spiritual practices, but feeling called to something grounded for practical healing. So just wanted to say hi and thanks for sharing. I definitely don’t think it’s a coincidence I found you today.

  20. I am curious if the course covers practical business advice, ideas, potential niches, marketing strategies, guidance on what is appropriate to charge for a session, etc. Although it would not be the sole reason for taking the course, no doubt most hope to earn income from plying their trade, newly mastered skill sets.

    1. Hi there David, I’m a recent RTT graduate. There is a nice, in-depth training that you have access to once you’ve become a Licensed RTT Practitioner called Building a Busy Practice. It is comprised of several modules and has a nice variety of tools and marketing techniques/strategies there that you are able to apply once you are ready to launch your business. Plus, you have access to join the Building a Busy Practice Facebook Group where you are able to speak to fellow RTTers and ask specific questions about all types of programs, apps, marketing techniques, etc. And I must say, the RTT community is super welcoming and is extremely responsive to any questions posted. Now, do make note that this is an International Training course that is headquartered in UK. So, some techniques and strategies work better in some countries than in others. Just bare that in mind moving forward. But I have personally found so much value in the BABP training and FB group! I have learned techniques that I never would have thought of on my own.

      Hope this helps!

  21. Hello, could you use the training to create material for a niche online evergreen program? Or is this work meant to be done in live group sessions and/or one-to-one in person?

    1. Hi Christina! I use it for on demand content, and so does Marisa Peer! It works. Of course, a one on one session would be very specific to an individual and there would be back and forth, but the method can be used in on demand content.

  22. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    It is not the experience of everyone.
    I did some research on RTT after being approached by several ex-students.

    Everyone should be aware of publication of The Sunday Times article:

    Get yourself a copy. Even it is behind a paywall. It will save you a lot of money. And heartache – for you and others.

    Some excerpts from the article (published under fair use)

    Marisa Peer, who promotes rapid transformation therapy as a miracle cure, has sold thousands of training courses on the premise that it can fix a series of ailments in one session

    By Shanti Das

    Sunday May 02 2021, 12.01am, The Sunday Times

    “…. the claims made for RTT are not supported by evidence and have prompted warnings from NHS England and the government amid rising demand for mental health services. The Advertising Standards Authority is also looking into claims on Peer’s website, including one that conditions such as depression and anxiety can be “permanently overcome” in one to three sessions.”

    “Professor Paul Salkovskis, director of Oxford Health NHS Centre for Psychological Health, and professor of clinical psychology at Oxford University, said he was “agog” at claims the therapy could cure complex mental illness rapidly, which he described as “morally wrong”.

    He said: “The idea there is a single point, this crucial moment that everything stems from, is nonsense. In terms of the current understanding of psychological problems like anxiety and depression … it has absolutely no foundation in what we understand about these problems.”

    “Morally wrong” – from a highly respected Professor of Clinical Psychology, Paul Salkovskis.

  23. This is a recent article about Marissa Peer and RTT which is highly NOT recommended by NHS, Department of Health, BACP and Professors at a range of Universities in Psychology. You may want to reconsider what training you invest in if this is what is going around. It is rather worrying and it’s not just good enough to say it’s misunderstood, these are the experts in their field and they do not approve. It’s hard enough promoting your business these days without it also gaining a bad reputation. Get a free trial or really cheap trial as that’s the way to read the full comprehensive article.

    1. Good post and link Georgina. RTT’s current aggressive marketing must throw up a few red flags, surely. I am a PhD holder – not that this means anything – but nevertheless, I’d expect someone with the grand claims of Marissa Peer, to have some academic qualifications/evidence/publications behind her. But there’s nothing there. Caveat emptor.

  24. Hi! Anyone interested to give me an RTT session in exchange of a Coaching+ Sound Healing/energy work?
    I would like to train in RTT and would like to experience a session first. Let me know!

    Also, I spoke to a consultant today as I was interested to do the in person training. He says it is 11000US. What do you think about it? Thank you!

  25. I have not been able to find any peer reviewed evidence for the efficacy of RTT. In regard to the scientist practitioner model, it is crucial that efficacy be demonstrated for a psychological intervention, especially if claims are being made that the said intervention has greater efficacy than stand-alone CBT, hypnotherapy, or any other modality. As far as levels of evidence go, testimonials are simply not enough.

    1. I believe any alternative method will have very little scientific or data-based proof of efficacy. That’s just how it works in a world that is very heavy in “traditional western medicine”. I’m not sure that’s enough reason to dismiss its effectiveness

      1. I’m not dismissing effectiveness per se, but questioning the bold unsubstantiated claims that are being presented. For example, the claim that ‘RTT® goes deeper and gets results faster’ would need to be substantiated with sufficient evidence. This would involve answering a number of research questions such as:
        What do you define as ‘deeper’?
        How does it go ‘deeper’ than other modalities?
        How much ‘faster’?
        Is it faster for everyone or merely a subset of the sample?
        Is efficacy comparable across a wide range of conditions?
        Is the long term efficacy comparable to other modalities post treatment?

      2. There is no data-based efficacy of RTT. I’ve researched it. I have a PhD. Not that makes me judge and juror of RTT. But I think a healthy sceptism to its claims are advisable.

      3. What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence. Don’t drop your guard! Amen!

      4. Well, Anonymous (great name, BTW!).
        If there’s no [in your words] ‘scientific or data-proof of efficacy’, does that make it an ‘alternative method’? I would suggest not.
        It’s therefore, at best subject to further scrutiny. You mention ‘traditional Western medicine’. It seems pretty good to me! As a PhD holder, I’ll pass on the ‘alternatives’ for my kids and me!

    2. Hi Mary Ann. I am a lecturer with a PhD who coaches and mentors postgraduate students, and am always looking for new angles. Like you, I can’t find any peer-reviewed evidence this therapy works and better than more grounded approaches.

  26. I am almost ready to pull the trigger and start this but I am apprehensive of paying over the phone with a credit card. How did you pay, when you enrolled?

    1. Hi Somya! The program was set up differently when I joined. I actually never spoke to anyone on the phone and was able to pay directly on the sales page. There are SO many people who have paid over the phone now I’m pretty sure it’s very secure.

    2. I just talked to MP’s team. So while you are enrolling on the phone, they can send you an email with a link that you can open in an incognito tap so that your informations can be safe, while they guide you through the online process of paying for the course. I also would feel very discomfortable giving my paying information over the phone, so that is not going to happen ! 🙂

  27. the certification is valid just for a year! and only for RTT environment. Not as a certified certification. This lady knows how to make business. Good for her!

  28. Marissa Peer and her ‘training’ is feeding off people’s need for a quick fix and that’s really sad and moreover disturbing. This is not an evidence based approach. Her creditials are questionable at best.

    1. I agree Audra. I have a PhD, and don’t find much substance in her work. I made enquiries about her course, and when I challenged the telesales person on this, she put the phone down on me! Nice!

  29. Thank you for posting this Myra.

    I have just started the course and have had some trouble logging into a VCT session and am receiving no response from various emails and there is no number to call.

    Are you able to advise a contact for me to resolve the issue?

    It’s very sad that I have to resort to asking you but unfortunately, without a response in weeks on emailing I’m at a loss as to what to do now.

    With Thanks

  30. Thank you, I felt intrepidation beginning this coarse because of the fact that although $6000 is a lot of money ,the fact that they would add another $2000 if you could not afford it sounded scammy, because most people don’t happen to have that much lying around even for education.

  31. Wow. You have so many comments I couldn’t find where to write. Anyway, I didn’t read the whole post but thanks, it was informative. You sound like you’re well on your way. Good luch and God speed.

  32. I am having RTT therapy. Over the years I have tried different types of therapy. None has worked but RTT has been very effective. I am out of work and paying for my therapy, so having to go without quite a lot. But it is worth it. I am now, trying to see how I can get the money to train in RTT.
    Because it has helped me so much, I too want to help others. I don’t want others to suffer or see no light at the end of the tunnel.

    As I am having the therapy, I really can see the value in the training. I think the sceptics would too if they had received the therapy, although admittadly,. They may not actually need it.

    I have now purchased a whiteboard and making plans. on the whiteboard, I have written
    I A R. F E
    I Am Responsible (for myself only). EFF Excuses. this may not be the right choice for you, but it is what is driving and helping me.

    I am grateful to my therapist and also to Marisa Peer. Hopefully, if I do manage to train, I will do her proud but more importantly, help others to a better way of life.

  33. I entered last october, little aware of what the year had in store for me.. so I sisn’t finish within the 12 month due to very big and sad events during Covid 2021.. now I lost all my progress bars but still have to pay for a year more.. Do you know if they will allow me to finalize? I need 1-2 month to finish.. I’m disappointed they didn’t respond to my questions or requests.. looks like money are more important than people from here..

  34. Thank you Myra for the valuable information and insight. I was searching for more in depth information about RTT and you’re the only one I’ve found to give details of the course. I’m always suspicious and irritated when a company doesn’t list their prices for the public to see, so I appreciate you sharing this as I didn’t want to have to contact them in order to find this out first. I’m so glad that RTT has worked out well for you and wish you continued success.

  35. I am so disappointed to see so many people have been hurt by this scammer. I myself have been scammed by Marissa Peer and her puppets. I started the program and felt I was lost about two weeks into the training. None of my questions were answered in regard to where and how am I supposed to find clients to practice with and that I had no idea to what I was supposed to be doing in regard to watching videos as a study guide. It did not give me any clarity on how to form therapy sessions. No one was available to answer questions when needed and the mentor would only call in once a month to see how the study is going but was not knowledgeable about the course and told me she would have an assistant reach out to me to answer any questions that I may have but no one ever called to give a helping hand or explanation when I was stuck. After all, I asked about practicing on other students but that was just a dead end as well because no one gave me any answer to that either. Time was running out and I was unable to progress in the learning that after 2.5 months I felt stuck, and I was lost, so I asked to be put on hold for a year. They agreed to put my training on hold but blocked me from logging into the training and still had me making monthly payments. After realizing that I was making the payment and having no access to the training about 4 months after they agreed to put my training on hold, I just quit paying. They had people from everywhere calling on my phone and harassing me about making payment and they even had 3rd party lawyers calling my phone non-stop. This was happening 7 days a week. I had to block them and then sign a document at my bank requesting my bank to not give access to Marissa Peer or anyone connected to her as I have found them to be scammers. Something has to be done to stop these fraudsters and for all of us to get our money that we invest in their fraud program based on lies and different tac tics they’ve used to leer us in. refunded back to us.

  36. Hi, I really appreciate this post as week your recent video in YouTube. Helped me a lot to make a decision about joining the course or not. But there was one sentence that is the first time I see and really resonates with me : “ what you want is not available to you”. This feeling is a huge trigger for me that I’m working on. Could you recommend any book or piece or recommendation regarding dealing with it towards healing?
    I’ve decided the ttr is not for this moment for me. Maybe in the future once I’m finished with other investments. A big thanks to you.

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