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Now, back to the training review.

I’ve received so many wonderful emails and questions as a follow up to my review of Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) training

Can I just say I love hearing from you guys. It’s honestly the best stuff in my inbox. I love knowing where you’re from, hearing your story and what has led you to consider RTT training. If you have any further questions, send me an email at

Most of your questions revolved around the business side of RTT, essentially, what happens after you’re certified. I will also gather information from seasoned practitioners and share that in a future post for more of a 2-3 year outlook. 

Here are the common questions to Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy Training:  

Will I need additional training to actually start practicing? 

In most countries and states, there aren’t any additional requirements for you to practice hypnotherapy. Here’s a site that provides requirements at state level in the U.S. 

The RTT training is enough to begin practicing right away. You’re even required to perform 3 sessions that are peer reviewed before getting certified in addition to completing at least 10 sessions on your own which you keep track of. As far as readiness for helping people, I feel fully equipped with only RTT training. If you read my previous post, you know I have a business/technology/engineering background, so I’m comfortable with clients and am absolutely getting results using only what I was taught through RTT. 

What you’ll find is that you’ll likely niche to the areas you’re most comfortable with. For example, I work a lot with confidence, sleep, career success, self-sabotage, etc. But there are individuals who are doing PTSD or fertility. All of those experiences are likely unique to the practitioner and their background. So you will feel ready to tackle the areas you are comfortable with. 

Can you be an RTT Practitioner full-time?

When I was a child thinking about what I wanted to do when I grew up, I imagined my day-to-day life. Immediately, I knew I didn’t want to be in a hospital or school everyday. That’s how I knew as a very young age, I would work in an office and go into business of some kind. Even now as I explore new ventures, I imagine my day-to-day life and I encourage you to do the same. 

For some reason I did not do this before joining RTT training. I don’t think I even thought of doing it full-time, I just wanted some tools to be able to help people and that is exactly what I have now. I can help people address almost any personal issue.  

I am not a full time RTT practitioner. It’s not what I want to do full time. I do enjoy it, but I simply can’t see myself in sessions all day. The sessions are two hours of your intense focus, passion, and energy. The feeling I get after a session is amazing! It’s truly the best thing I do. However, my goal is to have a large impact, and I am looking at options beyond one-on-one sessions.  

So, as far as doing it full-time, yes, you can do it if you want to. Consider how many sessions you want to schedule into a week, and then multiply that into how much you plan to charge to see if it makes sense for you. 

How much money can I make? 

I recommend two sessions per day (max) to maintain your balance and ensure you are recharging your batteries between sessions. You can charge anywhere from $100 to $1000 per session, but the latter is unlikely unless you have a high-demand niche like fertility or weight loss with a record of outstanding results. But even then, you might want to offer a package which should include a bit of a discount per session. 

The common price range for a single Rapid Transformational Therapy session is about $200 to $400 per session. 

I have heard therapist express that they have clients complain about prices, and thus, some therapists are offering $100 sessions. I think that is too low for what the client is getting. I understand not everyone can afford RTT, but I wouldn’t lower my price for anyone because as Jen Sincero says, you then have everyone operating at a lower frequency. That’s because you’re feeling devalued or less than, and they’re feeling cheap. It’s not good for anyone. You can always offer scholarships or have some sort of non-profit arm of your business if you are trying to support underserved or low-income communities. 

Can I build a business?

In order to build a scalable business, you do have to do more than one-on-one RTT sessions; otherwise, you’ve simply just created a job for yourself not a business. 

Some ideas include combining coaching, building a program, creating digital courses, writing a book, hosting group RTT sessions, providing pre-recorded hypnotherapy, blogging, social media, or public speaking. 

I am at the beginning stages of this, so I’ve reached out to RTT therapists who have built a business, and I’ll share that in an upcoming post. I’m very excited to hear from others, and I hope you are too. Comment below or subscribe to get notified when I share this information.

How do you find clients? 

This is the key question. You do have to find your own clients. 

There is an option to enroll in Marisa’s FAST (Find a Therapist) group, but you have to meet certain criteria including being a therapist for some time (over a year). You also agree to her fee structure. The Marisa Peer staff explain this option as a way to fill-in available gaps in your schedule, so it’s not an alternative to a full practice on your own. 

The free options to get clients include social media, referrals, friends, family, and through events or speaking engagements. I’ve had success with all of those, but success is relative as I’m not full-time and don’t want to be. So my time investment and effort right now is low, but I have a nice consistent flow of leads and RTT sessions. 

What we offer as RTT practitioners is valuable. It’s simply how you sell it, how much you’re willing to invest (time and money) and where you want to focus your niche. 

For those looking to really ramp up, you obviously need to be more strategic and invest more time in your social media, blogs, and consider spending money in marketing and ads. Personally, I would never spend marketing dollars until (1) I have mastered my message through the free channels, and (2) I fully understand “funnel” principals for converting prospects to clients.

There’s a course that’s provided as part of the RTT training once you meet certain requirements called Build a Busy Practice (BABP). I started that training and felt like it was some of the same information I’ve been getting with other business/internet marketing training like One Funnel Away Challenge (OFA). However, OFA is so intense and the amount of information is overwhelming, so compared to ClickFunnel’s OFA challenge, Build a Busy Practice was super basic information for getting a business started like website, SEO, etc. BABP is probably more helpful for a beginner rather han an expert or someone who already has a business or marketing background.  

Side Note: If you just want business or internet marketing type training (for those who already have a coaching business or therapy background/training), I do recommend OFA Challenge hosted by ClickFunnels. It’s $100 which is a steal for the value. Again, the amount of information is extensive. I got frustrated with the amount of information and trying to keep up with the challenge, but what I learned has helped me understand the keys to getting clients. Yes, they will get you to try their platform (ClickFunnels, ScriptFunnels, etc.) and upsell you (c’mon, they’re a marketing genius company and practice what they preach), but you don’t have to buy in and you will learn a ton regardless. Just take the learnings and do what makes sense for you. If you use my affiliate link, I will get commission without any additional cost to you. Email me if you have questions on this.  

Is this a virtual job or in-person? 

For me, everything from the training to client sessions have all been virtual. There used to be face-to-face training. I think that’s all up in the air right now with COVID. In the past, these were separate training methods so you were either on the online path or in-person path which still included some online courses. So they are separate tracks. 

All of my hypnotherapy sessions are through Google Meet, Zoom, or Facetime. There is no issue for me here. Clients love the virtual option and I’m able to help people from all over the world. Again, I’ll try to get more input from other therapists who have had to transition from an in-person practice to virtual practice for a broader perspective. 

How long do I have access to the materials? / Is there ongoing costs? 

You have access to the materials for one year. 

After that, there’s a monthly subscription to maintain access to training and to use the RTT trademark. This was $30 per month when I enrolled. I don’t think that’s changed, but not 100% sure as I’m still within my 12 months.

Is this right for me? 

Depends on your why. 

If you’re looking for a money-making option and the ability to work from home, there are easier and much more affordable options that require less upfront investment. Let’s be honest, this training costs a lot. 

So you should do this if it feels right. Simple as that. 

Again, you can’t use logic too much because how many people are wildly successful because they trusted their gut even though everyone said they’re crazy? Or how many people are living a shadow version of themselves because they’re waiting for approval from everyone or for some supernatural event to occur? 

At some point, you have to trust yourself and then line up with your decision. 

Why? Because there’s actually no right answer. 

The universe will support you no matter what you choose. Unless you’re on the fence. The universe can’t really do too much with that. Like my favorite teacher (Abraham Hicks) says, “make a decision, and line up with it”. 

If you’re having a hard time tuning in, simply imagine how you would feel if you said yes. Sit with it, visualize it, etc. Then do the same if you lined up with not doing this. Which one feels better?

Final Thoughts

I think anyone who is committed to making this a full-time career can make it happen – it’s that good and there’s so many people who need it. However, like starting any business, it’s hard. 

But it is so regardless of the training, education or certifications you have. Many people have learned this the hard way after getting multiple degrees and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

It’s really about feeling truly aligned to do this (and anything else you’re pondering) in your core, and having an unwavering commitment to make it happen. 

So, yes, you can be wildly successful without this. This is not a deal-breaker for you. 

I know that if you’re reading this blog, and considering something like this, you care a lot. You want to help people. You are kind, and the world needs more of you. All of that is true. 

So, trust me when I say, you will be fine. There is no wrong choice. 

Be easy about it. Tune in. The answer is within. 

Comment below or reach me at

Much love, 


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24 Replies to “Update! Marisa Peer Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Training Commonly Asked Questions”

  1. I am so happy and thankful that you have taken the time to make such an informative blog taken the time with consideration, to answer each inquiry. You have answered all of my questions so far, but just a couple more. So, when you’re complete, you will be a certified Hypnotherapist? Grads are able to call themselves a therapist when done? `I’m excited about this field. I worked as an assistant to a Biofeedback practitioner many years ago and it was fascinating work. Getting to watch someone being regressed to childhood to uncover the “why” was simply amazing. Thank you again for you time and effort to have everyone feel more comfortable about the program. I wish you much success with your businesses.

  2. Dear Mayra,

    RTT speaks volumes to me… I’m from Romania so here the cost effort is huge…my questions for you are: will I be able to work in my own language? help my people as well? and for same cost of minimum 200$ ? Or the cost is based on country as well? And will there be coaching on all the facets of starting this business? or only online material?

  3. I can’t tell you how valuable this was! I’ve been struggling to find my path and you’ve provided so much to think about here, beyond just whether to take the RTT training. The information about the training is really helpful. However, my biggest takeaway from reading this is that the universe isn’t going to tell me what to do, I just have to make a decision. I knew that but had totally forgotten it, lol.

  4. i appreciate all the details. I took an NLP course bakc in 2014. I passed the exam and am an NeuroLinguistic Practaitioner. However, I was not able to continue with practicing on others or get any business guidance because my instructor closed his business and left his students stranded. I was and am so very enthusiastic about NLP because I saw what it could do to help others out of their internal termoil. I also saw the importance of handeling any emotional issues that crop up in clients as a result of managing their new emotional state. I feel unequipted to handle such issues. I am looking for a cohesive program that will support it’s students. I was quoted an RTT price of $7,500. It’s very expensive while out on unemployment. I am gathering all the information I can get. Thank you for offering your experiences and insight.

  5. Thank you for all your efforts to help all of us thinking about doing this for a living. You spoke so highly of the program, I believe I have made my decision to move forward. I even figured out what my niche would be. Hoping I can do this with groups so I can help more people faster.

    1. That’s amazing Dianne! If you didn’t have anyone else refer you to RTT, feel free to share my name with the program team. Xxx Agree, group sessions are amazing!

  6. Thank you so much for taking the time to share such a detailed review. This is an expensive course and, in some way, rather controversial also. But then again, whenever something new creates disruption, the competition never shows favour.
    You have answered so many questions and helped me gain clarity
    Thank you once again.

  7. Wow, I’m so happy you took the time to go into all the details that you did about this course.
    I am just about to enrol for it tomorrow and I feel so excited:).
    I was a bit on the fence about a few things but I found it here…thank you so much.


    1. Hi Indi, I hope you’re great! Could you please tell me what’s the current price for the program please? I’ll be very grateful! Bye!

      1. Today (10/17/23) I was quoted a price of $9750. If you take the payment plan option it’s $10,490.

  8. Thank you for your in-depth review of RTT Training. I am very excited about this Program. One question I have is do you know if this Therapy can work on Past Life Transgression? I am so interested in that. Please let me know.

    1. Hi Barbara, Marisa does one MasterClass on Past Life Regression. This is not her focus at all, but she takes the class through it so you can see how it’s done.

  9. Does the cost of this course have to be paid up front or does the program have any type of payment plan options?

  10. Oh thank you so much for your detailed blog, I truly appreciate all that you wrote it really helped to put this training in perspective for me and reading your blog raised many great points to consider. I’ve been pondering about this training and all that it offers, now I have an even clearer idea what it entails; what it will take. I know looking at the business side of it for me right now feels a bit overwhelming, definitely not an area I am savvy at (like yourself). Btw and Fyi, the price now in 2023 is about $10K for on On-Line track and another $5K for Live 5 days event with Marisa. Definitely it’s a good investment amount not to mention additional funds to set up the business image and the on-going fees to keep the business afloat. I am grateful for your insights 🙂

  11. I enjoy your blog.I have recently signed up for the live online in the United States. They mentioned that I could upgrade to life in person in time if I choose to, but I should probably start doing the online first. I’m still confused about the difference of.a RTT therapist and RTT practitioner being the therapist in in person. if you sign up for the online and then you upgrade you will get a discount but I’m told that mines more accredited (I could’ve heard wrong) . I want to make sure I’m in the right training program and or upgrade for in person now. the only difference I see is in the wording of the career guide are for “therapist” vs “ practioners” it’s a few countries to be recognized in or accredited for I believe. obviously the opportunity of being in front of her meeting her in person live alone is worth the upgrade clearly. Do you have an opinion about that. I hope that made since. Best, Tracie

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