I hate the word “compromise”. It feels like a chipping away of myself.

I’ve learned that a relationship is really about the relativity of the people engaged, and the universe’s tendency to always go back to a perfect balance of yin and yang. So in that sense, compromise doesn’t make sense as much as simply exploring the relative position of yourself compared to your partner.

We also know that everything is ever-changing – our body, mind, and spirit, so then we’re left with the decision of where and how we will evolve. This is the journey of conscious or unconscious living. You can change and evolve as a reaction to others, or you can be the intentional creator – moving yourself and thus, moving everything else around you in relativity.

This sounds a bit theoretical, but watch the video as it provides a super simple way to think about all of this.

Girl Chat Video on Relationships and Compromise

Things to try with the relationship in your life:

  1. Notice how different you are now than a year ago, five years ago, and ten years. Accept that you are an ever-evolving being, that it is inevitable for you to change.
  2. Now, in this fluid and open state, think about the issue in your relationship.
  3. Tell yourself, “I am willing to see this differently” and try to understand the viewpoint and worldview of the other person. Get curious and maybe ask some questions when you next see them to understand more.
  4. Ask yourself, “Who do I need to become for the ideal person or behavior I desire to exist?”
  5. Identify some small actions or words you can use to step into that role.

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