Everyone from medical professionals to spiritual gurus tell us to meditate, but have you ever wondered why? I definetly did. I wanted to know what was happening when we meditate that made it so beneficial.

In short (spoiler alert), we meditate to reduce resistance. Another way to say it is to surrender or let go. It’s a tool to help us in our unlearning process where we practice dissassociation with out habitual thoughts.

In this video I describe how different meditation types help us essentially acheive the same thing. I also explain why frustration is not only common, but can be a sign of how your meditation practice may be counterintuitive to what you’re trying to acheive.

I hope this information helps other beginners like me come into their mediation practice with the right expectations (or lack thereof) and encourages some to try it for the first time or maybe keep going even if they feel nothing.

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