Latinos are beautiful
Latinos are kind
Latinos are powerful

If we could raise a generation that truly believed this…

If we could believe this for ourselves even just a little bit…

If we could help just one other person discover this truth for themselves…

…there would be a full 180 degree change on the entire planet. Everything would be different. Everything would improve.

Because in reality, as a human race it is evident that this is not who we think we are at our core. And we will always behave according to who we think we are.

So, somebody just needs to show us, be an example at a broader level, what behaving under these understandings might look like. And why not let it be us? Why not let it be you? (Regardless if you’re Latino or not)

When you read statements like this, something deep within might be yelling “yess!”. If it’s your soul, it will never yell and it will never assert. But it is always still and firm in its knowing of your true essence.

So it might just feel like a deep knowing in a still and whispering way that this might be true for you.

The more we are aligned with the true essence of our being (call it the soul, Holy Spirit, inner being, higher self or otherwise), the less resistance we will feel on a day to day basis. How do you know when you’re aligned? By the way you feel.

You know you are in alignment when you feel excited, when you feel your heart skip a beat, when you want to dance, when you’re doing what you love, when you feel joy, when you’re in flow, and when you can feel your heart expanding of happiness or gratefulness.

Isn’t that what we all want?

So just consider that when you have moments when you don’t feel good enough or pretty enough or worthy enough….

or when another isn’t behaving the way you want them to and you’re angry…

that perhaps your soul might feel different about you, different about the situation, and different about the other person.

This isn’t about right or wrong. This is about perspective. This is specifically about the viewpoint of love.

What if our soul is pure love?

Hypothetically, imagine your toddler daughter accidentally stubbing your toe. Now think about a random stranger in the store doing the same with their shopping cart. Let’s say no one here said sorry.

What is your reaction in each situation?

Does it depend?

….on your relationship and maybe your deep love for one of the individuals?

Your inner being sees you the way a parent might see their toddler. It’s love. And what the child does (whatever it might be) isn’t wrong, they sometimes don’t know better or from their limited perspective they think what they’re doing is right. Sometimes they also just make a mistake, a little “oopsie”.

The wise parent will never say “you’re so stupid”, “you always do that”, “you’ll never get it right”.

Of course not. There’s compassion and mercy.

The soul sees you the same way; however, it will never lose its temper or fail you in any way, so there really isn’t a high and whole enough human comparison to the perspective and the perfect love of the soul.

To live a more peaceful life, a more exciting life, a happy life: simply consider your souls perspective.

Be open to seeing things differently; Be open to seeing others differently; Be open to seeing yourself differently.

Now, ask your soul:

• Am I beautiful?

• Am I kind?

• Am I powerful?

You’ll know by the way you feel what your soul thinks about that.

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