In various ways by different teachers and methods, I’ve been reading about dreams.

It’s such a mystery what actually happens while we sleep, but I believe it is good, it is necessary, and somehow it connects us to the unseen (and sometimes unknown) part of us.

I know for sure we reset and recharge every night as we sleep. As a hypnotherapist, I know that the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase of sleep is similar to what we do in hypnosis. But now, I’m learning that sleep and dreams can be part of our natural built-in therapy.

At first I thought dreams maybe just had to do with what we were living and thinking about during our wake state, and because those were my beliefs, that’s what I got! Our thoughts create our reality, and our beliefs are just thoughts we keep thinking (as Abraham Hicks always says). So I couldn’t get more from my dreams than what I believed was possible due to my beliefs.

However, as I opened myself up these last two days to having dreams be more than just a random mix of daytime thoughts, I told my inner self that I was open to using dreams as a therapy whatever that meant.

In my reading, I understand that this “dream therapy” could mean a nightmare in order to shock the system. Aware of the “risks”, but fully trusting my connection and foundation, I left it open to the universe to use my dreams as it will.

Instead of telling you what happened, I was inspired to write this poem.

I’ve never written a poem before.

A Foreign Place by Mayra Leen 
I had a dream 
I was in a foreign country 

I saw things 
and animals 
and activities 
I didn’t understand 

I was confused, 
and entertained

I saw my family 
and my friends 
and I aimlessly followed them

I never really knew where I was 
or what was going to happen next
It was constant chaos

I had moments when I knew I wanted something, but 
those around me pulled me away 
and explained why it was bad for me

I felt lost, but 
everything was moving so fast, 
I just kept going 
never really understanding where I was 
or why

I saw my spouse and my work colleagues 
and when they were upset about it all, 
I realized I didn’t want to be 
I didn’t want to follow anyone anymore

As I tried to escape I was mobbed 
by people having fun and playing with fire 
I was afraid as they grabbed me and launched fire around me
It felt out of control
They took what I had

I merely escaped and found my items
That’s when I noticed water and oil on the ground 
I dipped my feet and cleaned my soul 
and realized all is well

Much love,


Enjoying the snow this season


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  1. Mayra, I loved your story, your intentions & thus your path! We have much in common other than our generational distance but in your story we are twin souls from the same source! It’s rare to find a beautiful woman, with an amazing heart, sou, & journey reveled so transparently! I bathe in your light & applaud your bravery. If you’d like to connect, I’d be thrilled. As I have no children of my own it would be a blessing to make contact with you! Your Mother sounds like a lovely woman & she has to be proud of the amazing light bearer you’ve become! I look forward to following your blog. (My first & only!) I too will be taking the RTT course in subsequent months! Keep spreading the JOY!

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