We’re obviously missing something. The world doesn’t make sense. We have everything, there’s enough of everything, the intelligence and research is available, but yet we have way too many people suffering.

Sure, in many ways things are getting better, but look at where we are. I think we can all agree we have a long way to go.

As Einstein famously said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

And what exactly is some of the thinking that has created our current state? We’re going to have an ongoing dialogue about this. I’m only scratching the surface today.

What is certain is that we must start questioning some of the core principles of life and the principles we operate on. Some of those principles are based on what we think we’re doing here, who we are, what is god, and what is god’s role in our lives.

Regardless of your beliefs (religious, atheist, or spiritual), these principles have infiltrated our entire lives and determine the way we go about our lives and how we treat ourselves and others. We don’t even know where they came from, and sometimes even if we consider ourselves “non-religious”, we soon find ourselves in the same shame, guilt, and suppression as if we subscribed. 

It’s time we question all of this. Or at minimum understand the effects that these believes have had on our society.

I’m sharing background on why I’m sharing this and how I came to some of this information. To skip the intro, please go directly to 6:50.

Regardless of whether you believe in god or not, we are all impacted by the beliefs we hold of ourselves which is influenced by what society and our parents have told us.

In this video I’m covering 10 lies most of us tend to believe to some extent as covered in the first chapter of Conversations with God (CWG) book 1. I’m also providing some truths as well as suggestions on how to begin to experience the truth.

I’m not attempting to convince or rationalize these ideas in this video, I’m simply stating what is provided in the first few pages of CWG for your own evaluation.

As you can see, I don’t believe in right and wrong, but when I think about the question of what I want to experience and what society I would like live in, I believe these ideas no longer serve us.

I highly encourage your own exploration. Take this as a quick list of ideas to explore further.

1God only talks to people in rare and special occasionsGod communicates to everyone all the time
2“Word of God” is the most important and even sacredGod uses feelings, thoughts, experience, and as a last resort, words
3God only communicates to special, chosen peopleAll people are special and all moments are golden
4Right and Wrong is absolute and determined by GodRight and Wrong is simply what you assign to things you agree or don’t agree with.
5You must ask fervently in prayer for what you wantEvery thought is creative. Any thought, statement, or feeling held as truth is creating your reality. Each thought is based on either fear or love.
6God says yes or no to requestsRequests are not necessary. Simply appreciate your ability to choose and create and affirm what is. Thank in advance.
7God is creating the circumstances of your lifeGod created the process of life, gave you free will, and the power to create the rest.
8God cares and has a preference in what you doGod has no preference in any matter. Like a parent taking a child to the playground, there is no preference in what game is played.
9The ultimate outcome is in doubt. God cannot be depended upon or trusted, and God’s love and acceptance is conditional.You do not know who you are, so you accept the only experience of love you know which is limited and conditional.
10God is to be feared as he will judge and punishYou have been taught to fear and live in fear by those who want to control your behavior 

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Meditation of Truth and World Peace is available on Sound Cloud. It should be available on Insight Timer in the next few days, too.



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