Do you feel like you don’t have enough motivation or energy or drive to get things done? Are you feeling overwhelmed or stuck? (I sound like an infomercial)

But seriously, nobody teaches you this. Everyone just says “stop being lazy ” or push harder. The secret is actually finding ways to feel a little bit better, finding ways to feel grateful, finding ways to look at your “to-do” as a choice, and focusing on what you can control.

In this video, I’ll give you some stuff to chew on related to mindset and perspective on life, but I’ll also give you specific tools you can use to get in a better state (feeling place) to get going with your fabulous life. Final tip is a life changer. Let me know what you think.

Tips Shared:

  1. If you want to feel inspired and “pulled” to take action, you must be in a better feeling state.
  2. In order to feel better now, you can either distract yourself from the thing that is bringing you down through meditation, exercise, books, videos, or other pleasing activities to you
  3. In order to change how you feel about your situation or person or yourself, do a focus wheel where you get clear about how you want to feel, and find some current thoughts or beliefs that support that
  4. If you have a person who you’re struggling with, list positive aspects of this person until you feel a shift in energy
  5. To get quick automatic energy, use your body and movement to get energy flowing now
  6. Respond to ANY initial inspiration or impulse to take action or do something (no matter how “insignificant”). This is tapping in to your intuition. This will build your trust in yourself and the universe.
  7. To get some initial momentum or fight overwhelm, break down your tasks into small 15-minute tasks and pick your least resistant tasks
  8. Switch you To-Do list to Get To-Do List and state “why” you get to do this

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