Every person I have a session with feels better immediately after the session (or workshop), but what’s more important are the changes that occur naturally after that.

For those who don’t know, I do hypnotherapy. I like to call it Intervention Therapy because it’s more descriptive of what happens during the session. Here’s a few testimonials and below I’m providing a list of free resources that are available.

Case Study 1: Sugey, 31, Texas | Anxiety and Weight Loss

Sugey came to me with anxiety first. I’ve known Sugey for a long time, and I was surprised to learn about how much anxiety had effected her more recently as after she gave birth to her daughter who has down-syndrome. Sugey is a strong, amazing person, and I am thrilled to know she is not longer bound down by the need to control. She’s doing amazing now!

Case Study 2: Jamie, 27, California | Self-Belief and Confidence

Jamie is a fellow hypnotherapist, but she had never had a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) Session before. This is the method I use and I like to call it Mental Reprogramming Therapy, but it’s the same thing. As a therapist, she had a good idea about what happened in her childhood and why she felt the way she did, but what she learned is that it’s different to know why you are the way you are, and actually having someone help you pull the weed from the root. Here’s her testimony.

I had the pleasure of working with Mayra for my first RTT session ever. I came to her for help with a lifelong issue of feeling like I am never taken seriously, feeling like I am not smart enough, and always being treated like I am less than.

The hypnotic induction itself, felt like a relaxing guided meditation. At one point, I was so relaxed, I forgot where I was. When she brought me back to the crucial scenes that have played a role in my current issue, she helped me to feel empowered and to really see the scenes for what they were.

With her help, I was able to re-frame each scene, and to release all of my pent up emotions and frustrations that I had inside. Immediately after our session I felt lighter. Not only that, but my mind felt like it really had shifted.

The very next day I saw a friend who I haven’t seen in years; I found myself so relaxed, and speaking about things that I normally would have kept to myself out of fear of ridicule or being put down. Not only was I not belittled or laughed at, but I was applauded and told that the way I spoke was inspiring, and that she was so intrigued by what I had to say.

The results from my session with Mayra were immediate, and I look forward to all the new changes that are to come. If you are looking to change your life I highly recommend an RTT session with Mayra; she is wonderful.

Jamie via Email

Additional Testimonies

I want you to know that with all of the sessions I have done with people so far, yours was one of the most impactful and it’s your recording I like to listen to most.

My confidence around doing sessions is definitely up and it’s motivated me to put even more work into the setup of my practice (website etc) as well as talk to people more and more confidently about what I’m doing. Thank you for that piece you played in that!

Julie, 55, Canada

I’m much better, I did shop twice but I have not given in to all impulses and feel it’s not that important to me anymore. I’m in a better place which is lovely as it allows me to feel what is going on in the present. Thanks so much for helping with this 

Eleni, 42, England

Free Resources

I’m working on creating more resources for various areas of focus. I want to make solutions available easily, and in different formats. More to come. For now, here’s what I have:

Own Your Life: Goal Setting and Time Management Workshop

In this workshop, you will learn about time consciousness, identify your desires, create an action plan for achieving your goals, learn how to prioritize your day (and life), and create time segments and structure for your day.

Weight Loss Guided Meditation

Mayra uses the image of love as a light to surround, appreciate, and activate the body for a gentle release of excess weight while infusing acceptance and gratitude. Mayra focuses on activating the digestive system for faster metabolism, the fat cells to shrink and reduce, and the muscles for strength and flexibility. In just ten minutes, you can feel better about your body and weight management forever.

Daily Inspiration

I’m using Instagram to share quick tidbits that could really transform your life. Transformation happens with tiny little changes in thought and perspective on a daily basis. I post 1-3 minute videos, quotes, or quick thoughts and reminders about how to find true joy and bliss in life. The account is @beoutofyourmind and the theory is that true joy can only be found outside the mind and in the heart. Shall we try it? #meditation #intuition #heart

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Much love, peace, and happiness to you today.


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