I’ve been wanting to write to you, dear readers, for a while now. 

There’s a lot going on and all truly truly truly is well; however, I have created a habit of only posting when I am high-flying and feeling good as my intention is to uplift and inspire. All of that is still true; however, I consider myself a student of life and not a master, so I also want us to learn together. So here’s a big a-ha that I want to share with you today and I hope it will benefit you in your journey: What I realized in a profound way is that I ignore, suppress, or try to overcome negative emotion as quickly as possible and this always backfires. 

This makes sense knowing what I know about vibration which is that everything you desire and want is vibrating at a high (feel good) state, and if you want it in your existence, you must match that vibration consistently enough to attract and match your desires before they arrive into your experience. So, my goal every single day is to feel as good as I can feel and do things that help me feel better. Sometimes it’s exercises to find relief while other times I’m able to simply bobbing on the wave of well-being and good-feelings. 

The intention to feel good is good, but it must be combined with the deep knowing that emotion is only guidance of your vibration, so when you don’t feel good, that’s sort of like the threads on the side of the road while you’re driving saying “hey, you’re veering off”. The more intense the emotions, the more momentum that exists either in the wanted or unwanted direction. (More on the emotional guidance scale here). 

So, here I am at the airport, hours in advance, at a nice restaurant, not too crowded, having delicious food, and ready to board to Mexico City for a week of fun, VIP events, creative endeavors, dancing, and more. But I felt off, I felt bad, I felt almost sad. Do I need to cry, what is going on? 

My immediate thought is just to wallow in it, but then I tell myself, “c’mon be grateful, you’re in designer clothes waiting to start vacation with amazing people. You’re so lucky, let’s start calibrating (a process I use which combines journaling to get up the emotional scale).” 

But then, my beautiful beautiful beautiful guidance system says, stop. Just Stop. I push away my food. I close my eyes, and I just let myself feel. What is this feeling? I realize a knot in my throat, and nervousness throughout my body. Oh okay, I am not sad. I am nervous. What am I nervous about? And then, a comment from a wise friend comes to my mind, “nervousness is the awareness of expansion taken place and your gap to it”. This is also the friend who recently told me, “take your expansion!”. 

“What does that mean?”, I asked. 

Now, I’m paraphrasing (like a lot), but it’s the point in time when the universe/your higher being is hyper focused on the vibrational reality you’ve created (future self) because it’s ripe. It’s ready for you to take, but will you? Will you step into this next, newer, desired version of you? 

Once I remembered this conversation and I realized I was just nervous, I was immediately back, clearer, I could see things in my immediate surroundings that I didn’t notice before, I could hear better, I was present. Whereas previously, I was somewhere lost in my analytical mind (it’s not a very pleasant place). 

This is the POWER of being tuned in and tapped into your emotional guidance. If you’re willing to listen, everything you ever need to know is there. 

Your negative emotions do not mean something has gone wrong or they do not mean that something is wrong with you. 

Please read that again and again and again and again until you understand (and maybe I will too), that there is nothing wrong with feeling negative emotion. It’s natural, good, and so helpful, as long as we don’t want it to go away. 

The reminders I want to give myself and you today are: 

  1. Your natural state is one of well-being and your guidance system is always bringing you back to your well-being 
  2. You’re not wrong for feeling negative emotion, you are sensitive to your guidance and that’s a good thing 
  3. Your emotions have something to say to you – will you listen? 
  4. Pushing emotions away never works, your guidance is perfect just like your gas tank, no matter how much you wish the indicator was different, it’s not going to change until you change something. 
  5. Emotions feel big when we don’t want to look, but if we get the courage to face our emotions, we will find tiny little thoughts and beliefs that we can easily modify. Don’t be afraid. 

That’s all friends. Sit with what you’re feeling, listen to your heart, don’t be afraid, you have all the answers you need, and you are so loved. 

Also, with the subject about taking your expansion, please know you are guided, and if you “miss this train”, there’s another and another and another, and the universe will never give up on you not ever, so don’t even worry. Your inner being knows everything about you and knows how you listen (dreams, writing, driving, through others, etc.). 

You’re well on your way and you’re exactly where you need to be. Nothing has gone wrong and nothing can go wrong. We’re all doing just fine. I hope you contemplate that a bit today. 

Taking off to Mexico City now. 

Sending tons of love, 


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We recently had some really cold days in Austin, Texas and I was in awe walking through my neighborhood. It looked like a winter wonderland. No snow, just everything ice frozen. So amazing!

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