I just returned from my fourth Abraham Cruise in the last 12 months. (Yes, I’ve attended all of them and will be in New Zealand next month!). One quote that keeps playing in my mind from this last cruise is from a young man who sat down and said “I’ve worked really hard to get things I don’t want, and haven’t worked hard at all to get the things I really want,” to which Abraham responded, “Well, isn’t that a bumper sticker”. 

I love this quote so much because to try to tell anyone that I’m just following my path of least resistance which is also my path of most joy and I’m just focused on feeling good, and expecting all my desires to show up in my experience – it sort of sounds crazy. At least, it’s definitely contradictory to most motivational speakers and the hustle, work hard, and sacrifice culture we live in. However, if we’re honest, I think we can all agree that we’ve experienced some of what that young man said: “I’ve worked really hard to get things I don’t want, and haven’t worked hard at all to get the things I really want.”

Most people aren’t willing to admit that they sort of “got lucky” with the investment, the job offer, that friendship, inheritance, their health or almost any good thing that came to them. No one wants to read books that say, I got the money and the spouse and the life, but I think I’m just lucky. Almost everyone wants to justify how they got what they got even if it’s not true. 

It’s unfortunately required to justify the abundance in our society, and most successful people just say what you want to hear not the truth and many times they have no idea how they got where they got and why, so “never give up and work really hard” sounds logical and like a great default answer. But the next obvious thing I must say now is that a single person really doesn’t have the ability, visibility, knowledge, or know-how to actually make anything for themselves. Finding a partner, requires another human to agree and desire you, a job offer for your dream job requires an employer with a business, an offering, clients; a business opportunity usually has partners, technology, employees; an successful investment requires a solid business, business leaders, and I could go on. 

There’s so much going on in the universe and the idea that you have to put forth enough effort and time to attempt to gather the cooperative components to make your desires happen is exhausting, frustrating, and ultimately disappointing. Because I believe that there isn’t enough human effort to create anything meaningful and that feels the way you want it to feel once it’s done, unless of course you have really mediocre dreams and are willing to arm wrestle your way there. Nonetheless, until you can scan your own life and see the trend of whether hard work has actually worked for you or those close-up to you, it will be challenging to attempt an alternative because it goes against social norms.

Even knowing all that, it’s taken time for me to actually step into ease fully. I’ve dipped my toe often, but to allow myself to truly float the river of well-being, and allow the universe to guide and take me towards all the things I’ve desired… I’m just getting started on that journey (or so I say, in other ways I feel like perhaps I’m well along my way). I’ll tell you something else, I don’t know where it’s taking me, but it’s so much more fun, satisfying, exciting, delicious, and interesting than anything else I have been doing. 

P.S. As I felt the end of this post and began editing, I realized I didn’t give any steps to take or clear action. I almost went back to add something, but that’s exactly what you don’t need. This message is simply a reminder that it’s supposed to be easy. There’s no checklist, no hard work required, just a realization that you are worthy of everything that’s calling you. 

I thoroughly enjoy talking about Abraham teachings and have helped people identify their vibrational gaps. If you’d like support in your journey, schedule a coaching session with me. 

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