It’s been a while since I share a poem. I feel so much new energy summoning recently, and I encourage us all to take advantage of the recent new moon and whatever excuse you have to decide to start anew. Enjoy!

Powerful Manifestor

Just like that. 

Your manifestation shows up in full form with all the messiness you never wanted to clean up because you were so busy thinking about it’s non-existence. 

And now? 

Here it is. Still here because you’re so powerful. 

And now what? 

You’re ready for the next? 

Life is beautiful. Can you see it? 

Life is working out for you. Can’t you see? 

Life is responding to you. 

Exactly to YOU. 

That’s the part you don’t like. 

You want life to sort out what you mean. 

But you have to sort out who you are. 

What do you want now? 

Just feel it. 

Forget the words for once and tap into the complexity of what-is. 

Whether you can see it or not. 

Clean up your new house, new relationship, your new manifestation. 

You’re so powerful you can do it before it shows up. 

Try it. 

Don’t settle for a feeling of longing when you can feel full, in awe, blessed, happy. 


Life is good. 

It responds to you. 

But you decide who you are. 

Blessed one.

Much love,


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