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Here’s the video I sent about Setting Intentions Instead of Resolutions in 2021.

It really says it all about intention setting and mindset for the new year.

We know that mindset is everything.

You can climb mountains (literally) or achieve any goal you can conceive in your mind if only your thoughts aligned with the beliefs necessary to achieve that goal.

Changing your thoughts is not a hard thing to do. Changing beliefs takes a bit more effort because it’s a thought you’ve held over time and repeated to yourself. So it’s more like breaking a habit.

Changing beliefs requires self-awareness to notice the thought and its impact, make the connection to current results, and then be able to shift or reach for a better feeling or empowering thought. Then, reinforcing the new belief until it sticks.

Most people can achieve this over time with simple intention setting.

Intentions are like having a good end goal like a destination (I like the beach) and self-awareness is you chipping away at it everyday like maybe walking in the direction of the coast. This is absolutely required, but it would help to get a map or at least the right tool for the job like a car or an airplane.

To fast-track results in any aspect of your life, get help from someone you trust. Building your new life should be taken as seriously as any other important project in your life. Yes, you can do it on your own, but it might take longer and be a lot more frustrating.

Will you allow me to share with you the thing I’ve had the most success with personally and with clients? (P.S. It’s a great deal, too!)

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