I’m sharing my personal list of resources that I leverage and tap into daily. I don’t do everything daily, but I do at least one of these things everyday to continue to grow, expand spiritually, and maintain a high vibration. These resources have been core to my growth during these long months in Quarantine. 

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s the resources that are free and available right now for you! With the holidays around the corner, and potentially a more virtual lifestyle ahead, I wanted to provide a list of resources that you can come to often. 

If you would be so kind, comment below if you have any free resources that have helped you grow spiritually. Spread the love! 

  1. Brahma Kumaris Daily Meditations Live

I used to live next to the Brahma Kumaris Chicago Meditation Center. I only attended in-person once, but I got on their email list – fortunately! When the COVID shutdown happened, I got an email about their daily zoom meditation, and it became a cornerstone of my daily practice and one of the ways I’ve fully adopted meditation as a regular practice in 2020. 

The guided meditation sessions are live and usually small-group sessions. I’ve mostly attended mid-day meditation, but there’s more times available and even more programs and events happening all the time. 

Session Times: 

I love their meditations. If you want even more, check out their website at https://bkmetrochicago.org/ for more events and ways to get involved. 

  1. Abraham Hicks on YouTube 

YouTube is my main go-to for consuming passive spiritual content while I make my coffee in the morning or cook my mid-day meal. I love listening to Abraham Hicks because it’s a mixture of new information as in change-your-life spiritual wisdom, things to reflect on or reevaluate in life, motivation, and simply feel-better content. 

To me, it’s a perfect way to start my day and put me on the right path, but I also use it as a way to get back on track when I’m overwhelmed or stressed. The nice thing is that there’s SO much content, and mostly it’s not even published by the official Abraham-Hicks channel

Other great YouTube content: 

  1. Master Co Anchor The Light Meditations 

We can’t talk about spiritual growth without hyper focus on meditation. So, yes, this is another opportunity for meditation. Master Co is a practical, yet super powerful teacher. 

His sessions are usually about an hour total and includes a talk on various topics, and then 15-30 minutes of a guided meditation. He’s consistent about his meditation method and can explain why he does what he does in-depth which is usually what he talks about before starting.

The easiest way to get involved is to simply follow him on Instagram or Facebook since he goes live for the sessions which are held twice a day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 

To learn more, visit his website: https://www.masterco.org/anchor-the-light 

  1. Free Book – The Nature of Personal Reality 

I am so excited to tell you that there’s an AMAZING book that you can read for free. It’s not a booklet. It’s a full, content-heavy, new thought, transformational book – I can’t believe it’s free! 

The book seems to be one of the original texts regarding reality, beliefs, energy, consciousness, and more! You can access the book here: http://www.vielewelten.at/pdf_en/jane%20roberts.pdf 

I like physical books, so I printed the whole thing, but you can simply read online. 

As I’m writing this, I decided to check the source of the website, and found the website actually hosts so many free books via PDF. I’m overwhelmed with the options, but so glad to know that there’s more where that came from. 

  1. Yoga Farm Daily Practice 

There’s a lot of different ways to get your yoga on. 

This community is unique as it’s a private Facebook Group hosted by a non-profit organization and Yoga Teacher Training center from New York. 

It’s such a safe, beginner-friendly, highly spiritual space. You simply have to request to be part of the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yogafarm 

They go live at 10am EST daily with one-hour yoga sessions. They also have Zoom sessions. For their exact schedule and more information, go to https://www.yogafarm.us/

  1. Daily Apps – Insight Timer and FitOn 

For other on-demand options, there are so many great apps to support your growth in various ways. Here are my two personal favorites: 

  • Insight Timer – Meditation App with options for silent meditation, music only, or guided meditation
  • FitOn – This is an exercise app, but I love it for it’s 5, 10, 15 minute workouts. Some of these are mini-yoga sessions, meditations or relaxing stretches. But there are also options for 45 minute HIIT or boxing, so whatever you need – it’s likely available for you! 

These two are core to my morning routine because with 20 minutes I can work out and sit quietly in silence before starting my day. A spiritual practice is about creating habits you can maintain. These two apps have enabled me to do that in an easy way. 

  1. My Blog and Instagram page

Okay, this is bold. But it’s more of a general suggestion to be sure you follow people on social media who inspire and lift you up. A nice way to do this is to follow hashtags that resonate with you like #higherbeing or #spirituality or #inspirationalquotes. 

Besides following my blog and my Inspirational Instagram Account, consider following some of my favorite social media accounts: 

  • Gordana Biernat (Twitter) – High consciousness tweets all-day 
  • Boss Babe Inc. – Inspirational quotes
  • Elizabeth Gilbert – Insightful author 
  • Jay Shetty – Modern Monk with practical advice (also on Facebook)
  • Follow all the teachers I mentioned above like Marisa Peer and Abraham Hicks

Final Thoughts

The resources that are available are truly abundant. Remember that it’s not so important that you do a bunch of things and study a bunch of material. At the end of the day, these are tools to help bring you back to the truth of who you are. So, the most important tools you have are within you – your focus, your thoughts, your breath, your imagination, your emotions. Stay true to you. 

Before closing, I want to add a note about free resources. It’s a wonderful place to start, but remember that everything is energy. As you have these wonderful teachers expending their energy to your benefit, by law, there must be a balance in the world and much more will return to them due to how much they give. You’ll notice that the more they give (for free), the more these teachers are blessed and living abundant lives. It’s quite amazing. 

My suggestion to you is to consider to give, donate, or support some of the paid programs as well. This is to ensure that energy continues to flow back to you! Model these teachers and seek what you can give. Perhaps giving to those who are giving to you makes most sense, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Simply recognize that everything is flowing and if you want to be part of the flow, the easiest way is to begin to give in whatever way feels right to you. 

Remember to share your favorite resources in the comments below! 

Much love, 

Mayra Leen

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