I’m actually glad to see the anger and the rage and the upheaval over recent events. I love it. It tells me were still alive, we’re still here, we still care, and we still believe.

The anger, rage, sadness, and pain is a testament and expression of our core knowing of who we truly are. The soul within cries out and tells us we are beautiful, we are divine, we are holy, we are worthy, and we are precious. And to say we matter is an understatement.

The suffering, the mistreatment, and the injustice is not normal. It might be common, but it is not normal to the inner being within each of us who stands firm in the knowing of who we truly are.

And so, yes, we should be outraged. We should be angry. We should throw our fists in the air.

And once we are fully expressed and clear about what we don’t want, we must quickly decide what we do want.

To fight for the absence and lack of justice, fairness, equality is not the same as choosing, seeking, and finding the delicious existence of it.

This might seem nuanced, but our minds do not comprehend “absence”.

For example, if you tell yourself “don’t think about cake, pizza, or pasta”. Repeat that every day and your mind will think “cake, pizza, pasta” and you’ll find yourself indulging before you know it.

So I’m not asking you to cut short the expression of your emotions. I encourage it! Emotions are the language of the soul and right now our souls are screaming. As the Psychiatrist Dr. Henry Maudsley said, ‘the sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep’ (1895). Everything is energy, and unexpressed emotions will stay within you and can “cause other organs to weep”, so do not hold back.

I simply want to create awareness of our next step as minorities. It is simply this: when we know what we don’t want, we can get clear about what we do want.

And we must use our powerful minds which created the world just as it is to create something new. The more we focus on absence, the more we call forth the exact thing we don’t want. We must command and instruct our own minds to find the justice. And as more of us stand firm in the knowing of our value as women, immigrants, or black men, we will begin to create it.

Here’s the deal, we can’t become powerful from a place of victimhood. And I know you’re thinking, but we are victims and this is being done to us. I also know some might be outraged that I’m implying we caused this. But I do believe we are creators. Unfortunately, most of us are creating unconsciously. And as minorities, it’s so critical we get conscious. If we don’t, we already know the narrative in the collective consciousness as a society. That’s the exact narrative we want to change, so we can’t let our minds go into default mode.


Every person is powerful. In the eyes of God, no one is better than or has more power than anyone else. He created all mankind in his image. This means he gave us all the power to create. That is all God is, a creator. He created us to then create everything else.

So far, I think we’ve been doing a shitty job if I’m honest.

Oh, and then we look to God and say, “why?”.

Harness the gifts, talents, and power you have to focus and stand firm (as a minority) in your power. It’s the only way to get it back.

It’s like wanting to be loved when you don’t love yourself. Or wanting others to see your beauty when you don’t feel beautiful yourself. We can’t ask of the world what we don’t see in ourselves and each other.

We can’t get to peace, love, freedom, justice, and equality from a place of lack, less-than, victimhood, or even rage. I know I just said to express rage, but part of the journey will have to be releasing it, too. Don’t make it part of your identify. Express it like water flowing through you. Allow it to come in and go out.

Then find the stillness within you that knows who you truly are.

Might I add that true power is actually not loud at all. The people in “powerful” positions who yell or feel like they must justify everything usually feel like they have something to prove.  Their power is usually at risk, so they’re not truly powerful. But think of a wise parent who is in complete knowing that they are the authority figure. These parents don’t need to yell, they simply state what’s going to happen if their child is not behaving, “okay, give me your phone” or “we’re going home now”. Done.

 A parent who has complete authority is not going to sit there and negotiate.

This is the time of firm knowing that I know we can achieve. But we must each believe in our own inner power. So take some time today to be still.

Our mind cannot hold conflicting thoughts. So once you’re ready, do not come to stillness with questions. Come to stillness with a knowing.

That is why “thank you” is the most powerful prayer you can make.

It’s the knowing that a better future is already in the oven baking for us.

We must stand in firm anticipation. We seek it like it’s already here. And once we have enough of us “there” already, we will create it for others to see. Because many will not want to accept it until they see it, hear it, taste it, and experience it.

Imagine if God created this way. Imagine if he said, I will not believe light is possible until I see the light. That’s ridiculous. He held the thought about light before it existed, he held a thought about each and every one of us, and then it was so.

Now you must hold a thought, and see it come forth.

Much love,



  • I used masculine for mankind and god as that is most commonly used and understood in western societies. (I don’t think god has a gender.)
  • I also used term “we” to refer to minorities in general and women although I know most recent events have primarily impacted our black brothers. I’m not trying to imply I’m black when using “we”, but I do think all minorities have the same call to action to bring forth equality.

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