Today I am sharing my free-flow writing. Calibration is the process of fine-tuning your energy with words or action, in this case I’m using words. I like when I take the time to milk a good-feeling. I never used to do this, I didn’t really know how.

This type of internal dialogue was helpful for me to hear and read as I learned to take ownership of my vibration (how I feel). Before listening to Abraham Hicks, I didn’t know one could simply talk themselves into a better-feeling place or in this case, strengthen a high vibrational stance. Now I know it’s so important to be able to establish and maintain vibrations you enjoy, deliberately.

Otherwise, you’ll simply live like most of the world, simply reacting to situations and people instead of deliberately creating the aura and energy that you desire most.

This is what it looks like to practice a good-feeling vibration and an example of how you can clean up any resistance that comes up. You’ll see in the middle of this, a bit of resistance came up for me when the topic of worthiness.

There isn’t really a right or wrong way to do it, but I do have a clear intention towards authentic, real, and better-feeling thoughts and emotions.

I'm Betting On Me 

I am at the point where no one’s advice or words resonate with me. I am seeking my own voice and my own truth and my own experience in knowing what’s right for me. 

I’m not looking for a savior anymore. 

I’m not looking for the next thing to buy that’ll make it all better. 

I finally know for sure that the only path worth pursuing is the path that brings me to myself. 

I don’t want the quick tips and top reasons and someone else’s analysis of what’s right for me. 


I am more certain than ever that what I am looking for is looking for me and is available to me directly. What I think I need is what I already know. What I think I want, I already have. What I want to be, I already am. 

I’m finding pleasure in my own company. I’m finding satisfaction in the stillness. I am interested in my own thoughts. I am looking for my own self-healing. I am fascinated by my own process, journey, and evolution. 

I recognize now that there was never a right or wrong way to do this. There isn’t a timeline. There’s not even an end goal. Because we’re eternal. 

I am finding peace with where I am, what I’m doing, who I am becoming. I’m enjoying the pace.

I feel like I’m floating on water, surrendering my weight to the flow. Letting go of the struggle. Relaxing, taking a break, allowing myself to catch my breath. Noticing how the stream takes me anyway. Noticing how I never had to swim. Noticing how nicely I can simply flow. 

I feel loved. I feel like the universe is watching me, looking after me, taking care of me. I feel like  there was never a question of my worthiness. I feel the weight of my own burdens from my own doubts about my worthiness. I can feel how unnatural they sit on me. I can feel their heaviness. 

I acknowledge that I haven’t always been kind to myself. I can feel the blocks from my own self-judgement. And even still, the stream can carry me. It does. 

I can feel that the universe isn’t asking me to be different, only I do that to myself. 

The universe isn’t asking me to clean it all up and come back once I’m pure and unburdened. It’s just asking me to stop noticing it: 

Stop talking about the ways you hold yourself back. 

Just relax. 

Feel the surrender, the weightlessness, the ease, the flow, the way you are held. 





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Much love,


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