Poem: Powerful Manifestor 

It’s been a while since I share a poem. I feel so much new energy summoning recently, and I encourage us all to take advantage of the recent new moon and whatever excuse you have to decide to start anew. Enjoy! Powerful Manifestor Just like that.  Your manifestation shows up in full form with all…

Wait, so it’s supposed to be easy?

I just returned from my fourth Abraham Cruise in the last 12 months. (Yes, I’ve attended all of them and will be in New Zealand next month!). One quote that keeps playing in my mind from this last cruise is from a young man who sat down and said “I’ve worked really hard to get…


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Hi, I’m Mayra. I love studying the human experience, and am passionate about having more people living in joy, success, and freedom. When I’m not working with clients, I’m meditating, reading, doing yoga, cooking, trying a new restaurant or traveling. Random Fact: I love fashion, dancing, and properties.

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