I did a thing and had a therapy session with a Pedophile. I wanted to understand for myself more about Pedophilia. I think things are coming up about whether it’s a mental illness or whether it’s a sexual orientation. I had to learn more for myself because these are big questions for our society, and will determine how we treat this moving forward.

This is my experience and what I learned. It’s one case, but it’s data. So, take it for what it is.

Please let me know your questions. I’ll have a follow up discussion with him to see where he is now, but this is my experience during the therapy session. The root cause for this individual was that his childhood was pretty miserable minus a moment of joy when he was showing his private part to a 6-year old girl who was the same age as he at the time with mutual curiosity and happiness. He was told this was wrong, and basically this was the beginning of a host of distortions for him both about where joy lies, but also what’s wrong and right with him.

What I’m not saying is that everyone has the same root cause or that I think everyone who’s a pedophile has a troubled childhood. However, from my clients I can tell you each one even in the happiest of homes will have an experience that will create some imprint in that child’s mind that they will process, tie some meaning to it, make some conclusions about, and if undealt or suppressed causes issues in adulthood in a myriad of ways.

What I am concluding (probably prematurely), is that at least with hypnotherapy where you can go into the subconscious mind, you can potentially identify a root cause to pedophilia and potentially interrupt the pattern the same way we identify root cause to sleeping issues, anxiety, and compulsive behavior. To be honest, I’m not sure it’s that easy, but this session gave me hope.

I hope we continue discussions and learn more together.

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  1. Mayra,
    I’m calling you by your first name because I feel so connected with you consciously.
    Thank you for purposely choosing this incredibly hated subject, (one that is rightfully understandably, personally and socially) abhorrent to the majority of society. It took a great deal of courage on your part. Your intense compassion (admirable) for children, adults suffering with this issue and for society, is a force in you that is vital to an accurate understanding of this issue. It is an honorable mission to seek workable solutions to help those negatively effected with this painful mental/emotional/psychological symptom of inner turmoil, to seek to eradicate or at the least, to control the illness.
    You can now speak from a place of authority as a professional Therapist with clinical evidence now that pedophilia is Not just a NATURAL NORMAL HEALTHY INBORN SEXUAL ORIENTATION TO BE GIVEN LEGITIMACY by sexual rights in today’s American society or government.

    Your compassion and courage may lead you to take part in changing individual lives for the
    better and also protecting society and it’s most vulnerable.
    Thank you sincerely for sharing.

      1. Mayra,
        Thank you. You’re very welcome.
        Caring people make a difference in lives and a caring brave person can make a difference to many people and society itself.
        Thanks again for your post.

  2. Hello Mayra! I just wanted to say that I am a studying masters student trying to a my counseling license and I found your video very helpful. You mentioned how you both came to the conclusion that the abuse was not the cause of his current thoughts and behavior, however do you believe that when the incident happened at 6-years-old, if his mother handled the situation differently (talking through it, making it a teaching moment) rather than shaming him, then maybe he would not have these issues? Have you talked to other clients with pedophiliac behaviors that have similar stories? Thanks in advance!

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